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20 Magnificent and Marvelous Letter “M” Crafts

Help kids easily learn and remember the 13th letter of the alphabet with these 20 letter “M” crafts.

Associating the letter “M,” and the various words that begin with it, with fun crafts can help kids easily recollect its appearance and sound!

11 Uppercase Letter “M” Crafts

1. “M is for Monkey” Craft

“M is for Monkey” Craft

Photo credit: Izzie, Mac, and Me

Difficulty Level: Toddler

Kids will go bananas for this really easy monkey craft from Izzie, Mac, and Me. All kids need is construction paper, glue, googly eyes, and scissors. That’s it!

2. “M is for Mouse” Craft

“M is for Mouse” Craft

Photo credit: Crystal and Co.

Difficulty Level: Toddler

This is a great and easy letter “M” craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners courtesy of Crystal and Co. Kids can make this simple mouse craft with construction paper, googly eyes, pom poms, glue, and the letter “M” template.

3. “M is for Moose” Craft

“M is for Moose” Craft

Photo credit: The Simple Parent

Difficulty Level: Toddler

Get ready to do some hand tracing, kids! The Simple Parent shows kids how to make this fun moose craft with their hands using cardstock or construction paper, googly eyes, glue, scissors, a pencil, and their free letter “M” template.

4. “M is for Monster” Craft

“M is for Monster” Craft

Photo credit: School Time Snippets

Difficulty Level: Toddler

James P. Sullivan, aka Sully from the movies Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, can be made at home with this monster craft from School Time Snippets.

What will they need? A Do-A-Dot marker, paint, a googly eye, a black marker, and paper.

5. “M is for Map” Craft

“M is for Map” Craft

Photo credit: Powerful Mothering

Difficulty Level: Toddler

Here’s an easy-to-make map craft from Powerful Mothering. All kids need is a paper map, scissors, glue, and the letter “M” template at the bottom of the tutorial (you’ll have to enter your email to download it, though).

6. “M is for a Mosaic Masterpiece” Craft

“M is for a Mosaic Masterpiece” Craft

Photo credit: Kidz Activities

Difficulty Level: Toddler

Here’s another easy letter “M” craft for toddlers thanks to Kidz Activities. The materials needed are construction paper, contact paper, scissors, small pieces of different colored paper, and the letter “M” template.

While a grown-up should handle the prepping of the materials, toddlers will have fun going ham and making their own simple mosaic masterpiece!

7. “M is for Marshmallow” Craft

“M is for Marshmallow” Craft

Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Difficulty Level: Toddler

Kids can use yummy marshmallows for this delicious looking marshmallow craft from No Time for Flash Cards. Aside from mini-marshmallows, kids will need construction paper, glue, and a marker.

Afterwards, kids can eat the leftover marshmallows for a quick snack!

8. “M is for Mountain” Craft

“M is for Mountain” Craft

Photo credit: Our Crafts N Things

Difficulty Level: Preschooler

Climb high with this easy and simple mountain craft, kids! Our Crafts N Things shows kids how to make this mountain scene with construction paper, glue, scissors, cotton balls, and markers.

9. “M is for Moon” Craft

“M is for Moon” Craft

Photo credit: Crayons and Cravings

Difficulty Level: Preschooler

Let kids aim even higher with this moon craft by Crayons and Cravings. To make this beautiful moonlit night sky, kids will need craft foam or cardstock, scissors, glue, a black marker, and the letter “M” and moon templates.

10. “M is for Music” Craft

“M is for Music” Craft

Photo credit: The Relaxed Homeschool

Difficulty Level: Preschooler

Play some of your kids favorite tunes while they make this craft! By using construction paper, a bottlecap, a pencil, a ruler, glue, scissors, and a black crayon, kids can make this simple music themed craft from The Relaxed Homeschool.

11. Origami Uppercase Letter “M”

Origami Uppercase Letter “M”

Difficulty Level: Kindergartener and older

Let kids further improve their fine motor skills with origami! The art of paper folding can be used to make various things from just a piece of paper, like this uppercase letter “M” from BD Crafts.

A grown-up might need to help kids out with some of the folds seen in the video.

4 Lowercase Letter “m” Crafts

12. “m is for Mouse” Craft

“m is for Mouse” Craft

Photo credit: All About Learning Press

Difficulty Level: Toddler

All About Learning Press has a cute little mouse craft for kids! Kids will need cardstock, googly eyes, glue, scissors, a pencil, and their free template.

13. “m is for Monster” Craft

 “m is for Monster” Craft

Photo credit: From ABCs to ACTs

Difficulty Level: Toddler

This green, three-eyed monster letter “m” craft can be made by kids thanks to From ABCs to ACTs. To make this, kids will need Do-A-Dot markers, scissors, glue, construction paper, and cardstock.

14. “m is for Magnet” Craft

 “m is for Magnet” Craft

Photo credit: Totally Tots

Difficulty Level: Toddler

Teach kids about magnets with this easy-to-do magnet craft. Using craft foam scissors, glue, and a pencil or pen, Totally Tots shows kids how easy it is to make this craft!

15. “m is for Muffin” Craft

“m is for Muffin” Craft

Photo credit: The Kindergarten Connection

Difficulty Level: Preschooler

Mmm, muffins! This yummy looking muffin craft from The Kindergarten Connection is a real treat! All kids need is cardstock or construction paper, glue, scissors, paper muffin liners or coffee filters, and markers.

Why not get your kids some muffins afterwards for a celebratory snack?

5 Other Crafts Beginning with the Letter “M”

16. Swinging Monkey Paper Craft

Difficulty Level: Preschooler

Here’s a cool swinging monkey craft kids can do thanks to Paper Magic. Kids will need cardstock or construction paper, scissors, glue, a bendy straw, and a marker. It’s that simple!

17. Tissue Box Monster Craft

Tissue Box Monster Craft

Photo credit: Totschooling

Difficulty Level: Preschooler

Before throwing out that empty tissue box, check out this monster craft by Totschooling. Other than an empty tissue box, kids will need googly eyes, scissors, glue, construction paper, and circle dot stickers.

18. Paper Mouse Finger Puppets

Difficulty Level: Kindergartener

Check out these adorable mouse finger puppets from Red Ted Art! To make them, kids will need glue, scissors, paper, colored markers, and a small plate or saucer.

19. Origami Moustache

Difficulty Level: Kindergartener

Need a quick disguise to hide from your friends? Then Origami Kawai has got your back, kids. Their video teaches kids how to make a simple origami moustache with a small piece of paper.

A grown-up’s help might be needed for some of the folds seen in the video.

20. Paper Mailbox Craft

Paper Mailbox Craft

Photo credit: Handmade Charlotte

Difficulty Level: Kindergartener

Kids can receive messages the old fashioned way with this neat little mailbox craft from Handmade Charlotte. They’ll just need cardstock, scissors, a craft knife, glue, tape, markers or crayons, and the printable template.

Letter “M” Masterpieces for Kids

Kids will love these letter “M” preschool crafts that are easy enough for toddlers to do, too. They’ll be able to remember the appearance and sound of the letter “M” and enhance their creativity and motor skills along the way!

Did your kids enjoy these letter “M” crafts? Which one is their favorite? Share in the comments below.

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