22 Easy Finding Nemo Character Drawings

No movie can make us and our children attached to fish characters more than Finding Nemo. I’m sure you share the same feeling after (re)watching the Pixar classic; that’s why I’ve compiled some of the best Finding Nemo character drawings!

Although it has children as the primary audience in mind, the movie nevertheless entertains and provokes adults with its satire and environmental commentary.

The same can be said with this list: the basic drawings are meant for kids, but an attempt to amuse the reader (I’m talking to you, adults!) is still there.

Materials Needed

How to Draw Nemo

The father-son relationship has meant that both Marlin and Nemo are central to the story of the movie.

But in this list, Nemo will have a heftier focus because children will find it easier to relate to the young clownfish.

Check out other easy animals to draw.

1. Nemo the Clownfish

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

The excitement of Nemo’s emotions on the first day of school is expressed in this drawing by Drawing Howtos.

Here’s a tip—start with the features found on the body before creating the outline—which is what has been done in the written tutorial.

2. Painless Nemo Drawing

Photo credit: How To Draw.Pics

Clownfish are probably the most recognizable species of fish in the world—thanks to Finding Nemo‘s widespread popularity.

You don’t need to be a fish expert to associate to know that this drawing by How To Draw.Pics is a clownfish.

3. Step-By-Step Nemo

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

For a more accurate depiction of Nemo, I Heart Crafty Things has got you covered with their six-step drawing tutorial.

They include Nemo’s lucky fin—the abnormally small fin Nemo was born with.

4. Piece Of Kelp Nemo Design

Photo credit: Diana Huang on Deviant Art

Instill some sketching techniques in your children by letting them follow Diana Huang‘s step-by-step drawing.

The tutorial draws a clownfish by starting with basic shapes, like an oval and triangle, and proceeding with less familiar, non-linear shapes.

5. Pencilled Nemo

Photo credit: Easy Drawing And Sketches

From being kidnapped from the ocean to almost becoming ground meat, Nemo has experienced very distressing things.

But that didn’t discourage him to return to the sea to his dad.

Similarly, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get Easy Drawing And Sketches‘s Nemo drawing on the first try.

6. Kawaii Nemo

Nemo is already quite cute in the film. Can he get any more cuter?

Well, Draw So Cute’s video tutorial certainly seems to think so! With a kawaii drawing style, they manage to recreate Nemo in a way that children will adore.

How to Draw Dory

Trying to find Nemo would be only half as entertaining if it weren’t for Dory, our favorite blue companion who has a problem with short-term memory.

If you’re looking for more fish and something novel to do, these Perler bead fish are the answer.

7. Basic Dory Sketch

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Most of us are fortunate that we don’t have Dory’s memory; otherwise, we wouldn’t know that this Dory by Drawing Tutorials 101 isn’t what she really looks like.

Joking aside, this drawing is so basic that any kid would be able to recreate it from memory.

8. How to Draw Dory for Kids

There’s no reason that kids shouldn’t move on to more complicated drawings. Take Art For Kids’ Hub as an example.

Their sketch takes more skill than just making basic circles or squares. But as we see, the child who draws along can reasonably keep up with the adult.

9. Another Dory Drawing

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Let’s give Dory a little bit more depth by following Easy Drawing Guides. There are tiny details that elevate this drawing from the more basic ones.

Just take a look at her eyes and fins.

10. Cartoon Dory

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Should we remember Dory because she has short-term memory loss? Yes, but she’s more than that.

As seen with her odyssey with Marlin, her disability doesn’t hinder her kindness, patience, and jolly disposition.

How To Draw For Kids captures those virtues accurately in their Dory drawing.

11. Detailed Dory Design

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tutorials

Lastly, we have Easy Drawing Tutorials‘s very explicit guide on how to draw a detailed Dory.

While we’ve featured more challenging drawings in the past (see our dinosaur drawings), this one isn’t too difficult. But the guide has got your back in case you’re feeling lost. (Get it?)

How to Draw Nemo’s Friends

We all know the importance of socializing at a young age. Apparently, it’s the same for fish.

We find a diversity of marine animals, and how they interact in Finding Nemo is simply exemplary.

12. Pearl the Flapjack Octopus

Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Finding out that Pearl is a type of octopus is astonishing. I can’t believe I’ve been carrying the thought that she was some weird jellyfish for nearly 20 years now.

We Draw Animals shares a simple guide for Pearl, who is (as I’m on this path of discovery) neither a jellyfish nor that pink enemy ghost from Pac-Man.

Rather, she’s one of the most adorable creatures in the sea—which there is a shortage of, given the monstrosities that lie in the ocean. (Yes, I fear the deep sea, as should everyone else).

Speaking of Pac-Man, try out these Pac-Man Perler beads.

13. Peach the Starfish

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

You know those lookouts when infiltrating or escaping a secure prison? I’ve just described Peach the Starfish, whom Nemo meets when he’s placed in the dentist’s office.

He’s a cool guy, and if you want to draw him simply follow Drawing How To Draw‘s guide.

14. Sheldon the Seahorse

Nemo’s friends are quite a memorable bunch, despite being present only at the beginning and at the end of the film.

Sheldon the seahorse is no exception, a drawing tutorial of which has been shared by Love to Draw Digital Art’s channel.

Maybe it’s time that Pixar released the stories of these other characters…

15. Tad the Butterfly Fish

Tad the butterfly fish is another recognizable character in the film… but one who we don’t remember much about.

Thankfully, Easy Art’s channel is here to freshen our memory with their drawing tutorial.

16. Squirt the Young Sea Turtle

There’s a point when Marlin learns a lesson on parenting. That’s when he meets the turtles.

Squirt is an independent sea turtle, free to be curious and navigate his surroundings. Cartooning Club How To Draw shares a detailed sketch of this free spirit.

How to Draw the Oldies

17. Marlin, Nemo’s Father

Marlin’s noble quest to find his son Nemo quickly spread around the Australian sea, almost like an oil spill.

Let’s remember the duties of a parent by commemorating Marlin in this drawing found on drawinghowtodraw’s channel.

18. Crush the Sea Turtle

If the oceans had a railway system, it would be the East Australian Current; its freight cars would be the sea turtles, carrying fish along the way.

At least that’s how I viewed it when Marlin takes this highway to Sydney. One of its coolest turtles is undoubtedly Crush, who we once again see in Colourtechs Drawing’s channel.

19. Mr. Ray the Stingray

Mr. Ray gets as much screen time as Nemo’s schoolmates: almost none.

That’s not a reason to exclude him from your Finding Nemo character drawings. World of Drawing has got the perfect Mr. Ray guide.

How to Draw the Sharks

Admittedly, sharks are pretty scary.

But as you’ve found in our shark Perler beads, they’re not as terrifying as you might think.

20. Bruce the Great White Shark

Bruce’s initial appearance can be somewhat of a jumpscare.

But we later find out that Bruce is actually a shark who wants to change for the better… until he smells the scent of blood.

Here’s an easy and not-so-intimidating Bruce drawing shared by kids toys art’s channel.

21. Sinister Bruce Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

If you dare draw a Bruce with malicious intent, by all means, go to Drawing How To Draw‘s drawing tutorial.

This one is ready to feast.

22. Anchor the Hammerhead Shark

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

This one is less menacing than the first two drawings. That’s because Drawing Tutorials 101 has made Anchor in kawaii style.

If you’re unfamiliar with kawaii, this kawaii Perler bead patterns should serve as a primer.

Let’s Be Adventurous!

I hope you’ve found your Nemo in these Finding Nemo character drawings.

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