23 Sensational Starfish Drawings

Starfish is one of nature’s most incredible creations. Their vibrant colors, unique shapes, and captivating features make them one of nature’s wonders. This list is dedicated to starfish drawings perfect for your little ones.

The kids will have a new appreciation for starfish thanks to this list.  From the tip of each spiny arm to the tiniest suction cup, they’ll be able to explore the wonders of the deep blue sea through their very own artwork.

Get ready to create magical starfish drawings that will leave everyone sea-riously impressed.

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Come In Prepared with These Art Materials:

7 Easy Starfish Drawings

1. Cool Starfish Drawing

Cool Starfish Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Let’s dive right in and start off the list on the right foot with this cool starfish drawing from I Heart Crafty Things.

This will be an awesome way to start the list because of how easy and straightforward it is to do.

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2. Easy Starfish Sketch

Easy Starfish Sketch
Photo Credit: Woo Jr.

This drawing tutorial from Woo Jr. is different from the other guides because it starts with a circle.

The kids will be amazed at how a circle is turned into a star.

Try out this drawing guide now.

3. Simple Starfish Sketch

@shivi01gupta‘s creative video tutorial will teach the kids how to draw a cute starfish in under a minute.

This will be perfect if you’re looking for something creative and fast for the kids to do.

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4. Blue Starfish Drawing

Blue Starfish Drawing
Photo Credit: Play Osmo

Did you know that starfishes come in different colors, sizes, and even shapes?

This drawing guide from Play Osmo features a really cool blue starfish.

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5. Cute Starfish Drawing

You wouldn’t be able to resist this super cute starfish drawing from Mister Brush.

Its big eyes and tiny mouth will make it earn a spot in the kids’ sketchbook.

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6. Awesome Starfish Sketch

Awesome Starfish Sketch
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

This sketch from We Draw Animals depicts a starfish moving along with the sea waves.

Learn how to animate their drawings through this helpful guide.

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7. Starfish in the Ocean Drawing

Make the kids’ sketches look more awesome by drawing the starfish in its natural habitat.

Watch Articco Drawing‘s video and get some tips on how to do that effectively.

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8. Red Starfish Drawing

Red Starfish Drawing
Photo Credit: Family Realms

Don’t go anywhere because this list is far from over.

Check out this red starfish drawing from Family Realms.

It will be a cool addition to the kid’s collection of starfish drawings.

9. Pretty Starfish Drawing

Grab your favorite pen and crayons and add this adorable starfish drawing from Fun Little Art to the kids’ to-draw list.

I’m sure that they’ll have a lot of fun recreating the smile and spikes of the starfish.

10. Incredible Starfish Drawing

Incredible Starfish Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Here’s a realistic drawing of a starfish courtesy of Hello Artsy.

Its structure and texture make it a must-try for fans of sea stars.

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11. Dancing Starfish Drawing

Your little ones will be as happy as this starfish once they’ve completed this video tutorial.

Let @artcolourss‘s video show you how to draw a starfish like a pro.

12. Epic Starfish Drawing

Epic Starfish Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Drawings

Adding little details to drawings is a sure way to make them more realistic and captivating.

It can be as easy as adding a couple of circles on the starfish’s body as seen in this guide from Easy Drawings.

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13. Realistic Starfish Drawing with Body Parts

This video from KYU KYU BACHCHE will not only teach the kids how to draw our favorite underwater creature but will also teach them all about its body parts.

The kids will have a deeper understanding of starfishes because of this informative video.

14. Kawaii Starfish Sketch

Kawaii Starfish Sketch
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Our last but definitely not the least starfish drawing comes from We Draw Animals.

The great thing about this project is that it’s easy to do that kids will be able to master it on their own which will then promote independence.

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15. How to Draw an Underwater Scene

How to Draw an Underwater Scene
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Add the colorful and lively underwater scene to the kid’s drawings with the help of Hello Artsy.

From clams, rocks, and corals, this guide has got it all.

16. Pink Coral Drawing

Pink Coral Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

The ocean is filled with beautiful corals and we’re about to draw one with the help of I Heart Crafty Things.

Learning how to draw corals will also let the kids know of their immense importance in our ecosystem.

17. Beautiful Mermaid Drawing

We all had dreams of becoming a beautiful mermaid when we were younger.

Live that fantasy with your child by following the step-by-step tutorial provided in this video from Draw So Cute.

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18. Easy Fish Sketch

Easy Fish Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Starfishes and fishes may not look alike but drawing them both will be enjoyable.

Drawing Tutorials 101 created this cool guide for the kids to follow along with.

Challenge the kid’s creativity with these perler bead fish patterns.

19. Shipwreck Drawing

Shipwreck Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

The ocean is filled with undiscovered treasures and secrets.

Hello Artsy has this cool shipwreck drawing that will go well with their starfish drawings.

20. Sea Plants Drawing

Fill the kids’ drawings with sea plants to add a pop of color to them.

Azz Easy Drawing has this easy tutorial that the kids must try out.

Wondering how to draw some planets? Head on to this list filled with great tutorials.

21. Cute Jellyfish Drawing

Cute Jellyfish Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

A couple of circles and some squiggly lines will create this cute jellyfish drawing.

Follow the four-step tutorial provided by Freepik.

22. Three Seashells Drawing Tutorial

Three Seashells Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: Rainbow Printables

This drawing tutorial from Rainbow Printables will teach the kids how to draw not one but three pretty seashells.

More easy seashell drawings can be found here.

23. Mermaid Castle Drawing

There’s still a lot to be discovered in the ocean.

There may be gorgeous mermaids and even secret castles hiding underwater.

Spark the kid’s creativity and curiosity with this castle drawing from Birthday Candy Land Art.

Super Special Starfish Drawings

We hope that this post about starfish drawings has provided you with a wave of inspiration and ideas to share with your little ones. This will deepen their love and appreciation for aquatic life.

Who knows, you may even discover a budding marine artist through these projects.

We’re not yet done with creating art! Check out the cool lists below: