20 Incredibly Cool Crocodile Drawings For Kids

Facing a crocodile may be paralyzing, but not when it comes to these drawings!

Crocodiles are one of the fiercest apex predators that exist in the wild. They possess one of the strongest jaws in the animal kingdom, biting with a force of an extraordinary 3,700 pounds per square inch.

By comparison, that’s almost 18 times stronger than a human jaw!

That fact, coupled with the drawing skills to be picked up, make these crocodile drawings an attractive afternoon activity.

Materials for Crocodile Drawings

3 Simple Crocodile Drawings

These first crocodile drawings have easy designs that preschoolers, and even toddlers, can draw. It’s a good practice to develop small hand movements and improve hand-eye coordination.

1. Crocodile Drawing: Easy for Toddlers

Crocodile Drawing: Easy for Toddlers
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

This design from We Draw Animals is perhaps the simplest crocodile drawing on the list. It’s not too detailed nor does it contain any difficult lines that can be a hindrance to toddlers or preschoolers.

Because of that reason, it’s also a quick activity that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to do. There’s also a video tutorial provided for you to follow.

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2. How to Draw a Crocodile: Easy for Preschoolers

How to Draw a Crocodile: Easy for Preschoolers
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

If you’re looking to fine-tune your preschoolers micro hand movements, then this crocodile drawing from Drawing Tutorials 101 is for you.

The design contains many curvy lines that serve as the crocodile’s scales. Drawing Tutorials 101 also makes the drawing of the crocodile’s feet painless and adorable, almost as cute as these ladybug crafts.

3. How to Draw A Crocodile for Kids

How to Draw A Crocodile for Kids
Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

The eyes of a crocodile are situated on the top of their heads, enabling them to stalk and lurk their prey underwater. That’s exactly what this drawing from How To Draw For Kids emphasizes with its large cartoon eyes.

Since crocodiles are web-footed, I love how they added that little detail to this drawing!

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4 Cute Crocodile Cartoon Drawings

The next crocodile drawings have adorable designs that children will love. They often see these styles on their favorite cartoon TV shows, so these designs should be relatable to most children.

4. How to Draw A Baby Crocodile

How to Draw A Baby Crocodile
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Grown-up crocodiles can be really frightening. After all, they are one of the fiercest predators in their habitat. Seeing this baby crocodile from We Draw Animals, however, might change my opinion on that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your children choose to draw this baby crocodile. Check out their page to see the step-by-step instructions.

5. Crocodile with Greater Vision

The crocodiles’ eyes have been refined, over millions of years, to spot any unsuspecting prey; they wouldn’t have earned the status of predator otherwise.

HAPPY ART emphasizes those leery eyes a little bit too much by exaggerating its design, turning it into a cartoon.

6. Fat Crocodile Drawing

How do you make a crocodile seem less dangerous? HTDraw’s video tutorial will tell you how – by making them plump and cute like in their drawing!

I mean, how threatened would you be if you were to encounter this crocodile ball? Not very, I imagine.

7. Silly Crocodile

Photo credit: How To Draw Easy

Those seeking a basic crocodile (and a good time) should look forward to How To Draw Easy‘s tutorial.

For ease of drawing, it seems like the body was substituted for what would’ve been its tail.

5 Crocodile Drawings From Letters and Numbers

Reinforce the alphabet on your children’s memory by making one or several of these 6 crocodile drawings that are made with letters and numbers.

If they’re just beginning elementary school, then these crocodile drawings will also teach them basic numbers!

8. How to Turn the Letter V Into a Crocodile

The fastest way to distinguish a crocodile from an alligator is by looking at their mouths. Crocodiles have a V-shape mouth, while alligators have a less-pointed U-shape mouth.

The letter V is exactly the starting point for this video tutorial from MP Drawing Tutorial.

9. How to Draw a Crocodile From a Lowercase A

This is one of my favorite drawings on the list because while it looks simple, it’s packed with details that make the drawing very impressive.

