22 Fun Drawings of Goofy for Everyone

Everyone loves Goofy— his trademark holler, comical expressions, and unique clothes make him a lovable Disney character. This is why I think it would be a great idea to share these drawings of Goofy that anyone can do.

Goofy has been making kids laugh since the 1930s. His character has stood the test of time and has been in countless cartoon shows, movies, and even video games.

Gawrsh! What are we waiting for? Let’s gather our pencils and crayons and create fantastic Goofy drawings right away.

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Draw the Best Goofy Drawings Ever Using These Materials:

7 Easy Goofy Drawings

1. How to Draw Goofy

What better way to learn how to draw Goofy than by watching this tutorial from the artist themself?
Watch this video by Disney Parks to get the best tips and tricks straight from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

2. Classic Goofy Drawing

Classic Goofy Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Goofy is a fun character to draw.

His tall hat, long sleeves shirt, and funky vest are some unique pieces that will hone your kid’s talent in drawing clothes.

Plus, his facial expressions are also on point just like this drawing from How to Draw for Kids.

3. Walking Goofy Drawing

This drawing of Goofy shows how carefree and outgoing he is.

Draw with Sayali will show you how to perfect his big strides and warm persona.

4. Running Goofy Sketch

Running Goofy Sketch
Photo Credit: Creatives 4 Kids

Rushing to do all these Goofy drawings in one go? You can’t miss out on this action-packed sketch.

This drawing from Creatives 4 Kids features one of the original sketches of the famous Disney character.

5. Baby Goofy Drawing

We know Goofy as a silly character and a loving father. But wait ’till you see this Baby Goofy drawing from JX FUN Art.

It will give you a new perspective of Goofy which is incredibly adorable and sweet as well.

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6. Cute Goofy Sketch

Cute Goofy Sketch
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Have a go at this portrait drawing of Goofy from I Heart Crafty Things.

With this drawing, your kid will be able to practice drawing a different angle and side of this iconic Disney character.

7. Little Goofy Drawing

Fun fact: Goofy’s character was originally an old dog and was called Dippy Dawg.

This drawing from Draw So Cute shows Goofy the way we know him now—a fun-loving, kid-at-heart, lovable character.

8 Drawings of Goofy

8. Warm Goofy Drawing

Warm Goofy Drawing
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals 

Here’s a Goofy drawing from We Draw Animals that’s showing his welcoming and warm side.

He’s the life of the party and is fun to be around which can be clearly seen in this sketch.

9. Funny Goofy Drawing

Funny Goofy Drawing
Photo Credit: Cool 2 B Kids

Goofy is full of antics and jokes which is why kids and his friends love him.

This drawing by Cool 2 B Kids captures Goofy’s fun personality.

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10. Curious Goofy Sketch

Curious Goofy Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Don’t know what Goofy drawing to do next? Follow it up with this sketch.

Show Goofy in a different light. Instead of his wacky poses, this drawing from Drawing Tutorials 101 will show the inquisitive side of him.

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11. Detailed Goofy Drawing

Detailed Goofy Drawing
Photo Credit: Disleelandia

Be a Goofy expert and draw every detail of his face from his teeth to his eye nib.

Disleelandia captured it all and provided this very detailed and easy-to-follow Goofy drawing tutorial.

12. Dressed-up Goofy Sketch

Dressed-up Goofy Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Level up Goofy’s outfit (and your drawing skills) by doing this drawing tutorial from Drawing Tutorials 101.

Instead of his usual getup, this drawing features Goofy in fancy and lavish clothes.

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13. Goofy from the Goofy Movie Drawing

Goofy is a well-loved and famous Disney character that he starred in numerous shows and movies. He even got himself his own self-titled movie and a sequel.
Evie’s DIY‘s video will guide you into drawing him as inspired by A Goofy Movie.

14. How to Draw Max Goof

How to Draw Max Goof
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Goofy isn’t the only member of the Goof family who’s got the groove.

His son, Max, also knows how to boogie as seen in this drawing from We Draw Animals.

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15. Roxanne from the Goofy Movie Sketch

Watch this video tutorial by Artimee to learn how to draw the beautiful Roxanne.

Draw her gorgeous hair, twinkling eyes, and cute button nose with the help of the video guide.

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16. Mickey Mouse and Friends Sketch

Call out the gang because we’re about to do something amazing!

This video from ArtKid Channel includes drawing tutorials of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and a whole lot more!

Your kids will learn a lot of drawing techniques and styles in this single guide.

17. Classic Mickey Mouse Drawing

Classic Mickey Mouse Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Goofy is also part of the iconic trio which includes Mickey and Donald Duck.

Draw Goofy’s oldest and most loyal friend, Mickey, with the help of this guide from How to Draw for Kids.

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18. Happy Minnie Mouse Drawing

Happy Minnie Mouse Drawing
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Tee hee! Minnie Mouse is here!

Don’t forget to include this beaut drawing from We Draw Animals on your list, too.

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19. Donald Duck Face Drawing

Donald Duck Face Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

The amazing trio of Mickey and Goofy won’t be complete without the ambitious Donald Duck.

Get helpful tips on how to draw Donald with this guide from Drawing Tutorials 101.

20. Pretty Daisy Duck Drawing

Pretty Daisy Duck Drawing
Photo Credit: Cool Drawing Idea

Goody, goody we’ve got a drawing tutorial of Daisy Duck from Cool Drawing Idea for you, too!

Practice drawing this fashionable duck to enhance your kid’s artistic skills.

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21. Adorable Pluto Drawing

Adorable Pluto Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Aside from Goofy, Pluto is another lovable dog character from Disney.

He’s the complete package for a pet. He’s loyal, adventurous, and sweet as well.

Drawing Tutorials 101 has got you covered with this simple step-by-step drawing tutorial of Pluto.

22. Among Us Disney Characters

Add a little twist to your kid’s two favorite things: Disney characters and Among Us.

Cartooning Cute Drawings had a brilliant idea of combining the two and made this epic drawing.

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Fantastic Drawings of Goofy

Goofy is an iconic character who’s not only one of Mickey’s closest friends but is also a loving father to Max. His character stood the test of time and is loved by many because of his humor and kindness.

These drawings of Goofy will be a fun activity for you and your kids.

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