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27 Cat Perler Beads Patterns for Kids

Cats are one of the most independent animals; train your little ones to be more independent with these cat Perler bead patterns!

Kids can’t help but be interested in kitties; I’m sure they’ll find the ones below to be a delight.

If you’re unsure what Perler beads (aka fuse beads) are, check out our post on easy Perler bead patterns where you’ll find a comprehensive video tutorial.

For your convenience, here’s a list of materials you’ll need to create these cute cat Perler beads patterns.

What You Need:

7 Small Cat Perler Bead Patterns

The first cat Perler bead designs are focused on small patterns that toddlers and preschoolers can easily put in order.

Caution: These beads are a choking hazard, so ensure there’s adult supervision when kids, especially toddlers, are playing with them.

1. Cat Perler Beads Design for Toddlers

Cat Perler Beads Design for Toddlers
Photo credit: Mama Smiles

If your toddlers are just starting to recognize shapes and colors, then this cat Perler bead pattern from Mama Smiles is perfect to try.

This pattern doesn’t use too many beads and should take less than 15 minutes to make.

2. A Curious Brown Cat

This video tutorial shared by Lacey’s Crafts will help you put together a curious brown cat.

What I love about the video tutorial is that it shows the exact amount of each colored bead you’ll need, making this Perler bead activity easy and efficient.

3. Cute Perler Bead Black Cat

Here’s another easy Perler bead pattern from Lacey’s Crafts that involves making a black cat from Perler beads, which is a great activity to do during the Halloween season!

Pair this Perler bead creation with other spooky Halloween crafts, like these bat crafts.

4. Simple Black & White Cat Perler Beads Pattern

Simple Black & White Cat Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: Laurel on Kandi Patterns

Perler bead crafts and activities not only refine your children’s visual skills, but they’re also a great activity to learn how to count, like this black & white kitty from Laurel.

This pattern allows your children to focus on how many black or white beads they need to arrange.

5. Cat Paw Perler Beads Pattern

Cat Paw Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: Nice PNG

Cat’s paws are very recognizable because it’s often a popular symbol seen on cartoon TV shows.

Create this Perler bead pattern from Nice PNG to keep things nice and simple.

Speaking of little paws, check out these turkey handprint crafts that you and your children can make together!

6. Shadow Cat Perler Beads

Easy Black Cat Perler Bead Pattern
Photo credit: ReginaRegenbogen on Kandi Patterns

Here’s another no-fuss black cat Perler beads pattern from ReginaRegenbogen that will keep your little ones busy.

The curled tail provides an extra challenge!

7. Mackerel Tabby Cat

Photo credit: Matilda_24 on Bracelet Book

Tabbies are often mistaken to be a cat breed; it actually refers to cats with a certain coat type.

This pattern by Matilda_24 is what one calls a mackerel tabby.

Calling a cat mackerel is like an insult since it’s their prey—you wouldn’t want to be called a chicken, would you?

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8. Calico Cat Perler Beads Pattern

Calico Cat Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: EdenOfTheWild on Kandi Patterns

Kids love cats because they’re adorable, just like this calico cat from EdenOfTheWild.

This particular fuse beads pattern is a little more challenging due to the fine lines needed to create a curled-up cat.

9. Cute White Cat Perler Beads Pattern

Cute White Cat Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: butterscotchey on Kandi Patterns

Your kids won’t be able to resist making this cute white cat Perler beads pattern by butterscotchey.

This pattern looks similar to a Japanese style of drawing called chibi, in which figures are given exaggerated features.

Children are attracted to these types of drawings, especially considering their popularity in many kid’s TV shows.

10. Stardew Valley Ginger Cat Pattern

Photo credit: rjhahn97 on Kandi Patterns

If you and your children are fans of the video game Stardew Valley, then I know you won’t pass up this opportunity to bring your favorite pet to life.

Try making this cat Perler beads pattern by rjhahn97.

11. I Wish I Could Be One of the Cool Cats

Photo credit: halokiwi on Bracelet Book

Some cats (or humans) aspire to be as calm as this ginger tabby with sunglasses, shared by halokiwi .

I mean, who wouldn’t be at peace waking up after a full night’s sleep—which for cats is around 18 hours—then watching the sun set?

12. Cat With Fish Pattern

Cat With Fish Pattern
Photo credit: Nice PNG

This wild grey cat from Nice PNG has just caught a fish dinner to bring home to her hungry kittens.

Make your Perler beads activity more exciting by imagining interesting stories, like the one above, with your kids.

What scenarios do you think your children might imagine with this grey cat?

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13. Angel Kitten Perler Beads Pattern

Angel Kitten Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: FreakShowFix on Kandi Patterns

This angel kitten pattern found on Kandi Patterns is the perfect guardian for your kids.

