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29 Beautiful Butterfly Perler Bead Patterns

Allot some time to make these gorgeous Perler bead butterfly projects! Butterflies come in different forms and colors, yet their life span is short, lasting no longer than one to two months.

Despite that, these beautiful insects show their full splendor during their time as butterflies.

I’ve compiled different types of butterflies, ranging from small butterflies for children to special butterflies that are harder to find.

3 Butterfly Perler Accessories

Before you embark on your adventure to make butterfly Perler beads, make sure you have the essentials.

  • Fuse Bead Pegboard Set (with Butterfly Pegboard): It’s already a challenge to make a stunning butterfly pattern from scratch, let alone figure out its shape on a traditional square pegboard. Fortunately, there are already pegboards in the shape of a butterfly. With this pack, you might not have the freedom to create your butterfly’s shape, but it lifts the burden of having to create one and allows you to focus on creative design. It comes with several other pegboards, including a boy and girl shape, flowers, a monkey, and a bear.

Interested in flower patterns? Head on to our Perler bead flowers.

  • Butterfly Design Perler Stixels: Ironing is an integral part of Perler fuse beads, which must be done by an adult. This process might make some children feel left out of the entire Perler bead activity. With Perler Stixels, they won’t have to anymore, as these don’t require any ironing. They’ll also be able to proudly display their craft by attaching it to their bags or pencil cases.
  • Assorted Perler Beads: As mentioned before, butterflies come in different colors and shapes. Don’t be limited by just several colors and unleash your creativity through this assorted Perler beads jar containing 22,000 fuse beads, ready to be transformed into an impressive butterfly creation.

12 of The Easiest Butterfly Perler Beads

For a quick and easy butterfly project, look no further than these nine butterfly patterns, which start from small patterns aimed at beginners to more elaborate ones that will challenge novices.

If you’re truly a Perler bead beginner seeking simpler patterns, these easy Perler bead patterns will set you in the right direction.

1. Basic Butterfly

Photo credit: Bliss on Bracelet Book

Even a butterfly with basic geometric shapes like this by Bliss can be appreciated by your little ones.

2. Easy Butterfly Perler Beads for Children

Photo credit: PolarRiotz on Kandi Patterns

Those looking for an easy butterfly Perler bead pattern for their children should check out this basic design shared by PolarRiotz. The project involves no more than three colors, which kids can mix and match according to their preferences.

3. Quick Butterfly Perler Design

Photo credit: sodapop on Bracelet Book

These butterfly patterns almost act as a sort of template for parents, teachers, and people who are interested in doing Perler bead activities in general.

Take for example this pattern by sodapop, who shares a simple butterfly with blue wings. It’s easy to change the butterfly’s color to the one you prefer while still maintaining the essence of the original design.

Simply follow the color shading in this one and you’re set!

4. Simple Butterfly Perler Beads

Photo credit: PNGFind

PNGFind stimulates our minds with yet another simple flying butterfly pattern. Most butterfly patterns involve symmetrical designs, but this unique pattern teaches beginners the concept of perspective and depth.

5. Amazing Pink Butterfly Design

Photo credit: Rose1555Evo on Kandi Patterns

Rose1555Evo provides us with a stunning pink butterfly, highlighting its beauty through different shades of pink.

6. How to Make a Cute Perler Bead Butterfly

Here’s another straightforward butterfly pattern that anyone can quickly and easily do, courtesy of Laceys Craft’s channel.


Photo credit: kristinep on Bracelet Book

There are at least 20,000 species of butterfly identified. If you make one of your design

8. Cute Butterfly Pattern on a Hexagon Pegboard

Photo credit: JinxyJess on Kandi Patterns

Do you only have a hexagonal pegboard at your disposal? No worries, JinxyJess teaches us how to create a unique butterfly using this specific pegboard.

9. Butterfly Pattern Idea

Photo credit: Jasmijn3 on Bracelet Book

Jasmijn3 shows how you can mix the patterns on the butterfly’s wings.

10. Butterfly Pattern on a Heart-Shaped Pegboards

Photo credit: r0tten_bugz_04 on Kandi Patterns

Show your love for a friend or a relative with r0tten_bugz_04 pattern using a heart-shaped pegboard.

For more heart-shaped patterns, head on to our heart Perler beads.

11. Cartoon Butterfly Pattern for Kids

Photo credit: elena_elg on Bracelet Book

For children who find it more relatable to create butterfly figures with a cartoon element, elena_elg has got you covered by sharing a cute butterfly pattern, complete with big eyes and an adorable nose.

Here are some Paw Patrol crafts to redirect your children’s focus on TV into something meaningful!

12. Resting Violet Butterfly

Photo credit: FlowerBee on Bracelet Book

I’m tired of seeing the butterfly from its back. Learn to view the butterfly from different angles by following FlowerBee‘s resting butterfly pattern.

7 Grand Butterfly Perler Patterns

For those seeking more challenging patterns, I’ve compiled these seven grand butterfly Perler bead patterns.

Looking for ways to improve your children’s artistic skills? If so, head on to this list of easy animals to draw for kids!

13. Detailed Cartoon Butterfly Pattern

Photo credit: Brik

Brik shares another pattern with a cartoonish design. While it may not have big eyes, the black outline on this one indicates that it’s inspired by butterfly drawings.

For more crafts inspired by children’s shows, check out our list of Bluey crafts that will inspire you to be adventurous!

14. Rainbow Butterfly Perler Project

Photo credit: Perler

Making a butterfly with a rainbow design is a must. Thankfully, Perler is here to show us their version of how to make a rainbow butterfly. This project requires the butterfly pegboard and assorted beads to complete (see above).

There is no need to feel gloomy on those rainy days since you can always make these rainbow crafts for kids!

15. Big Butterfly Wings

Photo credit: JCat2018 on Bracelet Book

The wings of this butterfly by JCat2018 is visibly larger than its body. The wider wing area only allows for more designs to be included!

16. Chubby Butterfly Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: meercatred on Friendship Bracelets

Like I said before, butterflies come in different forms. Some might be smaller or larger than others in shape, just like this pattern shared by meercatred.

17. Monarch Butterfly Pattern

Photo credit: Leegoeggo on Brik

The monarch butterfly is named monarch for a reason — that’s because its distinct orange appearance is one of the most elegant and regal butterflies in existence.

To learn how to make one for yourself, simply follow Brik‘s monarch butterfly pattern.

18. Mesmerizing Butterfly

Photo credit: colezimmer on Bracelet Book

Sometimes the pattern on a butterfly is so mesmerizing that their wings start to paint a scene, like what colezimmer shows on the back of this butterfly design.

19. Beautifly Pokemon Perler Beads


Photo credit: Electryonemoongoddes on DeviantArt

As our Pokemon Perler beads list has demonstrated, there are all sorts of Pokemons that you can make into Perler beads. For the enthusiasts out there who love to collect these designs, here’s another one for you: a Beautifly pattern shared by Electryonemoongoddes.

7 Unique Butterfly Perler Bead Ideas

We are just getting to the more interesting butterfly patterns, so stick around for these seven unique butterfly Perler bead ideas.

20. 3D Rainbow Butterfly Pattern

Photo credit: _Sandwich_ on Kandi Patterns

Admit it, those looking for butterfly patterns would also love to create one that looks realistic, like a 3D design. I’ve yet to hear about a rainbow-colored butterfly in real life, but this pattern by _Sandwich_ is the closest design you’ll get to a realistic butterfly since it’s 3D.

Simply change the color of the butterfly if you’d like to make it seem less fantastical.

Get inspired by more 3D Perler Bead patterns!

21. Dog Butterfly Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: _Cheese_ on Bracelet Book

You probably didn’t expect this design in this list, did you? This pattern by _Cheese_ of a dog in a butterfly costume is too cute not to include in the list!

Excited for more dog patterns? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these dog Perler beads!

22. Perler Bead Butterfree

Photo credit: Artsyfartsyy on Kandi Patterns

Here’s another Perler bead pattern of one of the original Pokemons in the 1st generation, Butterfree, brought to you by Artsyfartsyy.

23. Neon Butterfly Perler Beads

Photo credit: jgrace on Bracelet Book

For a cool take on the butterfly, here’s jgrace sharing a neon-colored design. I believe that the black background should be included or else the pattern wouldn’t work.

24. Butterfly Keychain Made with Perler Beads

If you like carrying your creations around or hanging them on your bags, here’s Saray crafts sharing a video tutorial on how to make a monarch butterfly with a keychain.

25. Celestial Butterfly Perler Beads

Photo credit: arts_milia on Bracelet Book

Create one of the most stunning butterflies you’ve ever seen by following this pattern by arts_milia. It features elements of the sky, which astronomy enthusiasts will enjoy.

Are your little ones fascinated by space? Then start these space crafts for kids!

26. Hello Kitty Butterfly Perler Beads

Photo credit: AngieKitty on Bracelet Book

There have been so many iterations of Hello Kitty over the years that one in a butterfly costume surely exists. AngieKitty shows us with their pattern that it does exist, and it is super adorable.

For more adorable patterns, check out our kawaii Perler bead patterns.

2 Bonus Caterpillar and Butterfly Net Patterns

Here are some bonus patterns in case you need these for your butterfly Perler bead projects!

27. Colorful Caterpillar Pattern

Photo credit: WTKaitlyn on Bracelet Book

If you didn’t know about metamorphosis, you wouldn’t believe butterflies transform from these wriggly caterpillars. WTKaitlyn shows us a relatable and colorful caterpillar pattern that children can enjoy.

This pattern looks a lot like pom poms that are glued together. I think you’d be able to recreate this caterpillar by following our list of pom pom crafts.

28. Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree Evolution Perler Beads

Photo credit: maximus237 via DeviantArt

Pokemon captures exactly the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Thanks to maximus237, we get an entire picture of the evolution (or metamorphosis) of Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree.

29. Butterfly Net Catcher Pattern

Photo credit: NicePNG

NicePNG shares a butterfly net to catch all those beautiful butterflies. If you would like to stimulate your children’s imagination through pretend play, this is a pattern you shouldn’t miss.

This net is similar to SpongeBob’s jellyfish net. Fans of the show wouldn’t hesitate to make these SpongeBob Perler beads.

Incredibly Stunning Butterfly Patterns

Butterflies show the world their fleeting yet extraordinary beauty, and I hope you’ve enjoyed capturing that in these butterfly Perler beads.

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