25 Fun and Easy Squirrel Drawings

Clear out your schedule because we’re about to do something fun. Join us as we explore the best squirrel drawings for little artists!

Squirrels are fascinating creatures. They may be small but their contribution to the welfare of the environment is gigantic. They’re saving the planet by planting one nut at a time. Brownie points for looking cute while doing the job, too.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate and learn more about squirrels with these cool drawings.

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Make Sure You’ve Got These

Artists need their tools to create their best work. You’ll also be needing the materials below to make the best squirrel drawings possible.

22 Easy Squirrel Drawings

1. Simple Squirrel Drawing

Simple Squirrel Drawing
Photo Credit: Shihori Obata

Let’s start with something simple. This squiggle squirrel drawing will be best for those who are trying to find their artistic style. It’s cute and easy to do. Within 10 seconds, you’ll have drawn this cute standing squirrel.

2. Squirrel in a Log Drawing

Your squirrel drawing will look alive and realistic with this tutorial by Harriet Muller. The video will walk you through step-by-step on how you can achieve this awesome sketch.

You’ll also love making these 3D perler bead patterns for sure.

3. Squirrel Drawing Tutorial

Red Squirrel Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: We Draw Animals

Give me a high five!

Squirrels’ hands are tiny and incredibly cute. These also help them transfer from one tree to another and are useful in munching some nuts.

4. Squirrel Profile Drawing

Squirrel Side View Drawing
Photo Credit: Easy Drawing Tips


It’s important to get all the angles when learning how to draw. You have to see the full picture to capture the essence of the subject. Here’s a drawing of a side view of a squirrel to help you practice your skills.

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5. Step-by-Step Squirrel Drawing Tutorial

Step-by-Step Squirrel Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

If you’re aiming for a more cartoon-style squirrel, then this tutorial is for you. It features a cute squirrel that has a long curled tail. (I imagine that it could speak, too!)

Plus, it will show you what colors will work best for your drawing.

6. Guided Squirrel Drawing for Kids

Squirrel Drawing for Kids
Photo Credit: Hello Artsy

Squirrels are friendly and gentle animals. This squirrel drawing looks like he wants to become your friend.

Teach this squirrel sketch to your little ones and they’ll have a blast making it because it’s easy to follow.

7. Easy Squirrel Drawing

I know you can’t resist those twinkling eyes. So head on to Youtube and watch this squirrel drawing tutorial made by Draw So Cute.

Get ready for more cuteness overload with these kawaii perler bead patterns.

8. Happy Squirrel with a Nut

Give a squirrel some nuts and it’ll be delighted. You won’t just bring joy to the squirrel but it will also give you a sense of fulfillment.

Just make sure that you’re giving the right kind of nuts to the right type of squirrel.

9. 9-Step Squirrel Drawing

9-Step Colored Squirrel Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

It’s time to add some elements to your drawing now that you’ve mastered how to draw a squirrel. Include a tree, nut, and grass in your drawing like this one by Art Projects for Kids.

Include these nature collage list on your to-do project with your kids.

10. Squirrel with a Bushy Tail

It will be hard to resist a squirrel this cute. Give in and try replicating this squirrel sketch with your kids.

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11. Fall Squirrel Sketch

The seasons are changing and it’s going to be fall again soon enough. Art for Kids Hub had a great idea for your next fall craft. Draw this squirrel with a cute beanie and gloves.

12. Curious Antelope Squirrel Illustration

Curious Antelope Squirrel Illustration
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorial 101

Antelope squirrels are built to withstand the most extreme temperatures. Did you know that they can survive a body temperature of over 104°F? Super cool, right?

13. Cute Step-by-Step Squirrel Sketch

Cute Step-by-Step Squirrel Sketch
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

“Are those nuts I hear?” This squirrel looks like it’s ready to jump for its favorite food. Who could blame them knowing that nuts are a great source of nutrition for these little ones?

14. Cartoon Squirrel

This squirrel has successfully infiltrated the house while the homeowners are gone, and stolen their most valuable asset (according to the squirrel): a peanut.

15. Squirrel Dot Drawing

Squirrel Dot Drawing
Photo Credit: Samantha’s Bell

Let’s spice things up by trying this squirrel dot drawing. Your kids will be amazed at the finished sketch that’s entirely made up of dots.

Are you ready for more adventures? Plunge into the ocean with these Spongebob perler bead patterns.

16. Cartoon Squirrel Drawing

Looking for more irresistibly cute squirrel drawings? Your wish is my command. How2DrawAnimals shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw and color the squirrel drawing.

17. California Ground Squirrel Body Illustration

California Ground Squirrel Body Illustration
Photo Credit: Dimensions

It’s not enough to know how to draw a squirrel’s face. You also should know how to draw its body from different angles and positions. Here are some examples that you could work with.

18. Simple Squirrel Drawing

Smiling Squirrel Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing How to Draw

Squirrels lay flat on a tree to avoid from falling. It’s the best position for them to rest while still enjoying the view. Learning how to draw a squirrel without knowing how to draw one laying down would be a loss.

19. Detailed Squirrel Sketch

Eating Squirrel Sketch
Photo Credit: Drawing Skill

Challenge yourself and your kids by making this squirrel sketch. It includes some details and shading that are tougher to do. But I promise that once you’ve seen the finished product that it will all be worth it.

20. Squirrel Shading Tutorial

Those who are ready to take the next level will like this squirrel drawing. It’s more complicated but looks more realistic. How2DrawAnimals’ video will show you how to do this sketch.

Immerse yourself in nature and learn how to draw a hummingbird as well.

21. Squirrel on a Log

Harriet Muller draws a squirrel perched on a sawed-off tree. But that’s not the impressive detail; the furry tail and the overall proportions steals the spotlight in this drawing.

22. Big Mouth Squirrel Drawing

Photo credit: How To Draw Easy

It’s amazing how deep a squirrel’s cheek pouch is. It can carry two walnuts, six small chestnuts, or eight acorns. That’s some squirrel magic right there.

23. How to Draw an Adorable Squirrel

How to Draw an Adorable Squirrel
Photo Credit: Drawing How Tos

Open your mouth because here comes the nut! This charming squirrel sketch will be a fun project to teach your kids.

Choo choo! Knowing how to draw a train will be super cool. You can now learn how to draw one here.

24. Standing Squirrel Drawing

Standing Squirrel Drawing
Photo Credit: How Stuff Works

Squirrels are adorable whatever they may be doing. Whether they’re eating a nut, sitting on a tree, or standing on the ground, these creatures are just too cute to be ignored.

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25. Flying Squirrel Drawing

Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a flying squirrel. Underwhelming, considering we expect a superhero to appear before us.

But this hovering rodent shared by How2DrawAnimals is anything but underwhelming. That stretchable membrane that allows it to glide (not fly) almost looks like the magical carpet that Aladdin used.

Nut Your Average Squirrel Drawings

Squirrels are amazing without a doubt (and this post just proved that). These squirrel drawings are a nutty treat for people who love squirrels as much as I do.

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