From the color choices to the simple scales, this design from Kasikorn Nalatarm looks great and it’s a perfect design for kids of any age.

10. How to Draw a Croc From the Number 6

How to Draw a Croc From the Number 6
Photo credit: How To Draw Step By Step Drawing Tutorials

If your kids are just looking to draw something simple, then present them with this jolly crocodile drawing from How To Draw Step By Step Drawing Tutorials, which basically spoon-feeds them with a step-by-step guide.

The design makes use of the number 6 to create the crocodile’s head and eyes!

11. How to Draw a Crocodile Using “5555”

You’ll be surprised to know that you can draw a crocodile by using four number 5s in a row. To find out how to draw this curious crocodile drawing, watch Doodle Art Time’s video tutorial.

12. Another Crocodile Drawing With a Lowercase A

If your preschoolers are having a hard time writing the lowercase letter A (a), then have them practice writing it by following this crocodile drawing from Lovely Kids. It’s a very simple drawing that should increase your children’s fine motor skills!

8 Incredible Crocodile Drawings

If you have older children that like to draw a lot, then you should show them these next crocodiles, which require considerably more skill and experience to draw.

They’re not too complicated with a little time and effort for younger children, though.

13. How to Draw a Crocodile for Kids: a Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw a Crocodile for Kids: a Step-by-Step Guide
Photo credit: HT Funny

This drawing from HT Funny may look small, but it’s detailed enough to make it a more sophisticated design for older kids who love to draw.

If the written tutorial is not enough, don’t worry because there’s also a video tutorial, although you might have to slow down the playback speed because the pace might be too fast to follow.

14. A Step-by-Step Drawing of a Crocodile

A Step-by-Step Drawing of a Crocodile
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

This next drawing from Drawing Tutorials 101 involves a lot of sketching, which is great because it allows your children to explore their drawing style.

If you check out their guide, you’ll notice that this crocodile drawing involves plenty of circles that serve as the guidelines for the rest of the drawing.

15. Not-So-Silent Predator

The crocodile bides it time to strike at the opportune moment.

But when it does strike, this killing machine will not let go. QWE Art shows us right at the reptile’s striking moment.

16. How to Draw a Realistic Crocodile

If you or your children have found all the previous drawings too easy, then just wait until you check out this drawing from Art For Kids Hub.

It’s quite a long video tutorial, but it’ll be very gratifying for your children when they finish this art project.

17. Nasty Crocodile Drawing

Reptiles have a reputation for being cold-blooded. That comes as no surprise, what with those menacing eyes with elliptical irises.

How2DrawAnimals captures the essence of a crocodile with terrifying detail.

18. Scaly Crocodile Drawing

Photo credit: The Virtual Instructor

It’s rare to find drawing tutorials of a crocodile with the right proportions. The Virtual Instructor stands out with their drawing of the sly animal, the ruggedness and heft of which is immediately palpable.

The crocodile drawing in the image is elaborate enough. Should you decide to test your skills further, The Virtual Instructor extends to the tracing and coloring of the crocodile.

19. Enraged Crocodile

Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

Some depict a weighty crocodile, while others share its deadly aspects. Envato Tuts+, in particular, shows its set of lethal teeth.

The danger of a crocodile is highlighted also by its spiky scales, a carpet of bony thorns anyone who values their life mustn’t step on.

20. How to Draw a Crocodile for Older Kids

Here’s another realistic sketch of a crocodile from Dipu Drawing Academy that older kids will appreciate.

Because it’s a sophisticated design, this crocodile drawing will challenge your kids’ ability to define the dimensions and volume of the figure, carefully varying the pressure of their pencils to achieve different degrees of tonal value.

Bite-Sized Crocodile Drawings for All Children

Whether you have toddlers who are just starting to learn their ABCs or older kids who have more experience in art, there are a lot of crocodile drawings that are appropriate for your kids’ level.

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