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26 Paw Patrol Crafts For Dutiful Kids

PAW Patrol has been a successful hit among kids ever since it launched on Nickelodeon back in 2013.

The release of the PAW Patrol movie propelled its popularity even further.

Even PAW Patrol official YouTube channel has garnered over 7 million subscribers to join the honorable and competent pups on their city adventures!

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your kids occupied, check out these different PAW Patrol crafts, from drawing tutorials, to craft projects, to Perler bead patterns.

9 PAW Patrol Art & Drawings

The first section features how-to drawing tutorials for your children’s favorite pup on the show!

1. Chase the Police Pup

The first on the list is Chase who is a German Sheperd dog breed. His characteristic mark is his outfit made of navy blue color.

It’s only fitting that he owns a police cruiser because, as a German Sheperd, the breed has a very keen sense of smell that’s an incredibly useful asset for the police’s K9 units.

Learn how to draw Chase from this video tutorial from How To Draw TF’s channel.

2. Marshall the Firefighter Pup

Dalmatians are the mascots of firefighters across the US, and so appropriately Marshall the Dalmatian is a highly qualified firefighter on the show.

His signature color and vehicle are red and the fire truck, which he always uses every time there’s a fire or health emergency since Marshall is also a paramedic pup.

If your kids think Marshall is cool, have them draw this honorable pup from Colouring Academy‘s video tutorial.

If your kids are fascinated by the noble work of firefighters, try to inspire them with more firetruck crafts!

3. Skye the Air Rescue Pup

Along with Everest the Siberian Husky and Liberty the Daschund, Skye is one of the few female dogs on the show, making her one of the most unique characters that many young girls idolize.

Since Skye provides the team’s air support, she also has one of the coolest skills and vehicles on the show, capable of piloting a helicopter by herself.

For kids who love the pink color and would love the awesome ability to fly, Skye is their pup, and Draw So Cute is their tutor.

4. Rocky the Handyman Pup

Rocky is a mixed breed pup and one character whose responsibility I feel deserves more credit. This sweet pup’s skills are recycling and being able to craft handy equipment at a moment’s notice.

Rocky’s signature color is lime green and he drives a mix between a forklift and a garbage truck. Rocky’s green color and recycling emblem is an amazing reminder for us to take care of the environment.

Simply watch this video tutorial from Art From All‘s channel to learn how to draw Rocky.

Think twice before you throw away those toilet paper rolls, you might be able to upcycle those into these toilet paper roll crafts for your kids!

5. Rubble The Construction Pup

I bet kids who love having the ability of raw strength are fans of the construction pup, Rubble. He is always able to move out heavy things during dire situations.

His signature color is yellow and he drives a bulldozer that also has a crane, jackhammer, and an excavator built into it.

Bulldog owners and lovers shouldn’t miss this drawing from Rainbow Playhouse‘s channel.

6. Zuma The Aquatic Rescue Pup

If the skies have air support like Skye, the waters also have plenty of assistance through Zuma, the labrador pup!

He’s an aquatic rescue pup who’s responsible for the aquatic rescue, and his signature color and vehicle are orange and an awesome hovercraft.

Did I mention that his hovercraft can turn into a submarine? That easily makes it one of my favorite vehicles on the show!

Learn how to draw Zuma through ResiMania ART‘s video tutorial.

Try to not lose yourself at sea with these ocean crafts!

7. PAW Patrol Ryder Sketch

Last but not the least, Ryder the 10-year old is the main character who ties every pup and the team together! Your kids can imagine themselves being Ryder, commanding all the pups and rescuing civilians in need of help.

Art For All provides us with this video tutorial on how to draw PAW Patrol’s charismatic leader, Ryder.

8. Ryder’s ATV Bike

As you can see, Ryder has this sweet ATV ride that allows him to quickly reach emergencies.

Learn how to draw his awesome signature vehicle through this video tutorial from Tim Tim TV’s channel.

If you’ve enjoyed drawing these magical vehicles, get your kids this incredible PAW Patrol kit that contains 3 wooden vehicles and 3 pups for your kids to color and design as they want! Not only that, but the kit also includes 8 pots of coloring paint, 3 paintbrushes, and a set of stickers to add details to your vehicles.

9. PAW Patrol Art Badges

Each pup has their own recognizable emblem that represents what they do best.

Shared by WOW FAMILY ART, this is a great activity to improve the memorization skills of your children, not to mention the practice of recognizing different colors.

This activity is almost similar to learning with flashcards, and I’m sure your toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast with these.

9 PAW Patrol Crafts For Preschoolers

Let’s move on to other PAW Patrol crafts that don’t necessarily involve a lot of drawing, instead, they practice your children’s fine motor skills through the small finger movements used in finishing these crafts.

10. Marshall Toilet Paper Roll

Photo credit: Frugal Ginger

Check out this creative use of toilet paper roll that Frugal Ginger has transformed into a Marshall toy.

This is a fun and cute craft that you can make using something you’d normally throw away.

Try checking out this PAW Patrol Pom Pom Kit, which includes an educational book featuring a story in PAW Patrol, and some pom poms to craft their favorite pup from the show! It’s a great value and kids always love little surprise presents!

