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24 Fantastic School Bus Crafts for Little Learners

Beep beep! It’s time for another fun and educational project for the kids. The learning never stops even if they aren’t at school. Join us as we create these school bus crafts for the best back-to-school activity for the kids.

We all have fond memories of these yellow buses: it’s where we meet our friends, listen to music, and even read our favorite books. Create new ones with your child by doing these crafts with them.

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Art Materials for Your Aspiring Artist:

10 School Bus Crafts

1. School Bus Passenger Picture Frame

School Bus Passenger Picture Frame
Photo Credit: Messy Little Monster

Stick your child’s photo in this school bus craft and it will look like they’re on the way to school.

Get inspired by this craft from Messy Little Monster and see how you can make the experience more memorable for the kids.

2. School Bus Puppet

School Bus Puppet
Photo Credit: First Palette

Let’s make it more interesting and add stories to go along with the craft.

These puppets from First Palette will unleash your child’s inner storyteller and artist.

Have a magical time creating these unicorn perler beads patterns.

3. Paper Weaving School Bus Craft

Paper Weaving School Bus Craft
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Combine yellow and black strips of paper to create this cool project from I Heart Crafty Things.

The kids will have a wonderful time creating this craft.

4. School Bus Tissue Holder

School Bus Tissue Holder
Photo Credit: Meaningful Mama

This craft from Meaningful Mama is not only fun to make but is functional as well.

Store your tissue in the most awesome holder by doing this activity.

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5. Milk Carton School Bus

Milk Carton School Bus
Photo Credit: Family Education

If you’ve got an empty milk carton at home then you’re good to go for this project from Family Education.

Plus, it will teach the kids all about recycling.

6. School Bus Bookmark

School Bus Bookmark
Photo Credit: Artsy Craftsy Mom

Foster the kid’s love for crafts and reading by creating these bookmarks from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

It will be like hitting two birds with one stone.

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7. Popsicle Stick School Bus

Popsicle Stick School Bus
Photo Credit: Hip 2 Save

Capture the special moment of the kid’s first day at school by doing this project from Hip 2 Save.

It will make the day more special and more memorable for them, too.

8. School Bus Sun Catcher

School Bus Sun Catcher
Photo Credit: The Suburban Mom

Does your kid miss seeing the school bus during the summer break?

The Suburban Mom has got you covered with this craft.

The kids will see their favorite yellow vehicle anytime they want to thanks to this craft.

9. Foldable School Bus Cardboard Craft

Foldable School Bus Cardboard Craft
Photo Credit: Boxyworld on Reddit

This school bus from Boxyworld on Reddit will take interactive play to the next level.

Aside from the bus, it also comes with a cute stop sign at the side.

10. School Bus Driver Craft

School Bus Driver Craft
Photo Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Here’s another epic school bus craft that is customizable courtesy of Simple Everyday Mom.

Check out these pretty butterfly perler bead patterns.

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11. Simple School Bus Activity

Simple School Bus Activity
Photo Credit: Happy Home Fairy

Happy Home Fairy has this great project that will excite your child to go to school.

The great thing about this craft is that it only takes a couple of materials to complete such as paper and paint.

12. Paper Loop School Bus

Paper Loop School Bus
Photo Credit: Our Kid Things

See a school bus (literally) roll when you create this project from Our Kid Things.

It also comes with a road that will complete the activity.

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13. Footprint School Bus Craft

Footprint School Bus Craft
Photo Credit: I Heart Arts n Crafts

Commemorate their first day at preschool with this adorable craft from I Heart Arts n Crafts.

Years from now, it will also be fun to realize how much the kids have grown through this project.

14. School Bus Spectacles

School Bus Spectacles
Photo Credit: The Mail Box

They’ll feel cool while wearing these school bus spectacles from The Mail Box.

Head on to their website to get the template.

Find great toddler painting ideas here.

15. Egg Carton School Bus

Egg Carton School Bus
Photo Credit: DLTK Kids

Let’s get creative and make something great from items found in the kitchen.

This project from DLTK Kids will be a fantastic choice.

More egg carton crafts await you here.

16. Tissue Paper School Bus

Tissue Paper School Bus
Photo Credit: Free Kids Crafts

This craft from Free Kids Crafts will be perfect for younger kids because it’s super fun and safe to do.

Let’s make more art starting with these toilet paper roll crafts.

17. Personalized Bus Craft

Personalized Bus Craft
Photo Credit: Natalie Lynn Kindergarten

Spell out their name on their very own school bus.

Natalie Lynn Kindergarten‘s school bus craft is both educational and fun for the kids.

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18. School Bus Felt Craft

School Bus Felt Craft
Photo Credit: Keeping Life Creative

Your kids will love this project from Keeping Life Creative.

Don’t keep your materials just yet because we’re about to make these amazing felt crafts next.

19. Paper Plate School Bus

Paper Plate School Bus
Photo Credit: Honey and Lime

The kids will be proud of themselves after seeing the cool project they’ve done with the help of Honey and Lime.

Not only will they create a cute school bus but it will also teach them all about shapes.

Travel to outer space through these space perler bead patterns.

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20. Cardboard Cars Craft Activity

Cardboard Cars Craft Activity
Photo Credit: Teachers Mag

Promote interactive play by doing this cool project from Teachers Mag.

The cool thing about this craft is that the cars and wheels are also interchangeable.

Welcome the new season with these beautiful spring perler bead patterns.

21. Parking Space Craft

Parking Space Craft
Photo Credit: Mummy Mummy Mum

School buses need to take a break aka park from time to time.

Good thing Mummy Mummy Mum made this awesome parking space for them.

Your child’s other vehicles can also easily park in these because it has 14 spacious lots.

22. Cool Moving Car Activity

Cool Moving Car Activity
Photo Credit: First Palette

Grab your child’s favorite toy cars, markers, and paper because we’re about to do a unique craft.

Draw and have fun at the same time while creating this activity from First Palette.

Be busy as a bee creating these bumble bee painted rocks.

23. Origami Car

Learn the art of paper folding through this video tutorial from CP Creative Ideas.

They’ll teach the kids how to make the windows, wheels, and lights of the car by only using a piece of paper.

24. Clothespin Car

Clothespin Car
Photo Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Anything can be turned into art as long.

This is proven by Crafts by Amanda in their cool clothespin car project.

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School Bus Crafts for Students

These school bus crafts will not only foster your child’s creativity but will also be a great bonding activity for the two of you. From picture frames, and puppets, to bookmarks, this list has got it all.

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