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29 Speedy Sonic Perler Beads to Try

I know you just can’t get enough after seeing Sonic the Hedgehog 2, so I’ve decided to make this list of Sonic Perler beads!

Whether you’re nostalgic about the Sonic video games played on the SEGA console or you’re feeling adventurous after having a blast with the recent sequel film, you’ll no doubt enjoy making these Sonic Perler bead patterns.

These Sonic Perler bead projects, which are great for display and for kids’ entertainment in general, include the titular character himself, as well as familiar secondary characters, such as Knuckles and Tails, and the main villain, Dr. Eggman.

3 Sonic Perler Bead Materials

I know you’re excited to make Sonic Perler beads, but don’t rush into the activity without having the right materials first.

1. Blue Perler Beads

Sonic is made up of other colors, too, and there are other characters here that don’t require many blue Perler beads. But trust me when I say you’ll run out of blue Perler beads more because you’ll be making many versions of Sonic below.

2. Large Square Pegboards

Why get small pegboards when the large ones are better? They do the same job and these have a larger surface area for more complicated patterns.

The great thing about these pegboards is that you can interlock them for even bigger designs.

3. Perler Bead Sweeper

Pick up those beads that drop on the floor just as swiftly as how Sonic picks up rings with this Perler bead sweeper.

6 Classic Sonic Perler Beads

As with any old successful video game release, Sonic too has its own classic designs which fans are quite sentimental about. Here are six Perler bead patterns that make you remember the old days.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog Perler Bead Activity

Photo credit: TopPNG

TopPNG nailed this Sonic pattern, which is not too complicated but detailed enough to give beginners a challenge.

Are you searching for easy designs to make? Look no further than these easy Perler bead patterns!

5. Sonic with a Ring Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: lita on Kandi Patterns

Fans of the old game, or those who’d like to introduce Sonic to their little ones, will bring to mind cherished memories of their childhood with lita‘s pattern of Sonic getting a ring.

For other video games turned into Perler beads, check out our Among Us Perler beads and Fortnite Perler beads!

6. Easy Sonic’s Head Pattern

Photo credit: lovey_4737 on Bracelet Book

If you’d prefer an easy pattern, don’t worry, lovey_4737 is here to fulfill your needs with their simple and quick Sonic head pattern.

For a similar (almost) circular pattern such as this one, visit our circle Perler beads list!

7. “Thumbs Up” Sonic Design

Photo credit: NicePNG

One of the more iconic images of Sonic is him giving a thumbs up after completing a mission, or finishing a Perler bead project. Here’s NicePNG providing us with such a pattern.

8. Easy Sonic Tutorial

Not quite sure how to assemble those Sonic beads? Don’t worry, QDCrafts‘ channel has got you covered with this simple Sonic pattern.

9. Sonic with Retro Design Perler Bead

Photo credit: DaaRicArdo on Friendship Bracelets

The sharp contrast and pink colors on this Sonic design evoke nostalgic memories of the arcade era. Thanks to DaaRicArdo, you can relive the good ol’ days by making this amazing pattern.

Speaking of memories, try to preserve them by checking our guide to the best scrapbook kits for kids.

9 Unique Sonic Perler Bead Patterns

Sonic is younger than many other video games, yet he’s had his fair share of transformation over the years. Here are six of his lesser-known variations.

Among the older games that preceded Sonic is Super Mario! If you’re a fan, I’m sure you can’t pass up this opportunity to make some Mario Perler bead patterns.

10. Sonic Exe Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Musse87 on Kandi Patterns

True Sonic fans know the creepypasta (horror stories around the Internet) story of Sonic.exe. If you aren’t familiar with it and you’d rather just make an evil-looking Sonic, then this pattern by Musse87 is perfect.

However, if you’re a new Sonic fan and enjoy horror stories, then give the creepypasta story a try.

For spooky decorations like this one, I suggest reading our Halloween rock painting and paper-Mache pumpkin guides.

11. Hyper Sonic Perler Bead Pattern – Cyan

Photo credit: SeekPNG

Hyper Sonic is achieved when regular Sonic gets his hands on Super Emeralds, the powerful objects that Sonic prevents Dr. Eggman from obtaining.

SeekPNG shares an amazing pattern of Sonic transforming into a cyan-colored Hyper Sonic.

While not as explosive as Sonic’s transformation, the butterfly’s metamorphosis is a sight to behold. Witness their transformation with these butterfly Perler bead patterns.

12. Super Sonic Perler Bead – Yellow

Photo credit: NicePNG

Don’t confuse Hyper Sonic with Super Sonic. The former is a state that’s usually much more powerful. However, Super Sonic arguably looks much more cooler than Hyper Sonic.

