15 Best Scrapbook Kits For Kids of All Ages

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve memories in a cool and creative way and is usually done by teens and adults. But why wait until the good times are distant memories?

Have kids start preserving their memories at an early age with these 15 scrapbook kits!

This list is arranged by theme: sports, travel, and outdoor activities. And while younger kids may not be able to put together a scrapbook entirely on their own, I’ve included some good options for younger kids, too.

Sports Themed Scrapbook Kits

Starting off, here are 5 sports themed scrapbook kits for kids who play sports or are simply just sports fans!

1. All Star Sports Scrapbook Kit

All Star Sports Scrapbook Kit

If you or your kids are into multiple sports, then PAPER HOUSE has got you covered with their scrapbook kit. Help your little sports fanatic remember all those exciting game moments, regardless of what sport they play or watch!

What’s in it: PAPER HOUSE’s kit contains 48 12 x 12-inch single sided sheets of paper (3 of each 16 designs), where 24 have foil embellishments and includes stickers. Just keep in mind that some of these cards are only oriented one way (portrait or landscape).

2. Baseball Themed Scrapbook Kit

Baseball Themed Scrapbook Kit

Here’s a baseball themed scrapbook kit from Scrapbook Customs that’s great for those who play baseball or are just fans of the sport.

What’s in it: This scrapbook kit contains 6 sheets of 12 x 12-inch scrapbook paper, a small sticker sheet, a sport topper sticker sheet, and a 9-pocket photo protector sheet.

3. Basketball Themed Scrapbook Kit

Basketball Themed Scrapbook Kit

Another scrapbook kit from Scrapbook Customs is for kids who love the sport of basketball. It comes in a generic color scheme so you and your kids will have fun scrapbooking regardless of your team preference!

What’s in it: This basketball scrapbook kit contains 6 sheets of 12 x 12-inch scrapbook paper, 135 alphabet character paper cut outs, a 12 x 12-inch sticker sheet, and a 3 x 6-inch sticker sheet.

4. Golf Scrapbook Kit

Golf Scrapbook Kit

Fore! If you or your kids are into golf, this kit contains beautiful and vibrant scrapbook album pages that will take you back to the golf course.

What’s in it: This golf themed scrapbook kit from Reminisce includes 8 Sheets of 12 x 12-inch ultra premium stock scrapbook paper (two sheets per design), and a 12 x 12 sticker sheet.

5. Football Themed Scrapbook Kit

Football Themed Scrapbook Kit

The cheapest in this category, this scrapbook kit from Me & My Big Ideas also contains smaller sized (8 x 8-inch) sheets of paper than the rest, so keep that in mind. Nevertheless, this is still a fun scrapbook kit for kids who are football fans!

What’s in it: Included in this scrapbook kit are 8 x 8-inch sheets of paper, stickers, and embellishments.

Outdoor Themed Scrapbook Kits

Here are 2 scrapbook kits for kids who love outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.

6. Camping Scrapbook Kit

Camping Scrapbook Kit

Do you or your kids like camping? If so, then kids can relive and preserve their experiences with this scrapbook kit from the Carta Bella Paper Company!

Do keep in mind, however, that the paper sheets feature different designs on each side, meaning designs you like might end up on opposite sides of one sheet.

What’s in it: This scrapbook kit contains 12 12 x 12-inch double-sided, patterned, textured, and heavy-weight sheets of paper and one 12 x 12-inch element sticker sheet.

7. Fishing Scrapbook Kit

Fishing Scrapbook Kit

For those who enjoy fishing, Reminisce has got the scrapbook kit just for you! This fishing themed kit is great to preserve fishing memories or even just trips to the lake.

What’s in it: This Reminisce fishing themed scrapbook kit contains 8 12 x 12-inch sheets of paper (2 of each design) and stickers.

Travel Themed Scrapbook Kits

Up next, here are 3 travel themed scrapbook kits for those who have travelled often or have a wanderlust for travelling.

8. “Our Adventure Book” Journal Kit

“Our Adventure Book” Journal Kit

While not a scrapbook kit, these journals from LINKEDWIN can be used as albums to preserve travel memories!

