17 Rocket Ship Drawings Ready for Take-Off

Get ready for take-off and to be transported to another planet—another galaxy even!—by these rocket ship drawings.

Just as humankind has sought to go beyond its physical boundaries, through explorations and expeditions—expanding their knowledge in the process—so too will the drawer of these rocket ships broaden their horizons—artistically, of course!

So sit back, select the rocket ship according to your skill level—or just choose your favorite one—and we’ll soon reach our destinations.

Some Drawing Materials

8 Simple Rocket Ship

You won’t need rocket science knowledge to draw these first eight simple rocket ships. In fact, most of the drawings you’ll encounter on this list don’t depend on any science—just the basics of art.

1. Easy Rocket Drawing

What’s the most basic form a rocket ship could take? It’s probably this drawing found on Mister Brush’s channel.

All the essential elements of this machine are present in this vehicle: a fuel tank, a rocket engine, and a window to look out from.

These components are not visible, you say? Well, now is the time to use the power of imagination!

2. Rocket Ship Drawn with Easy Shapes

Rocket ships have been devised using exact mathematical formulas and scientific principles both to create the vehicle as well as to blast it into outer space.

Fortunately, we can safely ignore those measurements when we follow Learn 2 Draw’s rigid spaceship.

That’s not to say that measurements aren’t required in creating this drawing. In fact, unless you can draw perfectly straight lines, you will need a ruler for this one.

3. Rocket Ship for Beginners

Now, let’s test your ability to create curvy lines with AAARTWORKS’s video tutorial.

Keep on practicing your drawing skills to reach the artist equivalent of a rocket scientist.

Try these train drawings to enhance your skills in drawing vehicles.

4. Hefty Rocket Ship

Have you witnessed a proper shuttle launch? A cursory search on YouTube will result in numerous videos. It’s still a sight to behold, even though it’s captured on camera.

After watching rockets taking off, you’ll know that it burns a ton of fuel to lift them off the ground, leaving a cloud of combustion smoke behind.

Artwork Pictures’s channel accurately depicts such departure.

With each passing drawing, we’re a step closer to drawing a rocket ship that’s as sophisticated as the real thing…

5. Simple Rocket Guide

Photo credit: Family Realms

…until we revert to simple ones. This time the rockets we’ll be drawing will be slanted, adding a slight challenge for the little ones.

Yes, it may be easier to just tilt the paper diagonally, but where’s the fun in that? Might as well draw another vertical rocket.

Here we have Family Realms‘s drawing, completed in bite-size steps.

6. Baby Rocket

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

Preschoolers will find this baby rocket by Drawing Howtos not only adorable but also quite simple to create.

I believe it’s the colors of this rocket that make it pleasurable to look at. Of course, your rocket, your colors—so don’t be restrained in copying this baby pigment by pigment.

If it were me, I’d color the flame of the rocket blue, just because I want to!

7. Straightforward Rocket

Photo credit: Drawing Mentor

Sometimes the most appealing designs are the simplest ones. That’s how I feel about Drawing Howtos‘s rocket drawing.

This spaceship looks sleek and masterfully designed.

Regretfully, space rocks known as asteroids and comets dent these beautiful projects at best; at worse, they obliterate them, leaving their entrails floating in oblivion, and with it, footprints of the human race.

8. Pointy Rocket

How fast does a rocket need to be to escape Earth’s gravity? According to NASA, it must reach a speed of 17,800 miles per hour, or 4.9 miles per second.

I’m no rocket scientist, but I can understand how fast 4.9 mp/s is.

There’s also no doubt that QWE Art’s rocket ship drawing reaches that speed.

6 Rocket Ships in Space

We’ve successfully lifted off the ground and escaped Earth’s gravity. What now?

Now, we wander into space, admiring the view of the Blue Planet, the morning and evening stars, and other celestial objects.

No rocket fuel? No problem.

9. Drawing of a Rocket Ship in Space for Kids

In these following drawings, we draw the same rocket ships as earlier, but this time we add stars and other space rocks.

In their video tutorial, doodleacademy details each part of the rocket ship, as well as the stars.

10. To Infinity and Beyond

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

In nine simple steps, Art Projects For Kids can launch a rocket ship out of Earth’s orbit, in the hope of exploring the Solar System.

Learn how to draw planets in our Solar System!

11. Simple Rocket Ship Outside Earth’s Orbit

Here’s another rocket ship by Art Studio TSK that’s colored heavily with wax crayons.

I’m pretty sure little ones will have a blast with this one, as they will decide what color their spaceship will be.

12. Rocket Ship Among the Stars

Is space just a void filled with darkness? As it turns out, no.

The vastness of space is filled with all sorts of gas and particles and magnetic waves and light from stars and cosmic rays and neutrinos and gravity and radiation.

That’s only enumerating things we do know. The things we do know dwarf in comparison to the things we don’t know.

So think of how many things are in space when filling this drawing by Colours Magic with black.

13. Interplanetary Travel

This drawing on Super Easy Drawings’s channel is perhaps my favorite because of the variety of planets and stars included.

This could very well be a scene from Star Wars!

For Star Wars stuff, check out our Star Wars Perler beads and Star Wars Crafts

14. Rocket Ship on a Mission

Photo credit: Let’s Draw That

For a rocket with solid colors, look no further than Let’s Draw That‘s drawing of a rocket ship, which cruises in distant galaxies.

3 Impressive Space Shuttles

These next space shuttles are some of the most impressive ones out there. Some of these are modeled on the space shuttles by NASA.

15. Space Shuttle at High Speeds

A horizontal view of a space shuttle will make it seem like an ultra-high-speed airplane.

That’s what I’m picturing with this drawing from Mister Brush’s drawing tutorial.

16. Space Shuttle Taking Off

For a more complicated take-off drawing, here’s Rio Art Club’s drawing.

Unlike the rocket ship which mustn’t be slowed down to reach its destination, you can pause, rewind, or even reduce the playback speed of the video to match your pace.

Different shades of orange and red are used in this wonderful sketch.

17. NASA Space Shuttle Drawing

A cartoon-style yet equally impressive drawing is brought to us by The Mr. Darby’s channel.

The artist makes its space shuttle design look like it’s been precisely drawn with rulers and guides. But as you’ll see in the video, no such measuring sticks have been used.

That’s how exemplary your skills will be after making these space shuttle drawings.

Up, Up and Away!

We’ve finally arrived at our destination, looking at different rocket ship drawings—from simple ones for kindergartners to more complicated ones for experienced drawers.

To further hone your skills and expand your creativity, head on to our other drawing lists: