19 Easy Stitch Drawings for Escaped Aliens

Experience the high-stakes adventures of Lilo and her family through the drawing of these easy Stitch drawings!

Two decades after its original release, Lilo & Stitch has been a classic Disney film that has found a special place on the movie shelf of many families. After all, the lessons and entertainment it gives its audience are enough for old fans to rewatch it repeatedly and attract a new generation of fans.

I wouldn’t be surprised if children still crave crazy adventures—even after exceeding the healthy dose of replaying the film.

Lucky for you, I’ve just got the proper activity to redirect your children’s attention from the screen to something more hands-on. Scroll on to see the best Stitch drawings.


3 Lilo and Stitch Head Drawings

Let’s start with something simple. These Lilo and Stitch head drawings will pave the way for the other sketches below.

1. Stitch Face Sketch

Imagine getting lessons from the people working at Disney. That sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

Well, imagine no more because those lessons are right at your fingertips. The Animation Academy in Universal Studios Florida delivers a video guide on how to draw Stitch’s head.

Disney Parks’s video provides tips and tricks and techniques to draw your favorite character.

2. How to Draw Stitch’s Face

Stitch is a genetic experiment by an alien doctor named Dr. Jumba Jookiba. The alien features are very noticeable in this sketch by EasyDrawingTutorials.

Just like in experiments, drawing is trying to figure out what works or not. So don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes here and there.

3. How to Draw Lilo’s Face

If Stitch landed on a different part of the globe instead of Hawaii, the story would’ve been entirely different.

But Stitch couldn’t have had a better adoptive parent than the highly spirited Lilo Pelekai. Here’s Articco Drawing showing us how to draw Lilo’s face.

7 Stitch Drawings

Learn how to draw Stitch in different poses—dynamic or static—in these seven Stitch drawings.

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4. Stitch Drawing in 9 Steps

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Want to learn how to draw Stitch in nine easy steps? Look no further than this guide shared by Art Projects For Kids.

The drawing consists of Stitch sitting curiously on the floor.

5. Happy Stitch Drawing

Stitch is a friendly being—if you put aside his strong tendency towards destruction and chaos. Give this fella a second chance and draw a jolly Stitch created by Colourtechs Drawing

6. Cute Stitch Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

Would you think that this seemingly innocent creature—who Lilo mistakes for a blue dog—is more dangerous than anything you’ve ever known?

I’ll take my chances with Drawing Howtos‘s cute Stitch drawing.

If I didn’t know he’s an alien, I might mistake Stitch for a highly energetic version of these koala drawings.

7. Hungry Stitch

Picture yourself being hungry and seeing your favorite food waiting for you at the dinner table. That’s exactly Stitch’s feelings about coconut cake and coffee.

His reaction can be summarized by this sketch created by HAROON ART CLUB.

Don’t salivate too much when making these food Perler beads.

8. Handstand Stitch

Did you know that Stitch can lift 3000 times his body weight? That’s just one of his many impressive abilities.

Watch him perform a handstand through Kids Art Now’s drawing.

9. Stitch in the Winter

Since Stitch is part of Lilo’s family, he is introduced to many celebrations and traditions of humans. One of them is Christmas!

In this video tutorial by Artimee, we learn how to draw Stitch enjoying the winter weather—far away from his original landing point in Hawaii.

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10. Lovely Stitch and Angel Drawing

Even though he’s a genetic experiment, Stitch is a highly intelligent being who’s capable of feeling emotions. We can see that when Angel (also known as Experiment 624) comes into the picture.

Here’s a lovely drawing shared by Pablo ART of Stitch and Angel hugging each other.

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4 Lilo Drawings

Lilo takes the spotlight in these next four drawings.

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11. How to Draw Lilo

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tutorials

Lilo, with her adventurous attitude and brave personality, is the perfect match for the volatile and dangerous Stitch.

Easy Drawing Tutorials shows us how to draw Lilo easily.

12. Lilo Carrying a Fish Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

Watch as Lilo catches a fish almost half her size.

Beginner artists interested in drawing methodically should look forward to Drawing How To Draw‘s guide, which starts the drawing with an outline and proceeds to draw the details from it.

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13. Lilo Drawing Tutorial

As an inhabitant of Hawaii, Lilo is well-acquainted with the customs and traditions of her region—wearing a hula skirt, for example.

Artimee shows us their version of Lilo in a hula skirt.

14. Lilo in a Hula Skirt

Here’s another variant of Lilo in a hula skirt, shared by World of Drawing’s channel.

5 Other Lilo & Stitch Characters

The story and adventures of Lilo and Stitch revolve around the duo—without overshadowing other personalities. Here are other prominent Lilo and Stitch characters.

15. How to Draw Nani Pelekai

Nani Pelekai remains an important figure in Lilo’s life, most especially after the death of their parents.

Remember to show respect and appreciation for your older siblings, and draw this guide by Art Space.

16. How to Draw Angel (Experiment 624)

Angel is Stitch’s female counterpart—brought to life by the same scientist, Dr. Jumba Jookiba. No.9 artes’s channel illustrates how to draw Angel in a sitting position.

17. How to Draw Scrump

Lilo’s beloved doll, Scrump, has survived plenty of surgeries. Despite Scrump’s Frankenstein-like appearance, Draw So Cute manages to still sketch a very endearing version of the doll.

18. How to Draw Wendy Pleakley

After Stitch escaped from his planet, the authorities of his world made it a priority to recapture him. After all, he is a highly intelligent genetic experiment capable of wreaking havoc at any time.

Agent Wendy Pleakley is chosen as Jookiba’s partner due to his expertise regarding planet Earth. Just as they entrust Pleakley to be Jookiba’s partner, we put our faith in Colourtechs Drawing’s expertise in sketching and video tutorial to develop our artistic skills.

19. How to Draw Dr. Jumba Jookiba

Dr. Jumba Jookiba, being the “father” of Stitch and other experiments, is the root of all this Hawaiian roller coaster ride.

Despite being portrayed as a villainous character in the beginning, this overweight alien slowly reveals his friendly personality through the comedic interactions between him and Pleakley.

Lilo and Stitch wouldn’t exist without this mad scientist.

Stitch Drawings Means Fun for the Entire Family!

Just like how ohana means family, these Stitch drawings mean fun and excitement for the whole family. They’re also great practice for aspiring artists who are interested in developing their drawing skills.

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