23 Easy Drawings of Trucks for Kids

Are your little ones endlessly fascinated with vehicles? Introduce them to these interesting and easy drawings of trucks!

Generally, a truck is designed to carry heavy loads. Some help with the transport of goods, like pickup trucks and trailer trucks, while others assist in activities that require heavy labor, like lifting and hauling.

Drawing helps with the development of children’s creativity, fine motor skills, and the relations between objects. The drawing of trucks, and vehicles in general, with all their parts, certainly helps on all of those fundamental aspects in development.

Le’s jump right into it!

Drawing Supplies

3 Pickup Truck Drawings

1. Pickup Truck with Scenery

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Learning how to draw shapes is one of the things children will pick up through these truck drawings.

Art Projects For Kids certainly helps in that aspect, as they illustrate step-by-step and shape-by-shape how to draw a simple pickup truck. Their background consists of a sunny fall afternoon, which your little ones can replicate or modify to their liking.

2. Green Pickup Truck

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

It’s easy to mistake a pickup truck for a passenger vehicle, especially for people unfamiliar with cars like children.

These drawings can help them distinguish between car classifications, an important skill that’s less concerned with choosing vehicles but more valuable for the formation of concepts in your tiny tots’ heads.

3. More Refined Pickup Truck

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Let’s look at a less 2D perspective of a pickup truck by following Drawing Tutorials 101‘s guide.

4 Tractor Truck Drawings

4. Six-Step Tractor Drawing Tutorial

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

If your little ones are ever interested in farming play pretend, then they’ve got to know an essential agricultural truck: the tractor.

These chunky vehicles can be equipped with various attachments—for plowing soil, planting seedlings, harvesting crops, scooping dirt, etc—depending on the needs.

Young minds don’t need to be concerned with the intricacies of shiny accessories, so here’s How To Draw For Kids‘s basic tractor drawing.

5. Easy Yet Detailed Tractor

Mister Brush’s tutorial keeps their tractor drawing simple yet doesn’t forget to include the essential details, like the tailpipe.

6. Tractor Drawing Tutorial for Kids

Most of the drawings listed have forgotten the most important part of the vehicle—the operator.

Indeed, Art For Kids’ Hub has included not only the driver in their drawing, but also a couple of young passengers.

Let children imagine that they’re the ones being carried by this tractor.

7. Cartoon Tractor Drawing

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

In time, beginner artists will come to learn about angles and perspectives. As they’re introduced to more sophisticated sketches, they’ll crave drawing guides that aren’t two-dimensional, like this tractor drawing by I Heart Crafty Things.

The illustration challenges novices to know the relation and distance between parts of the design, a skill that aspiring artists will acquire over time.

3 Tow Truck Drawings

8. Painless Tow Truck Drawing

Trucks are vehicles with the purpose of transporting goods, and that can include the transport of other vehicles.

That’s the function of the tow truck—which, you guessed it, hauls other vehicles that require assistance.

토비아트 – TobiART’s channel provides your little ones with a guide that will help them draw a vehicle that carries other vehicles!

9. Cartoon Tow Truck Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing Now

Here’s a tow truck sketch, drawn with a cartoon style that many children love and are familiar with.

Although made in a style that children often see, this cartoon tow truck by Drawing Now is not the simplest to replicate. That won’t stop young, determined artists from trying their best, though!

10. How to Draw an Easy Tow Truck

For a more precise tow truck drawing, look no further than How To For You’s video tutorial.

Those who are still unconfident in their skills may draw first in pencil—so as to easily erase mistakes—before proceeding with a permanent marker, as they did in the video.

4 Drawings of Firetrucks

Fire trucks, also known as fire engines, are one of the most popular trucks out there. It’s why kids love these fire truck crafts!

11. Basic Firetruck

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

Fire trucks are one of the most complex trucks. They’ve got a ladder, water hose, siren, fire axe, and all sorts of life-saving equipment—all of which are essential during emergencies.

Little minds who can’t yet comprehend the need for those things should look at this basic fire truck drawing shared by Drawing Now.

12. An Easy-to-Remember Fire Truck Drawing

An easy way to remember how to draw a thing is to associate it with shapes, or better yet, letters.

Just like some of the featured items in our how to draw a pig list, this tutorial by M P Drawing Tutorial helps children reinforce the image of a fire truck using letters.

13. Drawing of a Fire Truck in Action

We would naturally want to see our drawn vehicles in action, and the fire truck is one of the most spectacular and honorable, in my opinion.

Watch the fire truck as it tries to extinguish flames in this drawing by Jelly Draw Arts’s video tutorial

14. How to Precisely Draw a Fire Truck

Leaving out minute details in a fire truck wouldn’t do it justice, and it certainly won’t help the intermediate artist progress.

Face the challenge of drawing a more precise fire truck by following Art For Kids’ Hub’s intricate fire truck sketch. Each component of the fire truck has a timestamp, allowing viewers to jump or rewind between details.

3 How to Draw a Cement Truck

15. Simple Cement Truck Drawing

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

If there are any serious truck contenders for the fire truck in terms of impressiveness, it’s the cement mixer.

While the cement mixer is enormous, its simplest form is one of the least complicated drawings for kids since it consists of the vehicle plus the big drum.

Art Projects For Kids has got an easy one for you.

16. How to Draw a Cement Mixer Truck

Here’s another easy cement mixer drawing tutorial brought to you by Gupu Kids Art’s channel.

17. The Biggest Cement Truck Drawing

Photo credit: How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works don’t cut corners when it comes to drawing a cement mixer truck.

Although it’s detailed, the design is clean and doesn’t feel cluttered, making the outlining of it quite satisfying.

3 Forklift Drawing

18. Easy Drawing of a Forklift

If there’s a truck that will acquaint your little ones with straight lines, it’s probably the forklift. Indeed, the forklift can be thought of as a box with wheels, on which an L-shaped fork (seen from the side) is attached.

If you’re curious, the forks are known as tynes.

19. Another How-to-Draw Forklift Tutorial

We commonly see the forklift in industrial settings, lifting heavy boxes up high shelves. One of the benefits of drawing is to introduce these things that we don’t often see in our everyday lives.

Here’s Bear’s Art Box’s take on the forklift.

20. Detailed Forklift Truck

If your little ones have been amazed by the forklift so far, here’s a drawing that young artists can emulate.

The final drawing might appear sophisticated, but the techniques shown in Pencilica Easy Drawing’s video tutorial are far from it.

Mighty Truck Drawings!

We’ve seen that trucks are epic and essential for many things! Though some of them are big in size, these drawings prove that, with enough time and dedication, it’s easy enough to translate these massive vehicles on canvas.

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