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22 Penguin Perler Beads for Every Age

Let children discover the cutest creatures that live in Antarctica with these penguin Perler beads!

Penguins are rarely seen in real life (except when visiting zoos) but children are undoubtedly familiar with these adorable flightless birds.

Besides providing an opportunity for kids to develop fine motor skills, visual skills, and imaginative play the penguin melting beads listed below will also introduce them to interesting facts about penguins.

Penguin Perler Bead Kits

If you want to develop their artistic skills instead, allow kids to try their hand at these easy animals to draw for kids.

6 Small Penguin Patterns for Preschoolers

Younger children will benefit the most from making Perler beads because picking up small beads and assembling them on a pegboard not only promotes fine motor skills, but the activity also teaches them basic counting skills and patterns.

1. Quick and Easy Penguin Pattern

Photo credit: lyds402 on Bracelet Book

No shame in starting small, like this baby penguin pattern by lyds402. Even though it’s small, preschoolers will recognize the general shape of this little bird and know that it’s a penguin.

Penguin fact #1: the smallest penguin is called a little blue penguin (or fairy penguin) and it stands at around inches and weighs a little over two pounds. How cute is that?

2. Super Easy Penguin Pattern

Photo credit: neonsprinkles on Kandi Patterns

Help children increase their visual skills with this purple penguin pattern from neonsprinkles that should be done on a round pegboard.

For more patterns that require a circle pegboard, be sure to check out these circle Perler bead patterns.

3. Lovely Penguin Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: xXRikkeXx on Friendship Bracelets

This lovely penguin pattern by xXRikkeXx teaches us to spread our love for our closest friends and family members.

Penguin fact #2: did you know that the emperor penguin — the biggest type of penguin – can locate its mate in a large colony after leaving it for a long time?

Create other love-filled crafts with these heart Perler beads or Valentine’s day craft for toddlers.

4. Baby Penguin

Photo credit: Prohama

The colors of a penguin pose no difficulty for your little humans.

What’s challenging about Prohama‘s penguin is the jagged outline of their penguin.

5. Square Penguin Perler Pattern

Photo credit: penguingirl on Friendship Bracelets

Introduce your little ones to some basic geometry with penguingirl‘s pattern of a square-shaped penguin.

6. Easy Adult Penguin Design

Photo credit: swity_poohbear18 on Kandi Patterns

Here’s a regular adult penguin pattern by swity_poohbear18. The pattern is quite simple, consisting only of three colors: black, white, and yellow.

6 Large Penguin Patterns for Experienced Perler Fans

These next penguin patterns will melt your heart. Even though they’re large and more suitable for experienced Perler fanatics, they’re actually quite simple!

7. Penguin in a Cone

Photo credit: Hazelm on Bracelet Book

Check out this design of an adorable penguin in an ice cream cone shared by Hazelm. Encourage your little ones to change the color of their penguin according to their favorite ice cream flavor!

Hot days will make you wish that you lived in colder regions with the penguins. Fortunately, these ice cream crafts may provide relief from the heat.

8. Baby Penguin Pattern

Photo credit: LittlePenguinRaver on Kandi Patterns

LittlePenguinRaver shares a cute and fluffy baby penguin Perler pattern that’s made even cuter by the heart-shaped face and stubby arms.

9. Penguin Charm

Do you wish a penguin trailed behind wherever you go?

With Miss Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY‘s guide, you’ll be able to create a little companion who will follow you on your adventures!

10. Charming Penguin Perler Bead Pattern

Here’s another charming penguin pattern shared by Crafty K. Even though it’s made on a square pegboard, they still manage to make it seem like the penguin is round and chubby.

11. Winter Penguin Melting Beads

Photo credit: Volcanin on Kandi Patterns

Perhaps the layer of fat that penguins have isn’t enough to protect them from the cold, harsh weather. Volcanin shares this pattern of a penguin dressed in a beanie and scarf.

