12 Beautiful Mermaid Drawings for Kids

Mermaids are beautiful and mythical creatures that have enchanted lots of imaginative children over the years.

While there have been plenty of myths and stories written about mermaids around the world, there’s still no evidence that these half-human-half-fish exist.

Still, kids enjoy fantasizing about these wonderful ocean creatures, and so I’ve compiled 13 beautiful mermaid drawings and designs so kids can catch even just a tiny glimpse of them.

3 Simple Mermaid Drawings

The first 3 mermaid designs can be easily drawn by beginners because they have simple designs and a step-by-step guide.

And if you’re looking for actual projects for younger children, try making some of these mermaid crafts!

1. Simple Mermaid Drawing

Simple Mermaid Drawing
Photo credit: The Drawbot

Let’s start with a straightforward mermaid design. Pick this drawing if you want to keep your children busy. Iit allows kids to draw the mermaid from scratch and also color her in.

The Drawbot provides this excellent step-by-step mermaid drawing to imitate. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s a nice starting point for anyone who is just beginning to draw.

2. “How to Draw a Mermaid” Cartoon Drawing

“How to Draw a Mermaid” Cartoon Drawing
Photo credit: How To Draw Funny Cartoons

Mermaids are popular characters in kids’ TV shows and cartoons because they’re known to be great singers!

Channel your kids’ inner siren and vocalize with them while making this cartoon mermaid drawing from How To Draw Funny Cartoons.

If the 4-step written tutorial isn’t enough for you, there’s also a detailed video tutorial on their website.

It’s important for kids to discover their passion early on, so explore their love of music with these homemade instruments.

3. “How to Draw a Mermaid Princess” for Kids

Since they live in the ocean, mermaids are often depicted in habitats with other sea creatures, such as dolphins, turtles, and crabs, just like this mermaid drawing from Colorful Creative Kids.

Draw this mermaid swimming in the ocean and let your kids add details like rocks, algae, other creatures, and even sunken ships with treasures!

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6 Cute Mermaid Drawings

Your children will find these next 4 mermaid drawings adorable because the artists have made the designs very cute and easy to draw.

4. Pretty Mermaid Drawing

Pretty Mermaid Drawing
Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Mermaids are known to be beautiful creatures, sometimes represented in other cultures as a deity or spiritual being. I Heart Crafty Things shows their appeal through this lovely mermaid drawing.

They start by drawing the mermaid’s pretty face and silky hair, then proceed to draw the mermaid’s body and tail.

All of the instructions and tips about the drawing, starting with initial sketches and finishing with the final touches, are included on their website.

5. Chibi Cartoon Mermaid Drawing

This video tutorial on Draw So Cute’s channel shares a chibi mermaid drawing.

The term chibi refers to the drawing style often seen in Japanese mangas. It’s a style that tends to exaggerate the proportions of the character’s body to make them cuter.

These chibi-style drawings are great for beginners because they’re easy and very forgiving. Any mistake your kids make would only make their mermaids cuter!

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6. Mermaid Drawing: Easy for Older Kids

Mermaid Drawing: Easy for Older Kids
Photo credit: Felt Magnet

Mermaids come in all shapes and sizes, just like people do! Your kids can design their mermaids to be as diverse and as colorful as they want.

This mermaid by Felt Magnet, for example, has a sweet and amicable appearance. The artist designed their mermaid to have frizzy hair and a heart-shaped waist.

I love how they even added scribbled lines to create the scales on her tail!

7. Easy & Cute Mermaid Drawing

Easy & Cute Mermaid Drawing
Photo credit: Art Project For Kids

Is there a difference between mermaids and sirens? The answer is yes and no. While they both look similar in physical appearance, they are different in their attitudes towards humans.

Sirens are dangerous creatures who lure with their voice ships and sailors to their demise. In short, mermaids are the good gals!

Luckily, this design from Art Project For Kids looks like a friendly mermaid that your kids can easily draw!

8. Mermaid Tail Drawing

This video tutorial from Markcrilley’s channel is a great place to start for those looking to improve their sketching skills because they provide a comprehensive guide.

The video explains in detail the depth and ratios of the mermaid they’ve made and provides plenty of guidelines to draw a mermaid’s tail.

9. Mermaid Drawing From the Word “Mermaid”

This video tutorial from Let’s Draw is an interesting and clever display of how you can creatively draw a mermaid from the word “mermaid.”

You probably wouldn’t have expected that this beautiful mermaid design started from a word. I sure didn’t!

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3 Mermaid Drawings With Step-By-Step Guides

10. Kawaii Ariel: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Kawaii Ariel: Step-By-Step Tutorial
Photo credit: Tatyana Deniz

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is an old movie, but it’s such a classic children’s film that even today’s generation of toddlers and preschoolers still enjoy watching it.

I should know – after 3 years, Flounder still ranks as #1 on my 7-year old niece’s Disney favorites list.

Tatyana Deniz shares very useful tips for you when, such as imagining body parts in terms of geometric shapes.

Fans of Disney, specifically of the Star Wars series, will rejoice to know that there’s a list of Baby Yoda crafts waiting for them, too!

11. “How to Draw a Mermaid Tail” Tutorial

“How to Draw a Mermaid Tail” Tutorial
Photo credit: Step By Step Painting

Since mermaids are mythical creatures and don’t exist in real life, we can only imagine what they look like, like this mermaid design from Step By Step Painting.

Since the mermaid is facing away from us, we can only speculate what she would look like. The benefit of this design is that it allows you to focus on the quality of the hair and tail.

12. “How to Draw a Mermaid” Easy Tutorial

“How to Draw a Mermaid” Easy Tutorial
Photo credit: Let’s Draw That

Try to recreate this mermaid from Let’s Draw That! They have an awesome and detailed step-by-step guide on their website that will make you feel like a talented artist when you’re finished!

Stunning Mermaid Drawings From Under the Sea

These 13 mermaid designs are mesmerizing to look at and they’re a great activity to hone your or your children’s drawing skills.

Which of these mermaid drawings did you find charming? Share in the comment below!

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