22 Splendid Sand Castle Drawings for Your Next Beach Trip

Rain or shine, summer or winter, the kids will be able to do these sand castle drawings whenever they want. All they need are these guides, some paper and pencils, and a whole lot of imagination.

Building sand castles on the shore is one of the best ways to spend the day on the beach. It creates endless possibilities for kids to create something wonderful using sand.

This list will give them inspiration on how to make their drawings stand out (and maybe even some tips on how they can decorate their sand castle on the next beach trip).

Let’s dive into the list and start creating magnificent castles.

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Grab These Great Art Materials

7 Easy Sand Castle Drawings

1. Sand Castle Outline Drawing

Sand Castle Outline Drawing
Photo Credit: The Petite Planner

Let’s start our journey to becoming experts in drawing sand castles with this one from The Petite Planner.

It’s a straightforward guide that the kids will find useful for their sketches.

2. Incredible Sand Castle Drawing

This sandcastle tutorial from ArtWithMrs.M is complete with the sea, shells, and even a hidden crab.

Make sure to watch the full tutorial above to get the complete step-by-step instructions.

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3. Simple Sand Castle Drawing

Simple Sand Castle Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Here’s a sandcastle design from How to Draw for Kids that’s built for stability and practicality.

The unique and simple architecture provided in this guide will be ideal for kids who are just learning how to draw sand castles.

4. Colorful Sand Castle Drawing

A colorful sandcastle drawing might be the only thing that’s missing to brighten up your kid’s day.

Sunny Kids Art has got you covered with this easy-to-follow video tutorial.

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5. Magnificent Sand Castle Drawing

Magnificent Sand Castle Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Look at this magnificent sandcastle by Hello Artsy.

I’m sure the kids will be thrilled to get started on this fun project.

6. Unique Sand Castle Sketch

The softness of the lines on this sketch makes the drawing look more sand-like and realistic.

Adding this sketch from Azz Easy Drawing will be an incredible idea.

Brownie points for the attention to detail as seen in the stairs of the guide.

7. Pretty Sand Castle Drawing

Spend the day with the kids recreating this awesome sandcastle drawing from Aditi Arts.

Don’t forget to include the details in their drawings like the sun, waves, and seashells, too.

The cutest squirrel drawings can be found here.

6 How to Draw a Sand Castle

8. Sturdy Sand Castle Sketch

Sturdy Sand Castle Sketch
Photo Credit: Teachers Pay Teachers

Build a strong sandcastle that will stand the test of time with the help of this drawing guide from Teachers Pay Teachers.

The pillars and layers of the castle have a sturdy and timeless design that aspiring architects will adore.

9. Cute Sand Castle Sketch

Adorn the kids’ sandcastle drawing with beautiful seashells and flags to elevate its look.

Get ideas on how to do it properly by watching Zooshii‘s video tutorial.

10. Cool Sand Castle Drawing

Cool Sand Castle Drawing
Photo Credit: Lucky Little Learners

Lucky Little Learners has gone the extra mile to teach the kids how to draw sandcastles by also including detailed instructions every step of the way.

The children won’t feel overwhelmed while recreating the sandcastle because of how informative and thought of the guide is.

11. Tall Sand Castle Sketch

Don’t forget to add this beautiful sandcastle drawing from Pixi Draw to the kids’ to-draw list.

Drawing a sandcastle on top of piled-up sand will be a productive and creative way to spend the day.

12. Sand Castle Hit by a Wave Drawing

Waves may not be ideal while creating a sandcastle on the beach but waves make sandcastle drawings look more awesome as seen in this video from Limo Sketch.

They’ll teach the kids how to draw this epic scene so make sure to watch the video until the end.

13. Realistic Sand Castle Drawing

One can never have too many sandcastle drawings so let’s add another one courtesy of Art for Kids Hub.

The kids won’t just enjoy drawing the sandcastle but will also be entertained by the fun video tutorial.

9 Beach Themed Drawings

14. Kids on the Beach Drawing

Kids on the Beach Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Capture the relaxed and peaceful scene on the beach through this drawing tutorial from Art Projects for Kids.

It’s complete with a drawing of kids, sailboats, and the vast blue sea.

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15. Fun Beach View Drawing

Fun Beach View Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Draw a safe place without the harsh rays of the sun on the beach with this tutorial from How to Draw for Kids.

This will be a fantastic activity for the kids because it will also teach them art perspective— how to draw items to make them appear bigger or smaller.

16. Pretty Mermaid Drawing

Pretty Mermaid Drawing
Photo Credit: Feeling Nifty

Enter the magical world of mermaids through this tutorial from Feeling Nifty.

Dive in and make these mermaid perler bead patterns as well.

17. Colorful Beach Umbrella Drawing

Colorful Beach Umbrella Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw Pics

Just as umbrellas are crucial for a day trip on the beach, this umbrella drawing from How to Draw Pics will also be crucial for your child’s creativity development.

The amazing part about this tutorial is that it will be completed in just six steps.

18. Awesome Surfboard Drawing

Awesome Surfboard Drawing
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Ride the waves and enjoy the ocean breeze with this epic surfboard drawing from Hello Artsy.

Let the kids choose the design for their surfboards whether that may be flowers, seashells, or mermaids.

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19. Seagull Eating a Fish Drawing

Seagull Eating a Fish Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

Hearing the sound of seagulls means that we’re nearing our destination at the beach.

Feel the same excitement while drawing this cute seagull from Art Projects for Kids.

20. Epic Sun Drawing

Epic Sun Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Line Drawing

Beach trips are always more fun whenever the sun is shining brightly.

Your child’s drawings will always be a sunny paradise thanks to this guide from Easy Line Drawing.

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21. Fantastic Beach Ball Drawing

Fantastic Beach Ball Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

How to Draw for Kids created this cool tutorial on how to draw a beach ball that will go well with the kids’ sandcastle drawings.

Making it is easy peasy.

Just draw a circle inside a circle and add a couple of lines and voila, you’ll create this colorful beach ball.

22. Palm Tree Drawing

Palm Tree Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

A quick way to make their drawings look more ocean-themed is by adding a couple of huge palm trees.

Art Projects for Kids will show you how it’s done.

Sand Castle Drawings

Unleash your child’s creativity by making these sand castle drawings.

Building sand castles will always be a great bonding experience between a parent and child whether that may be by drawing or making one during a beach trip.

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