Customize this penguin with different colors!

12. Adorable Kawaii Penguin Design

Photo credit:King789 on Bracelet Book

I believe no penguin will beat this one in terms of cuteness. Created by King789, this kawaii penguin is capable of melting your little one’s heart.

Create more adorable melting beads designs by following these kawaii Perler bead patterns.

5 Challenging Penguin Perler Bead Patterns

Looking for a bit of a challenge? Try one of the following patterns that will test your skills and patience.

13. Adorable Penguin

Photo credit: ariana7 on Bracelet Book

You’ll be stunned when you complete this charming penguin pattern by ariana7 that includes a colorful scarf and beanie.

These peacock crafts are just as colorful as this penguin’s clothing.

14. How to Make a 3D Penguin with Melting Beads

Take it to the next level by creating this 3D penguin pattern shared by Lacey’s Crafts. While this pattern might seem difficult, the video tutorial guides the viewer through each step, from assembling the Perler beads to gluing the components together.

Since 3D things are cool, we’ve compiled some 3D paper flowers for your little ones to enjoy!

15. Christmas Penguin Pattern

Photo credit: PNGKey

Here’s another fun penguin pattern from PNGKey. This time it’s wearing Christmas-themed earmuffs and a scarf.

16. Emperor Penguin in Antarctica Design

Photo credit: fallingbee on Bracelet Book

This incredible pattern shared by fallingbee shows the Emperor penguin in its natural habitat.

Penguin fact #4: It’s a common misconception that most penguins live in Antarctica.

Simulate this snowy environment by making winter sensory bins and activities.

17. Bath Time with Penguin and Fish

Photo credit: Perler

Take your children’s bath time to Antarctica with these penguin and fish patterns caught by Perler.

This is a chance to play with fish and penguins within the comfort of the tub!

5 Perler Patterns of Famous Penguins

Penguins are often depicted in movies, games, and more. Step up your Perler beads game with one of the following designs of iconic pop culture penguins.

18. Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar

Photo credit: roguishgive on Brik

Brik shares a pattern of none other than the leader of the Penguins of Madagascar, Skipper. The Penguins of Madagascar is a fictional group of four highly intelligent penguins who have their own TV show and have been featured in major animated films.

Another animated film that children love is Toy Story, so be sure to check out these Toy Story crafts!

19. Penguin Patrol from Paper Mario

Photo credit: phantasm818 on DeviantArt

Penguin Patrol is a character who has appeared in the game Paper Mario. He acts as the chief police in Shiver City.

Penguin fact #5: Most penguins are black and white, but some may have shades of yellow, orange, and blue!

Mario remains so popular today that we’ve made a list of Mario Perler bead patterns.

20. Pingu Perler Pattern

Photo credit: My Cross Stitch Patterns

Children today may not be familiar with this very relatable figure, but some adults might recognize Pingu, the main character of the classic clay-animated show with the same name.

Allow children to be acquainted with this playful penguin by following this design by My Cross Stitch Patterns.

21. Piplup from Pokemon

Photo credit: Hama-Girl on DeviantArt

Although there are plenty of Pokemon in existence, there are only a few penguin-types that have been discovered.

For that reason, Piplups, like this one by Hama-Girl, are rarely seen – just like penguins in the real world.

You’re on your way to becoming a Pokemon Master after making these Pokemon Perler beads!

22. Starbound Penguin King Perler Beads Pattern

Photo credit: _Sandwich_ on Kandi Patterns

Starbound is an action-adventure game that allows the player to choose their destiny. Along the way, the main character will encounter several animals and monsters, such as this King Penguin (pattern provided by _Sandwich_).

Penguin fact #6: King penguins, which were named because of their size, were believed to be the largest species until the emperor penguin was discovered.

Penguin Perler Beads for Everyone

These Perler bead activities provide plenty of benefits for children, including improved fine motor movements, enhanced creativity, and just having plain old fun in general.

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