19 of the Sweetest Strawberry Drawings Ever

Are you ready to draw some delicious strawberries? These strawberry drawings will be a fun and colorful way to express the kid’s creativity and to learn more about this sweet fruit.

With their bright red color and unique shape, strawberries make a great subject for drawing and coloring. So grab your pencils, markers, or crayons, and let’s get started on these juicy drawings

Don’t forget to read until the end for an exciting surprise.

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You’ve Got to Have These

To create these beautiful drawings, you’ll be needing the materials listed below:

9 Easy Strawberry Drawings

1. Plump Strawberry Drawing

Plump Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: Talent Gum

The kids won’t have a hard time drawing this strawberry drawing from Talent Gum.

All the steps are easy to follow so minimal guidance will be needed in perfecting this sketch.

2. Cute Strawberry Drawing

Cute Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Our next strawberry drawing from I Heart Crafty Things looks super fresh.

It’s a realistic sketch with its seeds and leaves so you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

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3. 4-Step Easy Strawberry Drawing

4-Step Easy Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Line Drawing

This 4-step strawberry drawing from Easy Line Drawing is up next on our list.

Follow the guidelines provided to be able to effortlessly draw this adorable strawberry sketch with the kids.

4. Tilted Strawberry Drawing

Tilted Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: Muse Printables

Learning how to draw a strawberry in just a single style is not enough.

They should also know how to add some variation to their sketches by rotating the subject just like this strawberry from Muse Printables.

5. Simple Strawberry Drawing

Simple Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

This strawberry drawing from How to Draw for Kids will be perfect for the kid’s sketchbook.

It will look great with any theme of their drawing whether that may be a bowl of fruits or an outdoor picnic.

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6. Realistic Strawberry Drawing

Want to challenge your little artist? Why not try out this awesome drawing from @MyArtShine?

Using oil pastels make the experience more fun, too so it’s definitely a must-try.

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7. Sliced Strawberry Drawing

Sliced Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: W Stock Vector

Chop chop! We’ve got more exciting strawberry projects to do.

W Stock Vector provided us with this unique way of drawing strawberries.

Learning how to do this will level up the artistic skills of the kids.

8. Pretty Strawberry Drawing

Pretty Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Teach the kids about drawing perspectives with the help of this guide from Art Projects for Kids.

Even though strawberries oftentimes have an irregular shape, using lines will let them create a more artistic sketch.

9. Twin Strawberry Sketch

Twin Strawberry Sketch
Photo Credit: How to Draw Pics

Double the fun with this twin strawberry drawing from How to Draw Pics.

After all, why draw a single strawberry when you have the time to draw two.

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3 Cute Strawberry Drawings

10. Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate Drawing

Strawberries and chocolate make the best dessert combination hands down.

If your kid is like me and can never turn down this tasty dessert then this drawing from Learn step by step will be a great project for them.

11. Sleeping Strawberry Drawing

Sleeping Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: Love Pik

Your strawberry drawings will look more adorable when you follow this tutorial from Love Pik.

Adding facial features to the sketches will not only make them cuter but will also make them look like cartoon characters.

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12. Strawberry Friends Drawing

Have a memorable and fun time with the kiddos by doing this drawing from Draw So Cute.

The video will guide you from the first to the last step so you don’t have to be intimidated when drawing this.

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Bonus: Fruit Drawings

13. Fresh Apple Drawing

Apple Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Looking for another juicy red fruit to draw? How to Draw for Kids has got you covered with this cool apple sketch.

A is for apple. More letter A crafts await you here.

14. Pretty Cherry Drawing

Cherry Drawing
Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Follow Dreamstime‘s drawing tutorial to get this cherry on their sketchbook.

Start by drawing a small circle for the cherry’s body and then add two connecting lines on top for the stem.

Yes, it’s that easy to do!

15. Sliced Watermelon Drawing

Sliced Watermelon Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Line Drawing

Watermelons are perfect for summer because they’re very refreshing.

Whatever the season may be, this sketch from Easy Line Drawing will be a great activity for the kids to do.

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16. Mango Drawing with the Number 5

The kids will be amazed by how the number five could turn into a drawing of a mango.

Watch this creative tutorial from Anup Kumar Acharjee to learn the magic trick.

17. Simple Banana Drawing

Banana Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Draw a curved line for the body of the banana followed by the stem at the top.

Hello Artsy‘s has everything you need to do to achieve this realistic banana drawing.

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18. Easy Grapes Drawing

Grapes Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

If your child can draw circles, then they won’t have a hard time drawing these grapes from How to Draw for Kids.

You can also choose to personalize this drawing by coloring the grapes green or red aside from the usual purple.

Learn more about the shape by doing these circle perler bead patterns.

19. Cool Peach Drawing

Peach Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Drawing a peach is easy peasy thanks to this tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things.

You’ll be able to draw this peach in one go which will be perfect for the youngsters.

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Strawberry Delight for Everyone

Great job on your strawberry drawings!

Whether you decided to draw a realistic strawberry or a fun and whimsical one, Your drawings are a fantastic proof of the kid’s creativity and the fun time you had in making them.

Keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques and styles and you’ll be a master strawberry drawer in no time.

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