What’s in it: This kit contains a journal notebook sized 8.5 x 7.5-inches, 150 different retro patterned pages, and some embellishments such as bookmarks and stamp stickers.

9. France Themed Scrapbook Kit

France Themed Scrapbook Kit

If you and your kids have been to France, plan to go to France, or just want a French themed background, then Scrapbook Customs has got you covered.

What’s in it: This scrapbook kit has 4 sheets of 12 x 12-inch scrapbook paper, 135 alphabet character paper cut outs, 16 picture cut outs, and country sightseeing stickers. It also includes suggested examples for beginners!

10. Transatlantic Travel Scrapbook Kit

Transatlantic Travel Scrapbook Kit

From the Echo Park Paper Company, here’s a transatlantic travel themed scrapbook kit. If you or your kids love travelling in general, then this is an excellent kit to preserve those memories!

What’s in it: This scrapbooking kit includes 12 double-sided patterned sheets of paper and one 12 x 12-inch sticker sheet.

Scrapbook Kits For Younger Kids

Here are 5 scrapbook kits geared towards younger kids to help them begin scrapbooking their memories. Of course, don’t let this stop older kids and adults from using them if they like, too!

11. DIY Unicorn Themed Journal Kit

DIY Unicorn Themed Journal Kit

For those who love unicorns, this DIY unicorn themed journal from Amitié Lane is a great starter kit. While it IS technically a journal, don’t let that stop kids from adding photographs on the pages and bedazzling them with the included unicorn themed decorations!

What’s in it: This scrapbook kit includes an 80-page spiral bullet journal, decorative sheets of paper, frames, tape, and over 200 decorative stickers.

12. Crayola Scrapbook Kit

Crayola Scrapbook Kit

While being well known for crayons, Crayola has also expanded to a lot of arts and crafts supplies, including this cute and colorful scrapbook set for kids!

What’s in it: What you get with this scrapbook kit is a 30-page scrapbook, 4 pattern sheets, 404 stickers, 116 cut-outs, 50 gem stickers, 100 sequins, a glue stick, a pen, and a roll of decorative tape.

13. Doodle Hog Kids Scrapbook Kit

Doodle Hog Kids Scrapbook Kit

Keep it clean and simple with this scrapbook kit from DOODLE HOG. While the journal itself is a bit bare and non-thematic, it will help enhance a kid’s creativity as they can bedazzle it themselves.

What’s in it: You’ll get a hardcover blank journal, 2 trendy washi tape rolls, 3 sticker sheets, 4 mini envelopes, and 5 sheets of patterned paper.

14. Emoticon Scrapbook Kit

Emoticon Scrapbook Kit

Put a smile on your kids faces with this cute emoticon themed scrapbook kit from Just My Style. This is another fun kit that can keep kids entertained for hours!

What’s in it: The items in this scrapbook kit are a 30 page scrapbook, 4 sheets of printed pages, 4 sticker sheets, 6 punch-out sheets, 4 cards and envelopes, a pair of scissors, 3 sticker rolls, 50 gemstones, 100 sequin shapes, a glue stick, a pen, 2 tape dispensers, and instructions – phew! That’s quite the kit.

15. Ultimate Scrapbook Kit

Ultimate Scrapbook Kit

I’ve saved the best for last! This scrapbook kit from SICOHOME has everything but an album/journal. Since it’s not thematic, let your kids go crazy in designing their own scrapbook entries with the numerous materials in this kit!

What’s in it: Ready for this? The scrapbook kit includes:
– 3 decorative paper decorative
– 2 paper punchers
– 3 lace decorative sticky tape rolls
– 3 washi tapes rolls
– 2 Eiffel Tower sticker sheets
– 10 corner sticker sheets
– 9 pens
– 6 mini postcards
– 4 rulers
– 6 colorful stickers sheets
– 12 sticky note sheets
– 24 envelope stickers
– 4 photo mounting corners
– 1 colorful bling rhinestone sheet
– 1 frame decorative sticker set

Phew. Now THAT’S a lot!

Immortalize Your Memories!

Help your kids relive and cherish your travel, sports, and outdoor memories by starting a scrapbook. These are just 15 scrapbook kits you can choose from to preserve your photos and memories for a long time.

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What are you waiting for? Start immortalizing memories today!