11. PAW Patrol Footprint Art Activity

Photo credit: Pickle Planet

There are plenty of experiences that your kid can learn through such a tactile sensory activity as handprint or footprint art.

Pickle Planet resourcefully combines a very engaging activity, footprint art, and a TV show that many children love to watch PAW Patrol!

So what are you waiting for? Dip those small little feet in some easily washable paint and recreate your favorite characters!

Endless possibilities can be made with your own hands: snowman handprint ornaments.

12. PAWsome Display Badges

Produce a tangible symbol for your children’s imaginary pup friends by creating these craft badges from the official Youtube channel of PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol Official & Friends.

They feature all the badges of the original team members, so let your children take their pick.

13. Various PAW Patrol Crafts

This interesting video tutorial from Everyday Crafts features 4 different crafts from PAW Patrol.

The first PAW Patrol craft is an easy Marshall paper cup craft. It makes use of googly eyes for a silly effect.

The second one is a beautiful yet functional Skye pencil holder to put on your children’s desk.

The third craft is a Chase finger puppet that your imaginative children can play with.

The last craft is the emblem of Marshall that you can stick onto your children’s bag!

14. PAW Patrol Communicator Craft

Photo credit: Pretty In Baby Food

Like many things in life, communication is key. That’s especially true in this show where the team needs to coordinate with each other to be effective.

Your children can now communicate to their subordinate pup crafts thanks to Pretty In Baby Food‘s ingenious communicator wristbands.

15. PAW Patrol Puppet Crafts

Photo credit: In The Bag Kids’ Crafts

Continue the fun adventures outside the episodes by making these paper bag puppets created by In The Bag Kids’ Crafts!

Whether an elderly needs to be rescued from a burning house or a kitty can’t climb down from a tree, these PAW Patrol paper bags should be able to handle those tasks perfectly.

16. Homemade PAW Patrol Planters

Photo credit: As The Bunny Hops

Not only are these heroes saving the day, but they’ll also take care of plants after making these PAW Patrol-inspired tin cans—courtesy of As The Bunny Hops.

17. Rubble Mask for Extra Strength

Taty Pradilla enables fans to take the persona of the beefiest member of the squad with this DIY Rubble Mask.

Lifting debris and moving heavy construction material will be a piece of cake after wearing this mask.

18. Rocky’s Recycling Tutorial

Rocky is a champion of environmental sustainability, so it’s only fitting that he presents us with eco-friendly crafts.

Appearing on PAW PATROL Official & Friends—the official YouTube channel of the show—this tutorial shows us how to make DIY crafts upcycling home materials, like egg cartons and toilet paper rolls.

8 PAW Patrol Perler Beads For Kids

The last 8 items on this list are Perler bead patterns. If you aren’t familiar with Perler beads, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some easy Perler beads for kids to enjoy! You’ll find an introductory guide to Perler beads in that post.

19. Chase Symbol Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Pinterest

Accompany your Chase’s drawing with this Perler bead pattern of a police badge. This will give your police pup plenty of authority, as well as make him a legitimate police officer!

Try recreating this Perler bead pattern from Pinterest.

Discover more activities in this list of PAW Patrol Perler Beads!

20. Marshall Symbol Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Pinterest

Have Marshall carry this emblem around to alert your surroundings that you’re rushing into an emergency. That fire symbol will immediately notify people of the dire situation and will immediately allow Marshall’s fire truck to pass through.

Not having this could mean the difference of saving a civilian in need of urgent help, so recreate this symbol from Pinterest.

21. Skye Symbol Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Pinterest

One of the coolest badges for arguably the coolest character on PAW Patrol. Give your Skye the license to pilot a helicopter by making this badge Perler bead pattern from Pinterest.

22. Rocky Symbol Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Bracelet Book

This badge belonging to Rocky is an awesome reminder for us to protect nature, and thus our planet.

Educate your kids on the importance of recycling and reducing waste so that future generations may live a greener and healthier lifestyle. Recreate this through Bracelet Book‘s pattern.

23. Rubble Symbol Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: Free Bead Pattern

This wrench symbol belongs to our lovable and strong bulldog, Rubble. Indeed, his name indicates that he specializes in removing plenty of debris that may be hazardous to the surrounding area.

Free Bead Pattern provides fans of Rubble with this Perler bead pattern.

24. Zuma Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: cendrillon on Bracelet Book

Last but not least is the pattern of our favorite aquatic support, Zuma! The anchor is such a captivating design, in my opinion, symbolizing resilience, which is what all of the pups in PAW Patrol have.

Bracelet Book provides us with this Zuma badge Perler bead pattern.

25. PAW Patrol Squad Perler Bead Patterns

Photo credit: Stardust_T on Bracelet Book

If your kids love making all of those badges, they shouldn’t miss out on these Perler bead patterns of each pup from the original team.

Perler beads are such an intuitive craft that even preschoolers shouldn’t face a hard time while making these. These patterns are provided by Stardust_T.

26. PAW Patrol Logo Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit:  Pinterest

To wrap everything together is this PAW Patrol Logo, which becomes a perfect decoration to your kids’ room to show their love for this show.

Since you’re dealing with small beads and carefully placing them on the pegboard, Perler bead activities train the fine motor movements of your children’s fingers.

Recreate this PAW Patrol logo from  Pinterest.

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