23 Fascinating Seagull Drawings for Your Little Explorer

Looking for a fun and educational activity for the kids to do today? Look no further because we’ve got the coolest seagull drawings.

Seagulls are fascinating creatures. They’re found in all of the continents (yes, even Antarctica) because of their adaptability and resourcefulness. They’re also very clever birds which is a huge plus.

Learn more about the bird while doing art with these drawing guides.

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11 Easy Seagull Drawings

1. Cute Seagull Drawing

Cute Seagull Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Let’s start the list with a cute and easy sketch of a seagull courtesy of How to Draw for Kids.

The guide is very easy-to-follow so the kids won’t have a hard time in making this at all.

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2. Simple Seagull Sketch

Simple Seagull Sketch
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

We Draw Animals has this incredible seagull standing on top of a rock tutorial.

The drawing guide also comes with step-by-step instructions which will make it easier for the kids to follow.

3. Seagull Cartoon Drawing

Planning on writing a story with a seagull as the main character?

Learn how to draw a cartoon seagull with the help of this video tutorial from DRAWING ANIMALS – HOW TO DRAW.

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4. Baby Seagull Drawing

Baby Seagull Drawing
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

If you think that seagulls are cool then you must see this super cute baby seagull sketch from We Draw Animals.

Brownie points for the amazing details in this tutorial.

It even has the black spots feature of baby seagulls.

5. Epic Seagull Sketch

Epic Seagull Sketch
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Keep the kids busy with activities like this seagull drawing from Hello Artsy.

The kids will be able to perfect the shape of the wings and beak of the seagull thanks to this tutorial.

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6. Adorable Seagull Sketch

Look at this mesmerizing seagull drawing from drawstuffrealeasy.

The video tutorial will show the children how to draw the bird happily resting on the ground.

The flying birds in the background give a nice touch to the piece as well.

7. How to Draw a Seagull Face

How to Draw a Seagull Face
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals 

Drawing a seagull’s face can be tough so good thing that We Draw Animals highlighted this part in this tutorial.

Get ideas on how to draw the head, eyes, and lips of the bird effortlessly with this drawing guide.

8. Seagull Eating a Fish

Seagulls aren’t picky when it comes to the food they consume. They eat fish, crabs, and even fruits.

Here’s an awesome drawing of a seagull happily munching on some fish courtesy of @Jambelt.

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9. Seagull with a Fish Drawing

Seagull with a Fish Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Project for Kids

Adding some clouds, beach waves, and sand to the kids’ seagull drawings will make them look even more alive and colorful.

Art Project for Kids has the best tips on how the kids can do this with the tutorial.

10. Little Seagull Drawing

Little Seagull Drawing
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Join us as we recreate this adorable seagull drawing from We Draw Animals.

It’s a fantastic guide that will teach the kids the tricks of how to draw the bird in just six easy steps.

11. Serious Seagull Drawing

Serious Seagull Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Here’s a funny seagull drawing with a serious face from Drawing Tutorials 101.

The kids will have a great time while doing this incredible project.

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6 Flying Seagull Drawings

12. Awesome Seagull Sketches

Whatever drawing stage the kids are in, @GuhitProblem has the best tutorial on how to draw a seagull.

They’ve got great tutorials for kids who are beginners and pros so they’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

13. Epic Seagull Drawing

Epic Seagull Drawing
Photo Credit: Exploring Nature

Don’t miss out on this epic drawing of a seagull in action from Exploring Nature.

It will be a hit for the kids because of its expanded wings and focused facial expression.

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14. Cool Seagull Drawing

Fly high up in the sky together with this seagull drawing from @UcEasyDrawings.

Watch the short video tutorial to show the kids how it’s done.

15. Easy Flying Seagull Drawing

Sherry Drawings captured the beauty of a seagull spreading its wings as it flies across the sea.

Put this epic scene in the kids’ sketchpad by watching the informative video tutorial.

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16. Beautiful Seagull Drawing

Beautiful Seagull Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Practice makes perfect.

Drawing a lot of flying seagulls will benefit the kids because it will hone their artistic skills even more.

Include this nice seagull drawing from I Heart Crafty Things on their to-draw list.

17. Flying Seagull Sketch

Articco Drawing‘s video will give us a seagull drawing tutorial taken from a different point of view.

Drawing the bird from different angles will widen the kids’ understanding of the bird and art.

6 Realistic Seagull Drawings

18. Magnificent Seagull Sketch

Your kids will have a wonderful time recreating art JanaG‘s piece.

Not only is it simple to do but it looks awesome as well.

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19. Incredible Seagull Drawing

Incredible Seagull Drawing
Photo Credit: Lolo Coloring

Be amazed by how much the kids’ art capabilities have grown once they finish drawing this seagull from Lolo Coloring.

The drawing looks even more realistic because of the coloring and shading done on it.

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20. Fantastic Seagull Drawing

Seagulls are one of the most interesting birds on the planet so keep on bringing them to life on the kids’ sketchbooks.

Make sure to include this cool seagull drawing from How2DrawAnimals. The kids will love every minute it takes to create the masterpiece.

21. Realistic Seagull Sketch

Realistic Seagull Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Drawing Tutorials 101 knows how to make seagull drawings more alive and realistic.

Let them show you how it’s done correctly with the guide provided above.

22. Soaring Seagull Sketch

Dive in and try out this amazing seagull drawing from Art Online Tutorials.

It’s one of the hardest scenes to draw but I assure you that the challenge will be worth it once you see the finished artwork.

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23. Fantastic Seagull Sketch

Fantastic Seagull Sketch
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Our last but definitely not the least seagull drawing tutorial comes from We Draw Animals.

Grab the kids’ favorite pencils and crayons and let’s start doing this piece together.

Great Seagull Drawings

Drawing is an enjoyable activity for the kids. Drawing their favorite bird, the seagull makes it even more exciting. This list of seagull drawings is perfect for all levels of young artists.

Whether your child is a beginner or already an expert in drawing, I’m sure that they’ll learn a thing or two from this list.

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