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22 Yummy Sushi Perler Bead Patterns

Japan’s rich culture has enriched the lives of people all across the globe. We have them to thank for anime, camera phones, instant noodles, and of course, sushi! You’ll find the best sushi perler bead patterns here.

Sushi is a worldwide phenomenon. There are over 4,000 sushi restaurants in the US alone. We just can’t get enough of this delicious dish.

Learn how to draw sushi with this beginner-friendly tutorial.

The Art Supplies You’ll Be Needing:

I know that you’re excited to get started in making these projects with your kids. But first things first. Listed below are some of the materials that we’ve used in making the crafts that I know will be helpful to you as well.

7 Easy Perler Bead Sushi Patterns

1. Sushi Perler Bead Pattern

Sushi Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: GwenniStars on Kandi Patterns

This cute little sushi pattern is ready to welcome you to this list. Its colorful toppings and cute smile are all it takes to convince you that you need to do this pattern with your little ones.

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2. Cute Onigiri Sushi Perler Beads

Cute Onigri Sushi Perler Beads
Photo Credit: angsboutique23 on Poshmark

Onigiri or rice balls are made with steamed sushi rice that’s wrapped in dried seaweed. The fact that it’s triangular makes it really cool, too.

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3. Crab Sushi Perler Bead Pattern

Crab Sushi Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: solishark on Kandi Patterns

Are you craving some nigiri sushi? This nigiri recipe by Dog is a must-try!

Don’t worry if you don’t have the ingredients to make one yourself because you can make this perler pattern instead (they’re equally mouthwatering).

4. 3D Sushi Perler Beads

Open your kids’ very first sushi restaurant and serve this 3D sushi. This pattern will be perfect for children who love to pretend play as chefs or servers.
Melt Beads Art Studio will show how you can assemble the parts in this video tutorial.

5. Maki Sushi Perler Beads

Maki Sushi Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Flickr

Maki sushi comes in different fillings. Whether you like raw fish, cooked fish, or vegetables as fillings, maki sushi will always taste amazing.

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6. Smiling Sushi Perler Bead Pattern

Smiling Sushi Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: xDusk on Kandi Patterns

This cute sushi looks like a man with a bandana. Your kids will like that this pattern can be interpreted in two ways. All you need is a little imagination.

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7. Yellow Sushi Perler Bead Pattern

Yellow Sushi Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: sansan196 on Kandi Patterns

This sushi pattern will be easy to do even for beginners. It only needs five colors of perler beads and voila! you’ll have a sushi with a funny face.

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11 Yummy Sushi Perler Beads

8. 3D Nigiri Perler Bead Pattern

3D Nigiri Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: MiLayna1018 on Fur Affinity

This 3D nigiri sushi looks like it came straight out of a video game because of its pixelized style. Gamers will love bringing this pattern to life.

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9. Adorable Sushi Pattern

Adorable Sushi Pattern
Photo Credit: Hollyann87 on Bracelet Book

We all love sushi. It’s delicious, appealing, and most of all healthy. It’s rich in high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids from fish, vitamins, and minerals. So head on to the nearest restaurant and grab yourself a roll.

10. Funny Sushi Perler Beads

Funny Sushi Perler Beads
Photo Credit:

Different people have different sushi favorites. Some like sashimi, temaki, or maki. Nonetheless, they all belong to the big and yummy family of sushi.

This pattern has something in store for everyone.

11. Hamster Sushi Perler Pattern

Hamster Sushi Perler Pattern
Photo Credit: halokiwi on Bracelet Book

Combine a hamster and sushi and what do you get? An irresistibly cute perler bead pattern. I guarantee that you won’t regret making this hamster sushi perler pattern because it’s unique and is so fun to make.

12. 4-in-1 3D Sushi Perler Beads

Create a veggie roll, tamago, salmon, and tempura sushi in one sitting through this video tutorial. In this video, Lightning Rocket Creates shares the secret recipe on how to make these four patterns easily.

13. “They See Me Rollin'” Sushi Pattern

"They See Me Rollin'" Sushi Pattern
Photo Credit: jainaaa_ on Bracelet Book

They see me rollin’ and they just can’t get enough. When it comes to sushi, we’ll always want another roll and another because they’re so good.

14. Sushi Perler Beads with Googly Eyes

Sushi Perler Beads with Googly Eyes
Photo Credit: Tea and Craft

Adding some googly eyes to your sushi perler beads make all the difference. They’ll look cuter, funnier, and more alive.

Get some googly eyes for your crafts here.

15. Pusheen Cat Eating Sushi

Pusheen Cat Eating Sushi
Photo Credit: Bracelet Book

One of the cutest cats on the internet is known to be a food lover. Pusheen is always eating some cake, ice cream, and also sushi. We can’t blame you Pusheen, because we can’t get enough sushi, too.

Great cat crafts for kids are compiled just for you so head on to this post.

16. Sushi and Ramen Combo Pattern

Sushi and Ramen Combo Pattern
Photo Credit: Craftastic Dreamations

Another Japanese food favorite is ramen. The soft noodles and hot broth is best paired with some sushi. These two combined will give you an unforgettable and authentic Japanese culture immersion.

17. Egg and Shrimp Sushi Earrings Pattern

Egg and Shrimp Sushi Earrings Pattern
Photo Credit: CallunaMuse

Do you love accessorizing? These cute earrings will be one of your most daring and unique pieces. Expect to receive a ton of compliments while wearing these egg and shrimp sushi earrings.

18. Sushi on Tray Perler Beads

Sushi on Tray Perler Beads
Photo Credit: xSuzukiii on Kandi Patterns

Make the experience more authentic by including a tray on your list. This pattern will give you the whole experience because it includes a sushi, wasabi, and even a tray pattern that holds all the pieces together.

2 Sushi Accompaniments

19. Soy Sauce for Sushi Pattern

Soy Sauce for Sushi Pattern
Photo Credit: Elu on Bracelet Book

Sushi and soy sauce are the perfect duo. Soy sauce is widely used in Japanese cuisine, and sushi greatly benefits from it.

You’re ready to play pretend after making this kawaii soy sauce bottle by Elu.

Spread your wings and fly while making these pretty butterfly perler bead patterns.

20. Wasabi and Soy Sauce

Photo credit: bedroomssaddle7 on Brik

Sushi is food in its purest state; bringing out its flavors requires help from these two indispensable condiments: wasabi and soy sauce.

The wasabi lends a burst of heat (a pungent flavor not too far from that of mustard) that’s meant to highlight the flavor of the raw fish, while the soy sauce acts as a flavor enhancer. (Think of salt and pepper on a porterhouse steak.)

2 Sushi Master Chefs

21. Master Chef

Photo credit: rumblingclay on Brik

Fish is delicate, and years of experience are required for its preparation.

I’m not kidding when I say becoming a master sushi chef takes as many years as training to be a doctor: it takes at least ten years!

For that reason, these master chefs, like the one depicted by rumblingclay, are well respected.

22. Shiba Inu Sushi Chef

Photo credit: MinTea on Bracelet Book

In a parallel universe, dogs are the ones meticulously preparing fish, just like what’s happening in MinTea‘s pattern.

The Most Authentic Sushi Perler Beads

Sushi is an essential part of Japanese cuisine and culture that has been shared with the world. These sushi perler beads patterns will give you a taste of that culture while getting an unforgettable bonding experience with your kids in the process.

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