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23 AMAIZEing Indian Corn Crafts for Kids

There’s a reason Indian corn isn’t eaten—they’re meant to be inspiring decorations for these crafts!

As Thanksgiving approaches, there’s no end to the number of holiday crafts available on the internet.

In this article, you’ll find Indian corn crafts to keep kids busy while the adults prepare for the big Thanksgiving feast!

8 Indian Corn Art Projects for Kids

This is the kid-friendly and mommy-approved washable craft paint and pair of safety scissors we recommend.

1. Hand and Footprint Indian Corn Craft

Kids will use both their hands and feet with this fun tutorial from Madeby that will keep little hands and feet moving. Besides some common arts and crafts materials, you’ll also need paint and a sponge brush to make this very simple, very easy-to-do Indian corn art.

There are so many things that handprints can create—some of them even have a Thanksgiving theme, like these turkey handprint crafts!

2. Lego Stamped Indian Corn Art

Lego Stamped Indian Corn Art
Photo credit: Crafty Morning

Crafty Morning shares an easy-to-do stamping activity involving a toy that’s the bane of every foot’s existence: LEGOs.

Any victim of stepping on a LEGO knows the pain—and the authentic appearance that it can give to this indian corn craft!

Stamp your way to making Native American corn art with paint and crafting supplies usually found at home.

3. Bubble Wrap Indian Corn Painting

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn Painting
Photo credit: Craft Project Ideas

Bubble wrap is great for keeping packages safe, but it’s also a great tool for painting. Craft Project Ideas use bubble wrap to show how we can make realistic-looking corn from an ordinary, everyday item.

4. Eye Dropper Indian Corn Craft

Eye Dropper Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: What Can We Do With Paper and Glue

Kids will love playing with paint with this Indian corn craft by What Can We Do With Paper and Glue that uses an eye dropper as the paint medium.

This craft requires a couple of special supplies, such as watercolors and watercolor paper, to create that neat “bleeding color” effect.

5. Indian Corn Suncatcher

Indian Corn Suncatcher
Photo credit: Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids has some nice Indian corn suncatchers kids can make without the need for acetate or contact paper, common materials used to make suncatchers.

To catch the light Indian corn style, grab a coffee filter or tissue paper, washable markers, a spray bottle with water, and a brown paper bag.

Hang the finished products in the windows to catch the morning and evening light as the sun makes its way around the earth.

6. Indian Corn Wreath

Indian Corn Wreath
Photo credit: The Parenting Patch

The Parenting Patch shares a different (but neat!) Indian corn craft preschoolers can make all on their own.

While this project is pretty simple, it does require various items and materials found at home along with a paper plate and cardboard scraps to show kids how to make their own.

7. Flint Corn Painting

Courtney has an easy-to-follow tutorial that teaches kids how to draw and paint their own Indian corn with watercolors. They’ll be creating their own a-maize-ing work of art in no time!

8. Indian Corn Roll

Photo credit: Ideas For The Home

This Indian corn almost got me fooled; the green wrapper makes it look so realistic!

A toilet paper roll can go a long way in making kids’ crafts, and Ideas For The Home demonstrates exactly how to repurpose these empty rolls!

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9. Fruit Loop Indian Corn Craft

Fruit Loop Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: The Simple Parent

The Simple Parent uses Froot Loops and common craft materials to create a fun sensory corn craft that’s easy enough for children as young as toddlers.

I love using food items for crafting because they make for a great snack in the process. Just make sure to leave some for the craft itself!

10. Crumpled Paper Corn Craft

Crumpled Paper Corn Craft
Photo credit: Artsy Momma

This Indian corn craft by Artsy Momma is SO easy. Toddlers just have to crumple tissue paper and construction paper to create an ear of Indian corn with its husk. Chances are you have everything you need tucked in a cabinet or closet somewhere!

Want more ideas for easy crafts like this one? Then read my post that shares simple tissue paper crafts for kids!

11. Hole Punched Indian Corn Craft

Hole Punched Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts

Usually, the pieces punched out by a hole puncher are discarded. However, Glued to My Crafts makes use of them to create this simple and colorful Indian corn craft.

