26 Easy Christmas Drawings for a Merry Xmas

Draw these Christmas drawings while waiting for the gifts to appear under the Christmas tree!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed! Christmas gifts underneath the tree, carolers singing at every home, everyone’s ready to party with family and friends – yes, I’m talking about Christmas.

Whether it’s December 25th or any other day, these easy Christmas drawings will make you feel like it’s Christmas every day.

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Get This Stuff Ready for Your Little Artist

7 Easy Christmas Drawings

1. Santa Claus Drawing

Santa Claus Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Receiving gifts from Santa Claus is one of the most anticipated moments for a child during Christmas. You can do something new this year by gifting this drawing to Santa for a change.

2. Christmas Lights Drawing

Let there be light!

Christmas lights make the occasion merrier and brighter. This video by EasyPicturesToDraw will teach you how you can turn your drawings more magical with these twinkling lights.

3. Christmas Stocking Drawing

Christmas Stocking Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

What’s better than one present? Multiple presents!

Christmas stockings are filled with little presents that remind them of you such as keychains, candies, and gloves. They may be small but they’re meaningful.

4. Christmas Bells Drawing

Christmas Bells Drawing
Photo Credit: Coloring Pages Only

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.

Ring the bells away because it’s time for Christmas. Sing along to the song while drawing these festive bells.

5. Christmas Snow Globe Drawing

Draw a winter wonderland with this video tutorial by Draw So Cute. It includes the leading symbols of Christmas such as a snowman, Christmas tree, snowflakes, and more.

Loved making this craft? I bet you’ll also enjoy making these snowman crafts for kids.

6. Christmas Candle Drawing

Christmas Candle Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Christmas candles have a deeper meaning than just being decorations. They represent the Star of Bethlehem that the Magi followed to reach the manger where Christ was born.

Are your kids interested in stars, galaxies, and planets? Teach them how to draw planets with the help of this post.

7. Christmas Tree Doodles

Bullet journal lovers can’t miss these variety of trees for the Christmas season.

Karinka Oli shares creative ways of drawing the traditional Christmas tree, including surreal and minimalist styles.

8 Cute Christmas Drawings

8. Cute Elf Drawing

Cute Elf Drawing
Photo Credit: Seek PNG

Santa’s little helpers deserve a spotlight, too. These elves help Santa Claus prepare gifts for all the nice children.

You’ll be able to complete all the characters in the North Pole once you learn how to draw this cute elf.

9. Penguin with Christmas Hat Sketch

Where the penguins live, it’s always snowing, but not always Christmas. The penguins want to join in the Christmas fun as well!

Your kids will enjoy drawing this penguin because it’s cute and easy to do thanks to the tutorial of DoodleDrawArt with Lisa.

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10. Christmas Puppy Drawing

Christmas Puppy Drawing
Photo Credit: Kid Spot

Does your kid want a puppy for Christmas? This is your sign to adopt one (or two) from a shelter. In doing so, you won’t just make your kid happy but you’ll also change the life of a dog.

These dog perler beads are for all the fur parents out there.

11. Interactive Christmas Present Drawing

Follow this step-by-step tutorial of Art for Kids Hub for an incredible surprise. You’ll find some elves and more presents once you open the gift.

Try out these perler beads shark patterns if you liked this Christmas present stack project.

12. Santa’s Hat Sketches

Santa's Hat Sketches
Photo Credit: Free Pik

Can’t figure out how to draw a Santa hat? This illustration will show you different ways a hat can be drawn. It’s got a standing hat, a flowy hat, and more.

Among Us characters also sport some unique hats. These Among Us perler beads patterns will be perfect for kids who love playing the video game.

13. Adorable Christmas Ornaments Drawing

Add life and character to your Christmas tree with some ornaments. This cute red ornament by Draw So Cute should be part of the list because it will add some sparkle and cheer to your tree.

14. How To Draw Santa Claus

Create this Santa Claus drawing by Cartooning Club How To Draw so that you may redeem any bad deeds committed this year.

