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21 Spectacular Letter “S” Crafts for Kids

Not only do activities associated with letters help kids retain shape and sound better, they also help enhance fine motor skills.

Hit two birds with one stone with these 20 letter “S” crafts you can do together, including word association crafts that are fun for everyone involved.

15 Letter “S” Crafts

Young children should use safety scissors when doing any kind of cutting for crafts or projects. When in doubt, have a grown-up do any cutting required.

And just in case you encounter a craft that doesn’t provide a template option, here are templates for both upper and lowercase “S.”

1. “S is for Snake” Craft

“S is for Snake” Craft
Photo credit: All About Learning Press

Difficulty: Toddler

A letter “S” craft list wouldn’t work without sssssnakes! These ssslinking and hissssing reptiles can be made by kids right at home with some help from All About Learning Press.

Kids can start crafting one with cardstock, googly eyes, a pencil, a marker, and the free snake template.

2. “S is for Sun” Craft

“S is for Sun” Craft
Photo credit: School Time Snippets

Difficulty: Toddler

Here comes the sun! School Time Snippets has a really easy-to-make sun craft for kids that only requires colored paper, glue, and scissors. You can even pre-cut all the shapes and the letter “S” to make it even easier for your kids!

3. “S is for Star” Craft

“S is for Star” Craft
Photo credit: Sandbox Academy

Difficulty: Toddler

Kids, did you know that the sun is a star? Here’s a pretty simple star craft courtesy of Sandbox Academy.

All that’s needed for this stellar craft are a few common craft materials and the letter “S” template available on the site (you’ll just need to enter your email to access it).

4. “S is for Seahorse” Craft

“S is for Seahorse” Craft
Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Difficulty: Preschooler

“H” is for horse, but its distant sea cousin begins with the letter “S.” Did you know seahorses get their name from being part of the hippocampus genus (“hippos” meaning horse in Greek)? There’s some fun trivia for ya!

Kids can make this seahorse craft from No Time for Flash Cards with common craft tools as well as water colors and glitter.

5. “S is for Snail” Craft

“S is for Snail” Craft
Photo credit: Totally Tots

Difficulty: Preschooler

These slow moving, shelled, and slimy gastropods usually found in gardens can easily be done by kids thanks to this tutorial by Totally Tots. All they’ll need is craft foam and other typical craft tools.

6. “S is for Sheep” Craft

“S is for Sheep” Craft
Photo credit: A Mom’s Quest to Teach

Difficulty: Toddler

Kids can bring home these wooly sheep with this simple sheep craft by A Mom’s Quest to Teach. Using cotton balls, construction paper, googly eyes, a pencil, and colors, kids will be able to easily make this simple sheep craft.

7. “S is for Spider” Craft

“S is for Spider” Craft
Photo credit: From ABCs to ACTs

Difficulty: Preschooler

For kids who don’t like spiders, From ABCs to ACTs has a not-so creepy spider craft they can make to help conquer that fear. All they’ll need is cardstock, construction paper, and googly eyes.

8. “S is for Swan” Craft

“S is for Swan” Craft
Photo credit: DLTK’s Site for Kids

Difficulty: Preschooler

Swans are beautiful and majestic waterfowls, and DLTK has a fun fingerprint swan activity kids can do all by themselves. For this letter “S” craft, kids will need paint, construction paper, and a paper towel or napkin.

The best part? They provide both a colored and black & white letter “S” swan template as well as a regular swan template (colored or b&w)!

9. “S is for Seeds” Craft

 “S is for Seeds” Craft
Photo credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Difficulty: Toddlers

Kids can practice their fine motor skills by playing with seeds for this seed craft by Fantastic Fun and Learning. Aside from various types of seeds, kids will also need cardstock, glue, and scissors.

While this makes for a great sensory activity for young children, please make sure to supervise toddlers as some seeds can be a choking hazard.

10. “S is for Strawberry” Craft

Difficulty: Preschooler

Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits! Kids can make this sweet and juicy fruit with the help of this video tutorial by Mrs. PetiteStyle (skip to 0:48 to get started).

I love a simple craft involving very few materials!

11. “S is for Summer Beach” Craft

“S is for Summer Beach” Craft
Photo credit: Happiness is Homemade

Difficulty: Preschooler

Beach may begin with the letter “B,” but the sand, sea, and seashells found there all begin with the letter “S!”

