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24 Pretty Perler Bead Bird Patterns

A little birdie told me you’re looking for the best Perler bead bird patterns. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

This list has all the perler bead bird designs that you can think of. From hummingbirds, penguins, and even famous bird characters, this post has compiled everything for you.

Read on to find bird patterns that are perfect for all levels of expertise and ages.

Just getting into the world of perler beads? Or want to do something uncomplicated? These easy perler bead patterns will be a good start for you.

16 Perler Bead Birds

1. Blue Bird

Blue Bird
Photo Credit: Vickyq1 on Kandi Patterns

New to the world of perler beads? This blue bird will be perfect as your first craft.

Don’t be surprised if you’ve become addicted to making perler beads crafts once you’re done with this because it’s enjoyable, relaxing, and satisfying.

2. Green Hummingbird Pattern

Green Hummingbird Pattern
Photo Credit: Nicky on Kandi Patterns

Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that could fly backward? Cool isn’t it?

You can also share that awesome fact with others while showing them your completed hummingbird pattern. They’ll appreciate your artistic talent and cleverness, too.

3. Owl Perler Beads

Owl Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Perler Bead Designs on Facebook

Hoot! This owl perler bead project is going to be a hoot for sure. With its big eyes and cute nose, your kids will be motivated to finish this craft immediately to see the whole picture.

Whether it’s at night or during the day, making this bead pattern will be highly recommended.

You’ll get a hoot out of these other owl Perler beads patterns.

4. Cardinal Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Crafts For Kids

Up for a little challenge? Here’s a cardinal pattern for crafters who want to test their perler bead skills. Block your schedule and complete this project with your little one for a fun bonding day together.

Not only is this craft interesting but the actual bird is, too. Fun fact: In seven states, cardinals are their state birds.

5. Flamingo Perler Beads

Flamingo Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Clipart Max

Birds come in all shapes and colors. There are the bee hummingbirds which are considered to be the smallest in the group, and ostriches on the other end of the spectrum.

Flamingoes are just in between. Plus, their beautiful color and stance make them one of the most loved birds of all time.

6. Turkey Perler Beads

Photo credit: goldflower on Bracelet Book

While not the prettiest bird out there, the turkey is certainly one of the most flamboyant.

Its fan-shaped tail rarely fails to attract mates, especially when its plumes are as vibrant as goldflower has depicted in their turkey pattern.

A hand would almost fit on this turkey design, similar to these turkey handprint crafts.

7. Perler Bead Penguin

Perler Bead Penguin
Photo Credit: Buegelperlen Vorlagen

Teach your kids about penguins—the birds that don’t fly but are excellent divers through this craft. They are really cool and magnificent animals.

Can’t get enough of this adorable waddling creature? Here are more penguin perler beads just for you.

8. Perler Bead Parrot

Perler Bead Parrot
Photo Credit: Prohama

Does your kid get tired of repeating colors easily while doing a project? Ironically, this word-repeating bird won’t make that a problem.

Gather all your colored perler beads from red, blue, and orange to complete this craft.

9. Toucan Bird Pattern

Toucan Bird Pattern
Photo Credit: Free Beads Patterns

This toucan bird pattern will be more suitable for older kids who want to try Perler bead crafts. It’s engaging but is not too hard nor too easy for them.

Don’t be too surprised if they get into perler beads after this project.

10. Classy Kiwi

Photo credit: matouperdu on Bracelet Book

Flightless birds aren’t confined to turkeys, penguins, and ostriches—all of which can’t fly because of their size.

There are also kiwis, which matouperdu portrays as a distinguished gentleman!

11. Flying Birds Scene

Flying Birds 
Photo Credit: BlackBouquet on Kandi Patterns

See the birds in action high above the sky in this portrait. This is a great pattern choice for your little ones to see the birds from another perspective.

Brownie points for the bonus rainbow and clouds patterns.

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12. Easy Bird Couple Perler Bead Pattern

Your kiddos will LOVE doing this matching craft. So if you’re looking for a project that both sisters and brothers will enjoy, then this one will be a great choice.

