22 Crazy Cute Kitten Drawings

The cat is out of the bag. We’ve compiled the best kitten drawings for the kids on this list.

It’s for all the cat and kitty lovers out there. I’m sure that your child will have a lot of fun recreating these wonderful kitten drawings.

So what are we waiting for? Grab their favorite pens and coloring materials and let’s create amazing artwork now.

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7 Cute Kitten Drawings

1. Simple Kitten Sketch

Simple Kitten Sketch
Photo Credit: Family Realms

This simple kitten drawing from Family Realms will be a great way to kickstart our list.

With its big round eyes and cute little whiskers, this sketch will be a favorite of all cat lovers.

2. Chonky Kitten Drawing

Chonky Kitten Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

It’s a given fact that every single kitten is cute.

But this chonky kitten sketch from How to Draw for Kids will take the cuteness up a notch.

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3. Kitten with Soccer Ball Drawing

Play around with their kitten drawing and include a soccer ball in the sketch, too.

Get ideas on how to do it from this informative video of drawinghowtodraw.

4. Outdoor Kitten Drawing

Outdoor Kitten Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Kids‘ kitten sketch is patiently waiting to be drawn.

The tutorial is comprehensive and easy to follow so the kids won’t have a difficult time following it.

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5. Cute Kitten Sketch

Cute Kitten Sketch
Photo Credit: Jey Ram

Drawing kittens like those that can be seen in mangas is much easier to do than you thought.

Check out this step-by-step guide from Jey Ram to find out how.

6. Kitten with Bubble Tea Sketch

Kitten with Bubble Tea Sketch
Photo Credit: Color Made Happy

This cute kitty from Color Made Happy loves bubble tea as much as we do.

The fun part about this piece is that the kids won’t just be learning how to draw a charming kitten but also a refreshing boba drink.

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7. Easy Kitten Drawing

Easy Kitten Drawing
Photo Credit: Rainbow Printables

One of the cutest things kittens do is when they purr and sit comfortably in their owner’s lap.

That’s what Rainbow Printables captured in their drawing tutorial.

Learn how to draw Paw Patrol characters here.

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8. Cute Orange and White Kitten

Cute Orange and White Kitten
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

This glorious orange and white kitten is ready to grace your child’s sketchbook.

I Heart Crafty Things made this 10-step drawing tutorial that will encourage the kids to try out different pencil and coloring techniques for their sketches.

9. Kitten with Heart Collar Sketch

Show your love for your little feline friend by drawing a heart on their collar.

Follow this epic drawing guide prepared by Draw So Cute.

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10. Serious Kitten Drawing

Serious Kitten Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Add variety to the kid’s sketchbook by including this serious-faced kitten from Art Projects for Kids.

Even if this black and white kitten doesn’t have a trace of a smile on its lips, there’s no doubt that it’s still super adorable and delightful.

11. Three Kittens Sketch

Three Kittens Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Why draw one kitten when you can draw three purrfect creatures?

Have an exciting and fun time drawing these baby kittens from Drawing Tutorials 101 with your little ones.

12. Playful Kitten Sketch

Take a break from serious sketches and have an enjoyable time recreating this playful cat from GuuhDrawings.

This drawing will become a favorite of the kids because of how beautiful the sketch will turn out once it’s completed.

13. Realistic Kitten Face Sketch

Realistic Kitten Face Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Not sure how to draw the face of a kitten? Don’t worry because Drawing Tutorials 101 has got you covered.

From its sparkling eyes and realistic fur, this guide has got it all to make their perfect kitten drawing.

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14. Kitten Drawing from the Letters B and D

Kitten Drawing from the Letters B and D
Photo Credit: Drawing How to Draw

The kids will be amazed by how Drawing How to Draw was able to turn the letters B and D into a kitten sketch.

This will be perfect for kids with names that start with those two letters, too.

Head on to their website to get the full drawing tutorial.

15. Kitten Drawing with Floating Hearts

Let the kids show just how much they love their little fur baby with this drawing of a kitten surrounded by hearts from Cute Easy Drawings.

This sketch looks awesome and isn’t time-consuming at all which is a huge plus as well.

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16. Fancy Kitten Drawing

Fancy Kitten Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

Say hello to this incredibly fancy and pretty kitten from Freepik.

In just four easy steps, the kids will have this kitten drawn in their favorite sketchbook in no time.

17. Pretty Kitty Drawing

Pretty Kitty Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Your child will learn a lot about how to draw mammals especially kittens from Easy Drawing Guides‘ tutorial.

The complete sketch guide can be viewed for free on their website.

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18. Unicorn Kiten Drawing

Can’t decide whether to draw a kitten or a unicorn first?

There’s no need to decide when your child can have the best of both worlds thanks to this video tutorial from Learn step by step.

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19. Handsome Kitten Drawing

Handsome Kitten Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

Take a look at this dashing handsome kitten drawing from Freepik.

Accessorizing and adding a red bow to the kitty makes a huge difference to the drawing which the kids will learn through this piece.

20. Happy Kitten Drawing

Happy Kitty Drawing
Photo Credit: The Smart Wander

Happiness and contentment are the two emotions that can be clearly seen in this gray kitten drawing from The Smart Wander.

The kids will benefit from drawing this kitty because it will enhance their skills in drawing different expressions for their sketches.

21. Rainbow Kitten Drawing

Can’t get enough of a cat and unicorn mashup? We know we can’t.

It’s time for us to draw another one and this time it’s courtesy of Draw So Cute.

Brownie points for the rainbow background, too.

22. Sleepy Kitten Drawing

Sleepy Kitten Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing How to Draw

Kittens need to take a lot of naps for them to grow big and healthy just like the kiddos.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this epic sleeping kitten drawing from Drawing How to Draw as well.

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Cuteness Galore with Kitten Drawings

Our delightful drawing session filled with adorable kitten drawings has come to an end.

We hope that your child had a purr-fectly fantastic time unleashing their creativity and bringing these furry friends to life.

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