You can put it beside their bed to reassure your kids that they always have company.

14. Mermaid Cat Perler Bead Design

Mermaid Cat Perler Bead Design
Photo credit: Saira on Pinterest

Combine your kid’s favorite mythical creature and animal with this mermaid cat Perler beads design shared by Saira.

If your children just can’t get enough of mermaids, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful mermaid crafts for you.

15. Cat in a Cup Perler Beads Creation

Here’s more proof that cats have the magical power to fit into and anywhere they want to. This video tutorial from Filo Pixie will show you how to make this colorful design.

16. Wizard Cat Perler Bead Pattern

Photo credit: PerlerPixie on DeviantArt

Now, this cat wizard cat Perler beads pattern by PerlerPixie is one that truly has magical powers.

17. Lucky Cat Perler Beads Pattern

Lucky Cat Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: PinPNG

Create this Perler beads pattern from PinPNG with your children and tell them that this lucky cat brings many fortunes.

This lucky cat (called maneki-neko) is a popular figurine in Japan. It’s believed to bring blessings to the owner.

18. Exotic Banana Cat

Photo credit: Ghost_UsedPoison_Fang on Kandi Patterns

In a faraway, fantastical land, there’s a tree that produces bananas; if you’re lucky, you’ll see one with a special fruit, seen on this pattern by Ghost_UsedPoison_Fang.

19. Smart Black Cat

Photo credit: Quller on Bracelet Book

Cats are notorious for avoiding bodies of water like the plague. Even apex predators sometimes find that the source of life can be a formidable foe.

There are a few resourceful ones who are afraid of the water, but find a way to not let it touch its freshly groomed fur.

Like this smart cat on a duck lifebuoy pattern shown by Quller.

8 Iconic Cat Perler Bead Patterns

The last cat Perler bead patterns are recognizable because they’re popular and iconic cats.

20. Hello Kitty Perler Bead Pattern

Hello Kitty Perler Bead Pattern
Photo credit: PNGItem

It’s impossible not to know this figure as it’s one of the most popular kittens in the world.

Recreate Hello Kitty with your little ones by following PNGItem’s simple pattern.

21. Meowth Perler Bead Pattern (Pokemon)

If your children are fans of Pokemon (which kid isn’t?) then they should try their hand at recreating these Meowth, brought to you by Happy Beads.

A more iconic Pokemon would be Pikachu, who’s the star of this list: Pikachu Perler Beads.

22. Catbus Perler Bead Pattern

Catbus Perler Bead Pattern
Photo credit: crafty_gal on Friendship Bracelets

If you and your children have an entire day to spare, then you should make this Perler beads pattern of Catbus from crafty_gal, a character featured in the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro.

23. Grumpy Cat Perler Beads Pattern

Grumpy Cat Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: lalalauren858 on Kandi Patterns

I think it’s safe to say that cats have taken over the internet. This Grumpy Cat from Kandi Patterns shows just one of the many iconic memes that have circulated the web.

24. Nyan Cat Perler Pattern

Nyan Cat Perler Pattern
Photo credit: ClipArtMax

Nyan Cat is another popular cat meme dating back to 2011. It’s a cat with a Pop-Tart torso that leaves a rainbow trail while flying through space.

It might sound absurd, but its popularity really emphasizes the influence of cats on people. Follow ClipArtMax’s pattern to make Nyan Cat.

Speaking of rainbows, check out our list of rainbow crafts for kids!

25. Fancy Pusheen Perler Bead Pattern

Fancy Pusheen Perler Bead Pattern
Photo credit: PikPNG

Pusheen is an adorable cat figure that you might recognize from stickers on social media websites like Facebook.

This Perler bead pattern from PikPNG shows a Pusheen who seems to be part of high society.

26. Cheshire Cat Perler Beads Pattern

Cheshire Cat Perler Beads Pattern
Photo credit: Santian69 on DeviantArt

Fans of Alice in Wonderland will immediately recognize the Cheshire cat, popular for its iconic grin.

While the Cheshire cat’s design requires a lot of beads, true fans will stop at nothing to recreate this pattern created by Santian69.

27. Tom (Tom and Jerry)

Photo credit: SusanGuinto on Brik

As a child, I’ve always rooted for Jerry to prevail in their game of cat and mouse.

But as an adult, I can’t help but sympathize with Tom, who SusanGuinto allows me to commemorate with their Perler bead pattern.

A Variety of Cat Perler Bead Patterns for Everyone

Perler bead crafts are a great activity to improve your children’s fine motor skills, so I hope you and they have fun with one of the cat Perler bead patterns above.

If your kids are looking for more cat-related activities, then check out our post about cat crafts for kids.

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