NicePNG provides a Super Sonic that’s reminiscent of auras seen in anime.

Are you a fan of anime? Try making these Pokemon Perler beads!

13. Transforming Sonic Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: superev64 on Kandi Patterns

For a comparison of Super Sonic’s initial and final transformation, superev64 has got you covered with their pattern. It would be cool also to create a blue Sonic so you can display his full transformation.

14. Super Sonic Perler Beads

The color of Super Sonic is brilliant. His skin looks the embodiment of lightning itself and surging through his existence.

15. 3D Sonic Perler Beads

Growing up with Sonic games, I’ve always had a bias towards the blue roly-poly than the Italian plumber; and the recent movie adaptations have only grown my fondness for it.

It’s reasonable for a fan to dedicate an entire weekend just to complete this 3D Sonic brought to us by KandiPerlerFairy.

16. Super Giant Sonic

Whether Sonic has played a huge part in your childhood or you simply want to bond with your Sonic-obsessed children, Asger Sell has the appropriately grand project for you.

17. Sonic and Tails Perler Bead Project

You know it’s always a fun time when Tails is around. It gets even more exciting when Tails pairs up with Sonic to form an almost unbeatable duo of intellect and speed.

DogtorWho‘s channel shares this amazing video tutorial of a pattern of Tails flying while Sonic is holding on to him.

Soar high with these pretty Perler bead bird patterns.

13 Sonic the Hedgehog Characters Perler Beads

Sonic is not only defined by his super speed, but also by other anthropomorphic animals, some of which are his friends while others are considered frenemies.

You could put a cute face on an animal or object and they would become like these Kawaii Perler bead patterns!

18. How to Make Sonic and Friends Perler Bead Activity

If you’d like to introduce your little ones to the world of Sonic, there’s no better Perler bead project to start with than this video tutorial from tannah’s channel.

The simple designs include the heads of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, all of which are straightforward and require basic primary colors to complete.

Get your little ones to know primary colors and more with these rainbow crafts.

19. Dr. Eggman Perler Beads

It wouldn’t be a Sonic Perler bead list without the inclusion of his archenemy, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman. JAP CHANNEL’s channel shares this amazing Dr. Eggman portrait that’s perfect for display.

20. Simple Tails Perler Bead Activity

Photo credit: Owl_girl on Friendship Bracelets

Are your children a fan of Tails? Owl_girl will keep them satisfied with this super easy Tails design.

21.  Tails in Pop Form

Photo credit: speckledbold on Brik

Delivered by speckledbold in a design that’s familiar to many collectors, this Tails pattern will be an excellent addition to your display room.

22. Tails & Sonic Perler Beads

Just like Sonic, Tails also has his own victory move. Morgan Just Games‘ video tutorial shows us exactly how Tails does it.

23. Flying Tails Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Fly Clipart

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as playing as Tails and flying above your enemies through the stages. If you need a challenging yet satisfying pattern, then this Tails pattern on Fly Clipart is for you.

24. 8-Bit Knuckles the Echidna Perler Beads

Photo credit: freakinflip on Kandi Patterns

Knuckles is not quite a hedgehog, but he’s equally as popular as Sonic. Here’s freakinflip showing us how to do an 8-bit pattern of Knuckles, who’s an echidna.

25. Another Knuckle Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: PinPNG

For a more sophisticated pattern of Knuckles, try out this stunning design found on PinPNG.

26. Chilling Knuckles Perler Beads

Photo credit: bucket_ on Kandi Patterns

As opposed to Sonic, who has abilities of super speed, Knuckles has the ability of super strength. Knuckles knows when to conserve his energy for heavy lifting, as shown with this relaxing Knuckles pattern by bucket_.

27. Amy Rose Perler Beads

Photo credit: NeoGriever on Friendship Bracelets

Amy Rose would be Sonic’s love interest if he’d returned her feelings. Nevertheless, Amy Rose is one of Sonic’s best friends and this pattern by NeoGriever looks absolutely incredible.

28. Cool Shadow the Hedgehog Perler Bead Project

Shadow the Hedgehog is considered an anti-hero in the franchise. While he already looks impressive on his own, his character and style are brought to life by DogtorWho’s video tutorial, where he teaches viewers to make a Shadow Perler bead stand.

For a satisfying and easy activity, check out our 3D Perler bead patterns, which will show you how to make awesome 3D figures.

29. Manic the Hedgehog Perler Beads

Photo credit: freakinflip on Kandi Patterns

Many people are familiar with Sonic, but only the true fans are familiar with his brother, Manic the Hedgehog. Though not gifted with super speed like his brother, Manic has mastery over computers and machines.

Racing Through These Sonic Perler Beads

If fans are anything like Sonic, they’ll be able to make these Sonic Perler beads in no time.

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