Let kids hole punch their way to crafting theirs by using a hole puncher and the free corn template.

12. Paper Squares Indian Corn Craft

Paper Squares Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: Our Craft N Things

Our Craft N Things shows kids how to chaotically position colored scraps of paper cut from paper bags and construction paper to create a fall-themed piece of artwork in this tutorial.

13. Foam Indian Corn Craft

Foam Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

No Time for Flash Cards shows kids how to make a really easy Indian corn craft using self-adhesive craft foam.

This is a great sensory craft for younger kids that can also be used to teach toddlers about colors and counting!

14. Beans Indian Corn Craft

Beans Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: All Kids Network

All Kids Network uses beans to make an Indian corn craft that doubles as a sensory craft.

Additionally, kids will need the corn template (sign up as a member of the site to access it) and some materials you might already have around the house.

15. Button Indian Corn Craft

Button Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: The Pinterested Parent

Buttons can be used as nifty craft materials, as clearly seen in this Indian corn craft by The Pinterested Parent. They use the buttons to create the colorful pattern characteristic of Indian corn.

Easily make a stalk of Indian corn without the need to go to a craft store as you probably have these materials handy already!

16. (Unpopped) Popcorn Kernels Indian Corn Craft

(Unpopped) Popcorn Kernels Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: Coffee Cups and Crayons

Blog site Coffee Cups and Crayons uses painted unpopped popcorn kernels to make this colorful Indian corn craft.

Before getting started, paint the kernels different colors by putting them inside a few different Ziploc bags with different paint colors and let your little ones go to town!

17. (Popped) Popcorn Indian Corn Craft

(Popped) Popcorn Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: Tangrila

You can use popped kernels at your next family movie night to do this fun Indian popcorn craft courtesy of Tangrila!

It’s super simple yet SUPER fun because it’s easy enough for every member of the family to do. And while this activity calls for pretty common craft supplies, it does call for skewers (but chopsticks work just as well!).

18. Sponge-Based Indian Corn Craft

Photo credit: Boy Mama Teacher Mama

You might not have a used sponge right now, but eventually, you will have one that’s old and used.

At that point, chop it to pieces and use it in this craft by Boy Mama Teacher Mama, who resourcefully incorporates sponge bits into their Indian corn craft.

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19. Bubble Wrap Indian Corn Craft

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: Crafts for All Seasons

Bubble wrap has a “corn” texture that makes it a pretty neat crafting material. To help give their Indian corn craft a very realistic appearance, Crafts for All Seasons wraps an empty paper towel roll in bubble wrap!

20. Pinecone Indian Corn Craft

Chelsey provides kids with an Indian corn craft that’s made with a pine cone, making it a very fitting fall craft as well.

After foraging for pine cones, gather pom poms, a glue gun, and crepe paper to put together this adorable corn craft project that will be a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

21. Toilet Paper Roll Indian Corn Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Indian Corn Craft
Photo Credit: From ABCs To ACTs

Fall colored buttons glued on to an empty toilet paper roll makes a really cool Indian corn craft for kids! From ABCs To ACTs uses the buttons to give the appearance of different colored corn kernels and also adds tissue paper to make this corn craft look as real as possible.

The best part? You probably have all of these materials at home!

22. Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn Craft

Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn Craft
Photo credit: One Little Project

One Little Project shares a challenging but relatively easy Indian corn craft for older kids. The best part is that you don’t need a lot of material to put this one together!

Kids can make this Indian corn craft with just beads and pipe cleaners. That’s it!

23. Indian Corn Craft with Pumpkin Seeds

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Indian corn kernels are as tough as a bead. Unlike these pumpkin seeds, which are cracked open easily by fingers or biting it open.

But just like Indian corn kernels, these pumpkin seeds by I Heart Crafty Things are for decorative purposes only, and are not meant to be eaten.

Create pumpkin decoration without the hassle of carving in these paper mache pumpkins!

Thanksgiving Indian Corn Themed Activities

Turkeys aren’t the only food present during Thanksgiving. Show some love to another holiday staple by letting kids make these Indian corn crafts!

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