Happiness is Homemade shows kids how to make a letter “S” craft incorporating most of these elements, including sand, seashells, a foam board, glitter, and glitter glue.

Complete the beach theme with these mermaid crafts that are great for kids of all ages.

12. “S is for Snow” Craft

“S is for Snow” Craft
Photo credit: Momstown

Difficulty: Toddler

Winter is coming, and what’s the coolest part about winter? Snow (or not, depending on where you live)! And Momstown has a snowflake craft for kids to make so winter arrives early.

They’ll need cotton balls, tin foil, foam snowflakes, cutout snowflakes from cards, and a marker to put together this fun and easy snowflake craft.

Looking for more cotton ball fun? This list has a great collection of cotton ball crafts to do with your little ones.

13. “S is for Snowman” Craft

“S is for Snowman” Craft
Photo credit: Crafty Morning

Difficulty: Preschooler

Where there’s snow, there’s usually a snowman or two nearby. But why wait for it to snow to make your very own snowman when Crafty Morning shares an easy-to-do snowman craft with a few simple materials you probably already own?

14. “S is for Sailboat” Craft

 “S is for Sailboat” Craft
Photo credit: Must Have Mom

Difficulty: Preschooler

Sail away on a sailboat and let the wind take you on an adventure! This sailboat craft from Must Have Mom uses craft foam and paper or cardstock to show kids how to make their very own sailboat.

15. Origami Letter “S”

Difficulty: Kindergartener

Kids, get ready to improve your folding and other motor skills with this origami letter “S” video by Origami Humpy that teaches kids the various folds needed to turn a piece of paper into a letter “S.” An adult can help out with the more complicated folds!

5 Other Letter “S” Crafts That Don’t Need a Template

16. Sunshine Activity

Sunshine Activity
Photo credit: Super God Not Super Mom

Difficulty: Toddler

Hit multiple birds with one stone with this sunshine alphabet activity from Super God Not Super Mom. This craft not only teaches kids about the sun and sunshine, it’s also an activity that teaches the rest of the alphabet.

This sun craft requires clothespins, cardstock, and markers. Chrystal also provides a smiling sun face template at the bottom of the webpage, but you have to enter your name and email to download it.

17. Captain America Shield Craft

Captain America Shield Craft
Photo credit: Non-Toy Gifts

Difficulty: Preschooler

Apiring Avengers can be just like Captain America with his iconic shield thanks to Non-Toy Gifts. For kids to make this cool yet simple shield craft, they’ll need tissue paper and a paper plate (among other simple craft tools).

18. Paper Submarine Craft

Difficulty: Kindergartener

Dive, dive, dive! Submarines are pretty cool in that they can stay submerged underwater for weeks or even months at a time. Creative Craft Box shows kids how to craft a simple one of their own with common school supplies.

For more fun underwater crafts, check out this list of jellyfish crafts for toddlers and preschoolers!

19. Puffy Shaving Cream Starfish Craft

Puffy Shaving Cream Starfish Craft
Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Difficulty: Kindergartener

Starfish aren’t stars or fish, but that doesn’t make them any less cool! Grab some shaving cream and let kids make some puffy starfish crafts courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things.

Additional materials include cardboard, paint, a bowl, and some uncooked pastina pasta.

20. Accordion Snake Craft

Difficulty: Kindergartener

KIDS crafts has a really neat snake craft that teaches kids how to make accordion patterns! With just paper, a box cutter, and a black marker, kids will be able to make a slinking snake of their own.

Bonus: Slime Time

Difficulty: Kindergartener

“S” is for slime time! Slime is a really fun and really cool craft that kids will love. It can be used to make other crafts or as a fun toy to play with.

To make slime, all kids need is glue, food coloring, an activator (the safest being a contact solution/ baking soda mix), a bowl, and something to stir with. SoCraftastic even adds some shaving cream and foaming hand soap to make the slime really fluffy!

Kids can also add glitter or food coloring to make vibrant slime like this one from Grace!

Simple and Sensational Letter “S” Crafts

Kids of all ages will love and enjoy making these 21 letter “S” crafts, and will easily remember the appearance, sound, and words associated with it.

After learning all about the letter “S”, teach kids all about more letters of the alphabet with these other fun letter crafts:

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If your kids tried making any of these letter “S” crafts, share your experience in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you!