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23 Fun and Easy Animals To Draw For Kids

Drawing is a beneficial pastime, and drawing at an early age helps develop cognitive functions and creativity.

While allowing kids to draw anything is one way to develop their drawing skills, I’ve compiled a list of 23 easy animals to draw that double as educational activities.

These animal drawings are arranged by style (drawing from letters, drawing from numbers, and drawing from shapes), but I’ve also included 6 bonus drawing ideas!

Drawing Animals From Letters

What’s better than drawing animals? Using the first letters of their names to draw them! These 5 drawings will help enhance a kid’s creativity by showing them how to draw animals while also helping them learn about letters!

1. “S Is For Snake” Drawing

Let’s start with something simple! Oistein Kristiansen shows kids how to draw a snake from the letter “S.”

2. “B Is For Bird” Drawing

“B Is For Bird” Drawing

Photo credit: B For Ball

Even though there are various species of birds around the world, they all have a general shape. Here’s an easy-to-draw bird drawing from the letter “B” courtesy of (the aptly named) B For Ball.

3. “D Is For Dog” Drawing

“D Is For Dog” Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

This tutorial from Drawing Tutorials 101 will help dog-loving kids draw these lovable animals from a capital letter “D.”

4. “N Is For Narwhal” Drawing

Narwhals are often called the unicorn of the sea, and if your kids want to draw these majestic creatures, Jon Harris shows how a narwhal can be drawn with a capital “N.”

5. “Y Is For Yak” Drawing

“Y Is For Yak” Drawing

Photo credit: Activity Mom

“The yak bought a snack” – something I remember from my old 2nd grade activity book. While the yak from Activity Mom isn’t buying a snack, this tutorial teaches kids how to draw one from the letter Y!

Drawing Animals From Numbers

Aside from learning about letters via animal drawings, kids can also learn about numbers with these 5 drawing ideas!

6. “Number 1” Giraffe Drawing

I’m number 1! At least that’s probably what giraffes, the tallest animals on earth, think. And they’re indeed number 1 in this video tutorial from Lovely Kids.

7. “Number 2” Duck Drawing

“Number 2” Duck Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorial 101

Fun fact: Ducks have a gland that produces oil, which makes their feathers waterproof! Drawing Tutorial 101 shows kids how to draw these waterproof birds with the number 2.

8. “Number 4” Shark Drawing

Did you know that sharks don’t have bones and are made up of cartilage? Miss Colors will teach kids how to draw these boneless sea animals from the number 4.

9. “Number 7” Mouse Drawing

“Number 7” Mouse Drawing

Photo credit: Tuffuf

You won’t need grains or cheese to “draw” this mouse out! Draw So Easy shows kids that all they need is the number 7 to draw a mouse.

10. “Number 15” Koala Drawing

“Number 15” Koala Drawing

Photo credit: How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials

Due to the low nutrients in eucalyptus (a koala’s favorite food), koala’s can sleep up to 18 hours a day! This number 15 koala from How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials, however, is wide awake.

Drawing Animals From Shapes

On top of letters and numbers, kids can also get creative and learn how to draw animals from different shapes with these 7 tutorials.

11. Squares and Rectangle Elephant Drawing

 Squares and Rectangle Elephant Drawing

Photo credit: How To Draw Funny Cartoons

You would think that you could only make elephants from circles or ovals, but How To Draw Funny Cartoons shows kids that they can still draw an elephant while using mostly squares and rectangles.

12. Circle Caterpillar Drawing

Circle Caterpillar Drawing

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Before turning into butterflies (skip to number 19 for a tutorial on how to draw a butterfly), these insects start off as cute caterpillars. Kids can easily draw caterpillars using mostly circles with this tutorial from Easy Drawing Guides.

13. Circles and Ovals Bee Drawing

Circles and Ovals Bee Drawing

Photo credit: Paper Flo Designs

Bees have a very important role in pollinating flowers and fruits and making delicious honey! They’re also another insect kids can draw with mostly round shapes. This tutorial from Paper Flo Designs will show kids how.

14. Oval Frog Drawing

Oval Frog Drawing

Photo credit: Parenting Firstcry

Frogs are slimy and amphibious creatures. With this tutorial from Parenting Firstcry, kids can bring them home (without the sliminess) by drawing mostly ovals!

15. Oval Cow Drawing

Oval Cow Drawing

Photo credit: How to Draw Easy

Cows produce the majority of the world’s milk, and kids can easily draw these important animals using mostly ovals with this guide from How to Draw Easy.

16. Circle Turtle Drawing

Turtles are usually slow animals since they don’t have to chase their food. Kids, on the other hand, can draw them in 2 minutes with this tutorial from Harriet Muller.

17. A Very Round Whale Drawing

A Very Round Whale Drawing

Photo credit: Cute Easy Drawings

Rounding off circle-inspired drawings, here’s a whale drawing from Cute Easy Drawings kids can easily follow to bring these gigantic sea creatures home!

Bonus Animal Drawings

Here are 6 other easy animals to draw for kids of all ages and skill levels.

18. Easy Octopus Drawing

Easy Octopus Drawing

Photo credit: Momjunction

An octopus is an 8 armed and color changing sea animal that can easily be drawn by kids in just 8 steps using this tutorial from Momjunction.

19. Easy Butterfly Drawing

Easy Butterfly Drawing

Photo credit: How to Draw for Kids

After drawing a caterpillar, kids can draw butterflies! How to Draw for Kids shows kids how to draw one in 5 easy steps.

20. Easy Rhino Drawing

Easy Rhino Drawing

Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Did you know that a rhinoceros’s horn is made of the same stuff as our fingernails? Kids can draw rhinos (horns and all) with these 6 easy-to-follow steps from We Draw Animals.

21. Easy Cat Drawing

Easy Cat Drawing

Photo credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

Cats are adorable animals! This tutorial from Easy Peasy and Fun will teach kids how to draw one in 6 steps.

22. Drawing A Hen From the Word “Hen”

Drawing A Hen From the Word “Hen”

Photo credit: How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Why stop with just letters? How to Draw Step by Step Tutorial shows kids how to draw this cute hen (with its chick) from the word “hen” itself.

23. Hand Traced Dinosaur Drawing

Hand Traced Dinosaur Drawing

Photo credit: Artistro

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but kids can bring them to life with these hand traced drawing ideas from Artistro. They include various other animals you can draw from hand tracings!

Let Kids Draw the Animal Kingdom!

From a simple snake to a very round whale to hand traced dinosaurs, these 23 drawing ideas will teach children how to easily draw animals while learning about other things such as shapes and numbers!

Have you tried some of these drawing methods with your kids? Which style did they enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments!

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