15 of the Best Diamond Painting Kits for Kids and Teens

Diamond painting is slowly becoming “all the rage” within the adult crafting world, but more and more companies are beginning to create kid and teen-friendly kits.

Below are 15 of the best diamond painting kits for kids and teens arranged by retailer (all kits on this list were available at the time of writing this post).

WARNING: While these kits can be completed by teens without supervision, I HIGHLY recommend a grown-up supervise kids younger than 10 years old as the diamonds can be a choking hazard.

Before diving into this list, let me break down exactly what diamond painting is and how long it takes to put one together for anyone in the dark about this new trend.

What Exactly IS Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting combines the elements of paint-by-numbers, cross-stitching, and mosaic painting.

In diamond painting, a number of small resin diamonds are applied on adhesive and onto a coded canvas. Some diamond art kits will already have the adhesive on the canvas.

For a detailed yet brief tutorial on diamond painting, check out this video by ShimmerStitch (pro tip: skip to minute 1:42 to see the process in action).

How Long Does Diamond Painting Take?

On average, diamond paintings can take about 2 to 9 hours to complete, depending on the size of the canvas.

For kids and beginners, I recommend starting with kits that are 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30cm) as they tend to be the smallest size and therefore take the shortest amount of time to complete.

Most of the kits on this list allow you to choose a size, so pick whichever one you and your kids are comfortable with.

Amazon Diamond Painting Kits

The great thing about buying from Amazon is that it offers a variety of diamond painting kits from other companies not on this list and customer reviews tell you if the manufacturer’s product claims are accurate.

Here are 6 diamond painting kits from Amazon that are not only great for teens, but are great for kids and beginners, too!

1. Unicorn Diamond Painting

Unicorn Diamond Painting

This fabulous and bright pink unicorn diamond painting kit from TOY Life has all the materials a kid needs to make their own glammed up unicorn painting.

What’s Included:

A frame and canvas
Packs of diamonds
Dotting pens

2. Baby Yoda Diamond Painting Kit

This is The Way…to make a diamond painting of Baby Yoda! With everything provided in this kit from FQOVKYN, kids will enjoy making this cute little alien from the hit show The Mandalorian.

What’s Included:

  • The canvas
  • Packs of round diamonds
  • The drill pen
  • Tray

3. 3-Pack Diamond Painting Kit

3 Pack Diamond Painting Kit

Yisong gives not one, not two, but three easy-to-do diamond paintings for kids in their kit! Kids can make a shiny narwhal, a huggable panda, and an adorable turtle. Or, turn this into a fun family activity where each member completes one animal!

What’s Included:

3 sets of canvases
3 sets of diamond painting tools (wax, pen, tray, and diamonds)
Easy-to-follow instructions

4. A City View – Diamond Painting Kit

Despite the cluttered view in this diamond painting kit from GemZono, our attention gravitates towards the warm animal, almost as if our gaze is sucked by a black hole.

What’s Included:

  • Painting canvas
  • Diamond pen and tray
  • Glued clay
  • Diamonds

5. Cat Art in a Japanese Style

Those who love Japanese art styles will certainly favor this diamond kit by STOJAN of a cat half-dressed in a kimono and surrounded by flowers.

What’s Included:

  • Canvas
  • Diamonds
  • Diamond pen

6. Taylor Swift Eras Poster

If there’s one artist who’s sweeping the globe with her award-winning hits right now, it’s got to be Taylor Swift. Swifties, this is a sign to get a diamond painting kit of the Eras poster and display it like a true fan!

What’s Included:

  • Canvas
  • Diamond art pen
  • Diamonds

Diamond Art Club Diamond Painting Kits

Considered by most people as the best place for diamond painting kits, Diamond Art Club offers a variety of high-quality products. Furthermore, they work with reputable artists, so you can be sure of the design quality.

Here are 3 beginner-level diamond painting kits from Diamond Art Club that include everything needed: canvas, diamonds, tray, applicator, and the wax.

7. Flower Field Diamond Painting Kit

Flower Field Diamond Painting Kit

This diamond painting kit with 24 colors is a canvas of a stunning field of flowers and an umbrella being blown away by the wind.

This kit has more colors and is larger than the previous one, but kids can still easily complete it because it includes Diamond Art Club’s round diamonds.

Complete your bouquet with these Perler bead flowers.

8. FrenchiCorn Diamond Painting Kit

FrenchiCorn Diamond Painting Kit

This adorable unicorn-dog hybrid diamond painting also uses round diamonds in a whopping 48 colors!

Don’t let the canvas size and amount of different colors deter kids as this is still an easy and fun painting to make.

9. Garfield, “Say Cheese”

I can’t think of any ginger cat who’s more famous than Garfield. Commemorate this national icon who filled the papers with his humor and our hearts with laughter.

10. A Witch’s Bedroom

Let’s remove all the negative connotations we may have of witches by getting this very pink bedroom of a young witch, who looks busy concocting a potion with her mini cauldron.

Let’s see the other types of witches in these witch drawings!

11. Batman, Shadows of Flight

Strike fear into the criminals of Gotham City with this diamond kit painting, which impressively contains only three colors!

Beginners won’t have any problems with the colors, clearly; the amount of diamonds to insert will be the main challenge.

12. SpongeBob, Best Friends Under the Sea

Whether kid or adult, time and time again SpongeBob has captured our hearts with timeless themes of friendship and joy of simple pleasures.

In this diamond kit painting, the artist recreates two of the most iconic cartoon characters of today.

Similar to diamond painting, Perler beads are a great alternative. Here are some examples of Spongebob Perler beads.

Paint with Diamonds Diamond Painting Kits

Last, but certainly not least, here are 3 kits for kids and beginners I recommend from Paint with Diamonds. This retailer includes filters on their site to help customers find kits for kids, beginners, intermediate-level, or experts!

Each kit includes:

An adhesive canvas
A pen and tweezers
Tray and wax
A wide tip attachment

What makes Paint with Diamonds so great is that they will replace your kit, FOR FREE, if you make a mistake or have an accident.

13. The Scream Diamond Painting Kit

The Scream Diamond Painting Kit

Introduce your kids to expressionism with Edvard Munch’s most famous painting, The Scream.

While this diamond painting kit is not in the kids’ section, it is still marketed for beginners and can be purchased with round diamonds.

14. The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Diamond Painting Kit

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Diamond Painting Kit

Here’s another famous painting, this time from Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. This is great for beginners and kids because it only uses a handful of colors and has the option to purchase with round diamonds.

Provide a safe refuge for sailors who navigate stormy seas with these lighthouse crafts.

15. Starry Night Folklore

The name might suggest another super famous painting, one created by Van Gogh, but a closer look at the image reveals that it’s a totally different art, but no less wondrous.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

From cute, adorable animals to famous works of art, kids can make paintings shinier with these 15 diamond painting kits! Not only are they fun for kids to complete, they’re fun for grown-ups as well.

And when you’re done with diamond art kits, try a DIY project with your kids, like these dream catcher crafts for kids of all ages.