Moving from the Naughty List to the Good List is as easy as following this video tutorial!

15. Kawaii Christmas Tree

Photo credit: Draw Cartoon Style

Imbue a kawaii characteristic to your Christmas tree by adding a little face on it, just like how Draw Cartoon Style has done in their drawing guide.

5 Step-by-Step Christmas Drawings

16. Kawaii Reindeer Step-by-Step Drawing

Kawaii Reindeer Step-by-Step Drawing
Photo Credit: Learn To Draw

Draw the most famous reindeer in six easy steps with this tutorial made by Learn To Draw. Rudolph’s red nose and jolly personality make him a classic Christmas symbol.

More kawaii perler bead patterns can be found here.

17. Step-by-Step Snowman Drawing Tutorial

Step-by-Step Snowman Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: Easy, Peasy, and Fun

There are a lot of famous snowmen like Frosty and Olaf. Because even if they melt once the sun comes out, they still leave lasting joy and impact on the kids.

This drawing by Easy, Peasy, and Fun may not be Frosty or Olaf, but drawn by your children, this snowman will have a special place in their heart.

18. How To Draw A Christmas Wreath

How To Draw A Christmas Wreath
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Did you know that a wreath symbolizes eternal life? Having a Christmas wreath in your home will be nice because it’s not just a pretty decor but also holds a deep and meaningful meaning.

Check out these circle perler bead patterns for a productive and fun way to spend time with your kiddos.

19. Step-by-Step Christmas Tree Drawing

Step-by-Step Christmas Tree Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

A Christmas tree has a special place in our homes. It’s where we gather for photos, keep presents, and have meaningful conversations. This tutorial will be a great guide on how to draw a lively tree.

20. Christmas Pudding Drawing

Christmas Pudding Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

There’s always room for dessert, especially for something as good as this Christmas pudding. Top it off with the creamy white sauce for an irresistible taste.

Put those egg cartons into good use by making these egg carton crafts.

6 Christmas Character Drawings

21. Christmas Minion Drawing

Easy To Draw Everything reimagined the adorable minions as they prepare for the season of giving. Aside from their iconic jumper, these minions are also wearing some reindeer headbands and candy canes.

Get your daily dose of this yellow cuteness through these Minion Perler beads.

22. Mickey Mouse in a Wreath Drawing

Mickey Mouse in a Wreath Drawing
Photo Credit: Coloring All

Mickey Mouse is all pumped up for Christmas. He’s all smiles and is wearing a cute Santa hat. It’s the perfect time to catch up and bond with friends and family.

Going to Disneyland? Give these DIY Mickey ears a try.

23. How to Draw the Grinch

How to Draw the Grinch
Photo Credit: Let’s Draw Kids

“Now you listen to me, young lady! Even if we’re horribly mangled, there’ll be no sad faces on Christmas.”

Watching the Grinch movies have become a tradition during Christmas. We’ll never get tired of watching his adventures together with his loyal companion Max.

24. Christmas Hello Kitty

Christmas Hello Kitty
Photo Credit: Drago Art

Hello Kitty is ready for the cold season. She’s equipped with a beanie, scarf, and gloves while still looking super cute and stylish.

Like Elsa, the cold never bothered Hello Kitty anyway. Get some Frozen perler beads ideas here.

25. Christmas Penguin Drawing

Christmas Penguin Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Let this adorable penguin waddle into your home this Christmas. I’m sure that your kids won’t be able to resist its cuteness.

26. Christmas Baby Yoda

Why do people celebrate Christmas? Because This is The Way!

Bring Christmas to Mandalore by creating this Baby Yoda in Santa’s clothing, created by Art For Kids Hub.

There’s more of this cute baby in these Baby Yoda Perler beads.

Ho, Ho, Ho It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas is a special day for the kids. It’s when they receive presents and spend some quality time with the people that matter to them the most.

Make the celebration more memorable by doing these easy Christmas drawings with them.

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