You can also opt to change the colors of the birds to your kid’s favorite colors. Watch this video by Joy of Art to find out how.

13. Mommy and Baby Bird Pattern

Mommy and Baby Bird Pattern
Photo Credit: Ninie on Kandi Patterns

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to celebrate a mother’s love. Bond with your child as you create this adorable mother and child perler bead pattern.

Your child will treasure the memory and time you spent making this craft.

14. Small and Easy Bird Pattern

Small Bird Pattern
Photo Credit: Prohama

Looking for a quick and easy bird perler bead pattern that will entertain your child while you do some chores? This pink bird pattern is what you’re looking for.

It will be easy enough that kids can do this craft with minimal assistance and supervision.

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15. Bird House Perler Beads Pattern

Bird House Perler Beads Pattern
Photo Credit: Tashar_h on Kandi Patterns

Displaying this beautiful bird house perler bead craft will be a big flex in your home. Place it in your kitchen, terrace, or room to show how proud you are of your kid’s artistic capabilities.

16. Crow Perler Beads

Photo credit: hiligendorf7 on Kandi Pad

Crow or raven? The details may not be apparent in this pattern by hiligendorf7, but a crow is usually smaller than a raven.

A raven is much more cunning than a crow, well deserving of a spot on Odin’s shoulders.

6 Perler Bead Bird Cartoon Characters

17. Zazu from The Lion King

Zazu from Aladdin
Photo Credit: Birdie Stitching

Kids can learn a lot from Zazu. He’s smart, loyal, and responsible making this craft a great conversation starter for your kids about these virtues.

Brownie points if they’re huge fans of the film the Lion King, too.

18. Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes

Tweety Bird from Looney Tunes
Photo Credit: Rhys-Michael on Deviant Art

Don’t forget Tweety Bird if you’re making perler bead birds. She’s a lovable character that has stolen hearts since 1942. Even if your kid doesn’t know her, it will still be a worthwhile and fun craft to do.

Get more kawaii perler bead patterns here.

19. Red J. Bird from Angry Birds

Red J. Bird from Angry Birds
Photo Credit: Beadmaster7 from Kandi Patterns

In the game of Angry Birds, you’ll have to destroy the blocks to pass the level. But in this craft, you won’t have to ruin anything and instead create something awesome and wonderful.

It will be a good lesson for your kids to learn at a young age.

20. Piplup Perler Beads (Pokemon)

Photo credit: Raven on Kandi Patterns

Upon reaching the Sinnoh region in Pokemon, you’re given an option to choose between a fire monkey, a leaf turtle, and a penguin.

If it wasn’t obvious, Piplup—shared by Raven—is a water-type, perfect for the sea enjoyers and adorable penguins.

21. Unfezant Perler Beads (Pokemon)

Photo credit: Sparrows on Bracelet Book

If it wasn’t clear, Unfezant is inspired by a pheasant mixed with the traits of other birds, like the snood of a turkey.

Male Unfezants, in contrast to the female, have a mask-protrusion from their beak that resembles a mask—no doubt used to terrorize prey.

Flying-type Pokemons are weak to Ice and Lightning—catch one now in these Pokemon Perler Beads!

22. Big Bird from Sesame Street

Big Bird from Sesame Street
Photo Credit: Kandi Patterns on Pinterest

The show Sesame Street is part of everyone’s childhood. Take a trip down memory lane (or should I say Sesame Street) by making this adorable Big Bird craft.

Complete all the characters from the hit children’s show by also making Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby perler bead crafts.

24. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird
Photo Credit: Chaotic_Prism on Kandi Patterns

If you’ve ever played Flappy Bird, you’ll understand why the game is so entertaining and addictive. While taking a break from screen time, why not make this flappy bird craft for a change?

Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of beads so you’ll be able to make it even with limited supplies.

Bye, Bye Birdie!

We have come to the end of our perler bead bird list (Awww!). I hope this list has provided you with many fun and exciting ideas for your kid’s next craft.

But don’t worry because we still have a lot in store for you. You’ll find more perler bead patterns for your kids below: