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26 Picturesque Fall Perler Bead Patterns

We’re inching closer to the winter months and what better way to kick off the season than some fall Perler bead patterns?

These Perler bead activities will allow your kids to get to know animals and plants that are associated with the fall season.

Not only that, but Perler bead projects are great for the development of your children’s fine motor skills, counting skills, and creativity, among many others.

So what are you waiting for, let’s head on in these vibrant fall Perler bead patterns and ideas!

Materials for Fall Perler Bead Patterns

Here are just a couple of materials and resources that might prove useful in your Perler bead endeavors.

Are you just starting with these Perler bead projects? No worries, I’ve got this list of easy Perler bead patterns, in which there’s a comprehensive beginner’s guide to everything Perler beads.

  • Perler Bead Bags – Red, Orange, Yellow: It’s amazing how there are colors that are associated with each season. For the autumn season, it’s definitely the color of the autumn foliage, which is along the red-yellow spectrum. That also includes colors of the pumpkin, corn, and apples, all of which are harvested during this season. I realize that you’ll be needing plenty of those colors, so I present to you these Perler bead bags, which contain the colors you’ll most likely be using the most.
  • Perler Bead Bags – Brown Group: The autumn colors are not limited to the vibrancy of red, orange, and yellow; it’s also balanced by neutral colors, especially the brown group. These colors remind us of tree trunks and branches, acorns, as well as foraging animals, like deers, squirrels, and owls. Save yourself the hassle of trying to find the right Perler bead colors, and get these essential fall Perler bead bags!
  • Large Square Pegboards: Except for a couple, most of the patterns below are assembled on square pegboards. Thus, if you haven’t bought one yet, it’s time to get yourself these durable large square pegboards. They’re large for most patterns you’ll be dealing with, but if the pattern you’re making doesn’t fit on a single square pegboard, don’t worry, because these have an interlocking design that’ll allow you to make bigger and more sophisticated patterns.

10 Fall Animals Perler Bead Patterns

Some animals come to mind when we talk about the fall season. Most of them are preparing for the winter, while others are migrating to warmer climates. Either way, your kids will find an animal they’ll like in the next ten patterns.

Would they rather draw animals? No worries, I’ve got these easy animals to draw for kids!

1. Squirrel and Acorns Perler Bead Patterns

Photo credit: RobotFrog21 on Kandi Patterns

Play pretend with this set of squirrel, acorn, and autumn leaves Perler bead patterns, courtesy of RobotFrog21.

2. Adorable Squirrel with Acorn Design

Photo credit: cconti526 on Bracelet Book

For a more complicated but cute squirrel Perler bead design, cconti526 has got you covered with this squirrel who seems to be eating or foraging acorns.

3. Turkey Perler Beads

Photo credit: Perler

Another major festivity during the fall season is, of course, Thanksgiving. And what represents that celebration best other than the turkey?

Here’s Perler sharing with us a turkey pattern, one that has not yet been inside the roaster.

Get more ideas for activities in these turkey handprint crafts.

4. Super Cute Hedgehog Perler Beads

Photo credit: derektbrown on Kandi Patterns

Hedgehogs, like squirrels, prepare for the cold by collecting food and entering hibernation.

As if hedgehogs weren’t adorable enough, derektbrown makes the animal even cuter by adding pink cheeks on it.

These animals are too cute, so I feel that children wouldn’t be able to resist hedgehog crafts like these.

5. Colorful Hedgehogs and Armadillo Designs

Photo credit: Perler

Turn up the creativity levels of your little ones by making these flashy hedgehog patterns brought to us by Perler.

I’d never thought blue hedgehogs would be possible in real life. But they do, and you’ll find them in this list of Sonic Perler Beads.

6. Owl Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: ProHama

Owls are prominent during the fall, typically establishing their winter territories through behaviors, such as vocalizing.

Here’s ProHama sharing an easy pattern of an owl.

For the artistic bunch, here’s some owl rock painting for you to enjoy!

7. Barn Owl Perler Bead Design

Photo credit: Jarlandco on Deviant Art

Jarlandco delivers a barn owl Perler bead idea that’s sophisticated yet rewarding.

For similar bird patterns, look no further than these owl Perler beads and bird Perler beads!

8. Deer Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: vivner on Kandi Patterns

There’s nothing wrong with starting with an easy pattern, such as this deer shared by vivner. Although it’s not heavy on the fuse beads, it does make use of three different brown shadings.

Those Perler bead bags at the beginning of the article will surely come in handy with this one.

9. Another Deer Head Pattern

Photo credit: Me Gusta Hama Beads

Me Gusta Hama Beads lets loose with the creativity, and creates this cartoonish red deer with turquoise antlers. Of course, you can make the antlers any color you prefer, the sky’s the limit here when it comes to choosing the color.

You can even try encouraging your little ones to make it a rainbow one.

Speaking of which, make your children’s day more colorful with these rainbow crafts for kids.

10. Awesome 3D Wall Deer Perler Bead Tutorial

Those who find animal head decors fascinating but don’t necessarily want to display a big one can try this 3D deer decor by KandiPerlerFairy first.

It might look complicated, but trust me, it’ll be a piece of cake after you read the tutorial.

Test your creative limits by checking out these 3D Perler bead patterns.

9 Fall Plants and Trees Perler Bead Patterns

If you’re planning to decorate your home with fall-themed patterns, you’re in luck, because these next ones are perfect.

11. Autumn Maple Leaf

Photo credit: BuegelPerlen Vorlagen

Few things in autumn are as beautiful as the fall foliage. BuegelPerlen Vorlagen captures that moment when the leaf has all the bright colors on a single leaf.

Ever heard of a nature walk? Sure you have, and after taking one with your kids, make these nature collages.

12. More Autumn Leaves Designs

Photo credit: Perler

Perler gives us four more decor options with the autumn leaves, each with its one unique color pattern. You could say this is a template to make your design, adjusting the color variation to your liking.

Similar ideas and designs are contained within this list of Thanksgiving sensory bins!

13. Maple Leaf, A Closer Look

Photo credit: Artkal

Inspecting the cells of a maple leaf must be a fun activity.

With the precision of this maple leaf shown by Artkal, I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist has spent some time studying an autumn leaf under the microscope.

14. 3D Autumn Tree Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Pinterest

Here’s a mind-blowing idea for an autumn tree for those who want eye-catching decor around their house. Found on Pinterest, this project consists of creating two tree patterns that connect once the fuse beads are ironed out.

15. Corn and Acorn Perler Bead Activity for the Fall

Photo credit: BuegelPerlen Vorlagen

Here are additional autumn plant decorations from BuegelPerlen Vorlagen that you can probably fit into your free time.

Check out these amaize-ing Indian corn crafts!

16. Apple Tree Perler Bead Design

Photo credit: Perler

The autumn season is not only the time for pumpkin and corn harvesting, but it’s also the period of apple harvesting. So prepare those baskets and those Perler beads because Perler shared their apple tree Perler bead pattern.

17. Perler Bead Sunflower Pattern

Sunflower harvests peak in the summer season, but these plants tend to stay just before winter starts. Here MrChristopherChannel’s video tutorial on how to make an easy sunflower decor.

Find out more designs in our list of Perler bead flowers. Alternatively, you could try something different with these 3D paper flowers.

18. Sunflower from Stardew Valley

Photo credit: echotheloco on Kandi Patterns

Fan of Stardew Valley? Here’s a pattern from echotheloco that will fill you with joy!

Are you a gamer yourself? Go on and make these Minecraft Perler bead patterns!

19. Sunflora Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Sparrows on Bracelet Book

Gotta catch ’em all, as the saying in Pokemon goes. Yes, you need to catch even a sunflower Pokemon to fill up your Pokedex.

Here’s an amazing one provided by Sparrows.

There are over 900 Pokemon to catch. Start your journey with these Pokemon Perler Beads.

5 Fall Pumpkin Perler Bead Ideas

Probably the most notable vegetable during the fall season, the pumpkin is certainly one of the most versatile. Here are five pumpkin Perler bead ideas to inspire your crafts.

Have you ever tried making a pumpkin decoration minus the pumpkin itself? You can now with these paper-mache pumpkins!

20. Kawaii Pumpkin Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: book_worm3 on Bracelet Book

Simply add an adorable face to any object, food, or vegetable, like this design by book_worm3, and you’ve got yourself a kawaii version of that thing.

To show you what I mean, simply head on to our list of kawaii Perler bead patterns.

21. Blossoming Pumpkin

Photo credit: annoyancepoll2 on Brik

Brik makes the pumpkin harvest look fancy with this pumpkin idea that they’ve created.

22. Sophisticated Pumpkin Perler Bead Design

Photo credit: miss_tery on Bracelet Book

Let’s get even more sophisticated with this Perler pumpkin design by miss_tery. I love the shading and nuances in the color of the pumpkin; you could see the ribbed parts of this autumn bounty.

23. Another Pumpkin Pattern

Photo credit: PerlerPixie on DeviantArt

PerlerPixie is here to inspire you with even more pumpkin Perler beads.

This pattern reminds me of Halloween jack-o’-lantern crafts that kids can make during the spooky season!

24. Fall-Themed Perler Bead Decor

Photo credit: Kary2020 on Bracelet Book

Here’s a simple yet charming decor that you could display for the rest of the autumn season. Shared by Kary2020, this pattern evokes an attractive symmetry in the design, something that will capture the attention of your visitors as well.

Bonus Patterns for Thanksgiving

25. Thanksgiving Perler Beads

Photo credit: Crafty Morning

That an old tradition is celebrated at the same time of fall, a season of abundant harvest, is no coincidence.

That’s the essence of Thanksgiving, iconic elements of which are shared by Crafty Morning.

26. Pumpkin Pie with Cream on Top

Photo credit: Pixel Art Shop

There are plenty of things that can be done with pumpkin, but my favorite has got to be the dessert, pumpkin pie.

This pumpkin pie is served hot and fresh by Pixel Art Shop, fresh out of the oven.

Make Your Days More Colorful with These Fall Perler Bead Patterns

From simple fall Perler bead activities for kids to more sophisticated and stunning decor that you can put around your home, this list of fall designs will help you prepare and enjoy autumn’s blessings.

For more Perler bead ideas, check these other links below: