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25 Simple Turtle Perler Beads for Kids

Looking for the best turtle Perler beads patterns? You came to the right place!

Turtles are one of the most recognizable animals because they’re often seen on kids’ television programs and games. There are many types of turtles out there, and I’ll try my best to include different varieties to encourage creativity.

You’ll find tortoises, sea turtles, Pokemon turtles, Ninja Turtles, and many more, so start scrolling to begin the fun!

10 Simple Turtle Perler Beads for Toddlers

These first ten simple turtle patterns are perfect if you’re looking to develop a toddler’s skills like color recognition and hand-eye coordination.

You think these turtle patterns are simple? Then try these easy Perler bead patterns as well!

1. Basic Turtle for Toddlers

Photo credit: Brit Co

Brit Co creates a super simple turtle composed of minimal Perler beads to kickstart the development journey of any toddler.

2. Simple Sea Turtle Perler Pattern

Photo credit: Cutesy Crafts

Cutesy Crafts presents a simple sea turtle, which can easily be distinguished by its long and flat limbs. The color details (different shades of green) in this sea turtle can help improve children’s color recognition, too!

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3. Cute Land Turtle

Photo credit: Jude148 on Amino Apps

Jude148 creates a cute land turtle with a simple pattern that includes a variety of simple colors.

4. Round Turtle Shell

Photo credit: Maulicule on Kandi Patterns

If you’re interested in introducing children to various shapes,  Maulicule shares a round pattern of a turtle shell.

Note that a round fuse bead pegboard is required to create this Perler bead pattern.

Interested in more circular patterns? Here are circle Perler bead patterns curated just for you!

5. Plain Tortoise Pattern

Photo credit: autumnrose123 on Friendship Bracelets

Autumnrose123 shares a bulky yet minimalistic pattern of a tortoise, which is a big land turtle. This is another pattern that will teach children different shapes, mostly rectangular ones.

6. Unique Sea Turtle Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Jones on Friendship Bracelets

Jones encourages toddlers to make their color choice more creative when making their turtles. In this pattern, he uses some black and violet beads to design the turtle’s shell.

Play around with different patterns and different colors!

7. Turtle with Heart Pattern

Photo credit: Miste0r on Kandi Patterns

Miste0r reminds us to spread the love with their charming sea turtle pattern. Kids will enhance their visual skills with this pattern because of its unique slanted design. It’s similar to playing Tetris, carefully placing the beads in the right position to create the desired layers.

Try making other heart Perler bead patterns!

8. Standing Turtle Perler Beads Pattern

Photo credit: 1341OLIVAN on Bracelet Book

Here’s a standing turtle that looks like it would appreciate a big hug right now brought to you by 1341OLIVAN.

9. Easy Squirtle Pattern

Photo credit: Aspen14 on Bracelet Book

Kids love Pokemon, and Aspen14 creates a turtle-type Pokemon called Squirtle with their Perler beads.

10. Easy Blastoise Perler Beads Pattern

Photo credit: SupahhNinja on Friendship Bracelets

Blastoise, the next evolution of Squirrel, possesses two large cannons that can fire water bombs at its enemies. While he’s a big tortoise, SupahhNinja still makes it easy for toddlers to recreate this Pokemon.

There are so many Pokemons to catch, by which I mean there are many more Pokemon Perler beads to make!

5 TMNT Perler Bead Patterns

Turtles are usually very slow creatures who take their time with their tasks. That’s exactly the opposite of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who are skilled in the martial arts.

The TMNT are technically hers, so here are some more superhero crafts to try with your kids.

11. Simple Leonardo Pattern

Photo credit: DinoKittey on Kandi Patterns

Leonardo is the eldest among the TMNT members, making him the wisest and the most patient among the four.

DinoKittey shares a simple turtle Perler beads pattern that toddlers can make without the help of an adult.

12. Faces of the TMNT

Photo credit: PNGKit

Each of the Ninja Turtles is named after famous Renaissance painters: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

PNGKit helps us with that process by creating each of the turtles with their pattern.

13. Michelangelo Pattern

Photo credit: spunkmuffin68 on Friendship Bracelets

Here’s a simple Perler bead pattern from spunkmuffin68 of the youngest member of the TMNT, Michelangelo. He wears the orange mask and is considered the most skilled ninja turtle.

14. TMNT Ribbon Perler Beads

Photo credit: AshMoonDesigns on DeviantArt

For little girls who are fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, AshMoonDesigns creates cute ribbons for each member.

Create more DIY accessories by following this DIY Mickey ears guide.

15. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Perler Bead Logo

Photo credit: SeekPNG

We can’t consider ourselves fans of TMNT if we don’t know their logo, so here’s SeekPNG helping us to familiarize ourselves with the logo of our favorite ninja turtles.

This pattern allows children to learn the alphabet and the counting skills that Perler bead activities provide.

5 Mario Turtles Perler Bead Patterns

Fans of the Mario universe will enjoy making and stomping on these turtle opponents.

16. Koopa Pattern

Photo credit: Aspen14 on Bracelet Book

Defeating these Koopas is too easy when playing Mario on the Nintendo. Aspen14 makes it also extremely easy to replicate this Koopa pattern.

17. Koopa Shell Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: CrowHazard on Kandi Patterns

Stepping on a Koopa makes them hide in these shells that Mario can then use to defeat other opponents. CrowHazard provides the shell pattern that becomes an unstoppable force when slung by Mario.

18. Challenging Spiky Turtle Pattern

Photo credit: Isabella Martinez on Pinterest

Not every opponent can be stepped on and conquered, like this spiky turtle from Mario. Isabella Martinez reminds kids to challenge themselves with this spiky turtle pattern.

19. Challenging Dry Bones Pattern

Photo credit: ney on Friendship Bracelets

For a more complicated Mario turtle pattern, here’s user ney providing a nice pattern of Dry Bones, which is a skeleton turtle found in haunted castles, towers, and deserts.

The different shades of gray seen on this turtle can be quite confusing to assemble, but I know that with time and effort the kids will complete this project with pride.

20. Bowser Perler Pattern

Photo credit: genjiworks on DeviantArt

The most infamous turtle in the Mario franchise is big bad Bowser, who frequently steals Princess Peach from her castle. Genjiworks gives kids the opportunity to create this baddy and take on the role of Mario to save the princess.

Defeat more opponents with these Marvel Perler beads.

5 Kawaii Turtle Perler Beads

Kids love adorable faces, so they won’t have a hard time making these kawaii turtle Perler beads.

21. Difficult Surprised Kawaii Turtle

Photo credit: Karo-H on Bracelet Book

I refuse to believe that there’s something cuter than this baby turtle with a surprised look on its face, a pattern made by Karo-H.

Except for these Baby Yoda crafts that are just as cute as this kawaii turtle. 

22. Cute Turtle Perler Beads Pattern

Photo credit: GwenniStars on Kandi Patterns

Here’s another cute turtle pattern from GwenniStars that kids will surely find adorable. They added some pink patterns on the turtle’s shell, so try mixing in different colors, too!

23. TMNT-Inspired Mario Mushrooms

Photo credit: breAnda_98 on Amino Apps

BreAnda_98 mixes the best of both worlds by creating these cute mushrooms themed after the TMNT.

24. Strawberry Turtle

Photo credit:halokiwi on Bracelet Book

This is one of the most absurd and cutest turtles I have ever seen. Made by halokiwi, this reptilian has a pink body instead of green and a strawberry for its shell, topped with whipped cream.

Unique designs like this one are those that expand the minds of little ones.

25. Kawaii Raphael Pattern

Photo credit: PNGKey

If you still haven’t had enough of the TMNT, then here’s a kawaii Raphael pattern by PNGKey that will melt your heart.

For more similar Perler beads, here are some Kawaii Perler beads kids will enjoy!

Turtle-y Awesome Perler Beads

I hope that making these turtle Perler beads helps the kids in acquiring different skills that will be essential for many things in life.

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