20 Cute and Easy Butterfly Drawings to Do

See this beautiful insect come to life in your sketchbook with these easy butterfly drawings.

Anyone can do these sketches regardless if you’re a pro or not. I made sure to pick butterfly drawings that even children can quickly learn. Come on and let’s create something magical with these drawings.

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11 Easy Butterfly Drawings

1. Happy Butterfly Drawing

Happy Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

This cute butterfly is giddy for you to start this list. It knows that it’s filled with beautiful and exciting butterfly drawings that you and your kid will like.

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2. Creative Butterfly Duo Drawing

Creative Butterfly Duo Drawing
Photo Credit: Let’s Draw That

One butterfly drawing isn’t enough amirite? It would be better if you learn how to draw two, three, or even four butterflies to master drawing it. These two butterflies will be a great start.

3. Monarch Butterfly Drawing

Monarch butterflies are one of the most common types of butterflies in the US. These orange butterflies live in fields, meadows, and roadsides.

Fun fact: monarch butterflies flap their wings five to 12 times every second. That’s 300 to 720 times in a minute!

Watch this tutorial by Mister Brush to learn how to draw a monarch butterfly at home.

4. Butterfly with Circle-Patterned Wings Drawing

Butterfly with Circle-Patterned Wings Drawing
Photo Credit: DIY Bunker

Butterflies come in different sizes, colors, and patterns. There are small and big butterflies. They also come in different colors like pink, blue, and orange. While their patterns differ as well. This one features a circular wing pattern.

5. Butterfly Drawing with a Face

Butterfly Drawing with a Face
Photo Credit: Proud to Be Primary

Try different techniques when it comes to adding life and color to your drawing. This cool butterfly will be a good inspiration for how to paint your butterfly drawing.

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6. Big Butterfly Drawing

An everyday item such as a black marker can create something beautiful in the right and creative hands. Watch this video by Super Easy Drawings to know how you can use markers to create a butterfly masterpiece.

7. Funny Butterfly Drawing

Funny Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: Whimsy Workshop Teaching

This cute butterfly will be perfect for your kid’s field drawings. It will go well with the grass, trees, and flowers because of its funny face and colorful wings.

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8. Cartoon Butterfly Drawing

Cartoon Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Complete your animal and insect characters with this big-eyed butterfly drawing. Your kid will have the creative freedom of choosing the colors for this drawing, too.

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9. Butterfly and a Flower Sketch

A butterfly’s job in our environment is very important. They pollinate plants and eat weeds. Without them, our garden will be dull and lifeless.

This video tutorial by Art Studio TSK shows a butterfly ready to drink nectar from the flower.

10. Gorgeous Butterfly Sketch

Gorgeous Butterfly Sketch
Photo Credit: Skip to My Lou

This realistic butterfly will be suitable for those who have mastered the art of butterfly drawing. Its swirls and shapes will be a little challenging but it’s definitely doable with practice.

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11. Butterfly Drawing Using Hands

Butterfly Drawing Using Hands
Photo Credit: Instructables

Drawing these butterflies will be an awesome bonding activity with your kid. Make the artwork more special by using both of your hands in creating the wings like this drawing.

9 How to Draw a Butterfly (Step-by-Step)

12. Butterfly Drawing for Kids

Butterfly Drawing for Kids
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

This four-step butterfly drawing is perfect for preschool kids. By following the easy steps, your kids will have a beautiful and simple butterfly that’s ready to fly.

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13. Cute Butterfly Drawing Tutorial

Cute Butterfly Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: How to Draw Easy

You won’t want to miss out on this adorable butterfly. Drawing this will be a fun learning experience for your kids. Aside from learning more about butterflies, this will also help in relieving stress and enhancing their problem-solving skills.

14. Whimsical Butterfly Sketch

Whimsical Butterfly Sketch
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Did you know that a butterfly’s life cycle has four stages? They first start as an egg, followed by a caterpillar and pupa, and voila! The fourth and final stage is when they become adult butterflies.

15. Pretty Yellow Butterfly Drawing

Pretty Yellow Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Some people believe that a yellow butterfly signifies hope and happiness. Good thing there’s a lot of types of yellow butterflies out there. This includes the clouded yellow, eurema, and cloudless sulphur butterflies.

16. Butterfly with a Flower Sketch

Butterfly with a Flower Sketch
Photo Credit: Smiling Colors

Like us humans, butterflies are also attracted to flowers because of their colors and fragrance. Look at this butterfly resting on top of a flower. It’s a common and beautiful occurrence in nature.

Flowers will go well with these butterfly drawings. Check out these flower doodles to get ideas for your next drawing.

17. Simple Butterfly Drawing

Simple Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Don’t underestimate these little creatures. Butterflies can fly up to 30 miles per day. That’s pretty impressive considering their size and built.

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18. Easy Butterfly Drawing

Easy Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: Jae Johns

Even a black and white butterfly can look so elegant. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the proper pencil strokes to create a minimalist butterfly drawing.

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19. Colorful Butterfly Drawing

Colorful Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: Cool 2 Be Kids

Their colorful wings have more purpose than being a good sight to look at. It tricks predators by mimicking other colorful species that have bad taste.

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20. Cool Butterfly Drawing

Cool Butterfly Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Although a butterfly’s lifespan is relatively short, their specie can be traced back to 56 million years ago. They’re older than dolphins, parrots, and seahorses.

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Simple Butterfly Drawings

Butterflies make our world a brighter and more colorful place. Unfortunately, their population is slowly declining. According to a study conducted in 2021, the population of monarch butterflies plummeted to 1,914 from 10 million in the 1980s.

I hope that these butterfly drawings can foster the kids’ appreciation and love for butterflies. As the future generation, they have the power to save this species from possible extinction.

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