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20 Encanto Perler Beads that We Can Talk About

Keep the magic alive by doing these enchanting Encanto perler beads.

There are multiple reasons why Disney’s 60th animated film is such a hit. For one, the animation, colors, and characters are astounding. Also exceptional are the plot and lesson of the story.

No wonder why the movie is relatable and loved by so many. I’m talking about the blockbuster film Encanto.

You’ll find below Encanto-themed patterns that both you and your kids will enjoy making. From patterns of Mirabel, Abuela, and the person we don’t talk about (aka Bruno), this list will give you the whole package.

Everyone has to take the first step. Build your Perler build skills with these easy Perler bead patterns.

20 Encanto Perler Beads

1. Encanto Logo Perler Bead Pattern

Encanto Logo Perler Bead Pattern

Just seeing the logo will let you know that you’re up for a good time.

You’ll enjoy every minute of the movie even if you’ve watched it for the third, sixth, or ninth time (believe me, I’ve done it).

Encanto fans of all ages will like this iconic perler bead pattern.

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2. Encanto Characters Perler Bead Pattern

Encanto Characters Perler Bead Pattern

This is the pattern to make for fans who can’t get enough of the Madrigals.

In this single pattern, you’ll be able to make five members of the most magical family: Luisa, Isabela, Mirabel, Camilo, and Dolores.

3. Dolores Perler Bead Pattern

Dolores Perler Bead Pattern

Let’s hear it for the woman who can hear anything from miles away.

Like most of the Madrigals, Dolores was given a special skill which in her case is super enhanced hearing.

Although it has a drawback at times especially in crowded places, Dolores still chose to use her gift for the good of the community and her family.

4. More Dolores, Big Sister

Photo credit: miss_tery on Bracelet Book

Super hearing has its drawbacks. For one, there’s almost no privacy living in the village. I mean, how far is Encanto from Orwell’s 1984, Dolores acting as Big Brother (or should I say Big Sister)?

It can’t be all good for Dolores, either; God knows what spooky noises may travel to her ears.

5. Isabela Perler Bead Pattern

Isabela Perler Bead Pattern

Growing up and knowing who you are and what you really want is normal as exemplified by Isabela.

The realization may not be as glamorous as the movie, but it’s still important for kids to learn that at an early age.

For fans of Isabela version 2.0, this pattern will be a treat.

6. Mirabel Perler Beads

Mirabel may not have been given a magical gift like the other Madrigals but it will not stop her from becoming a hero.

Her character shows young kids that they can excel and help others in their own little ways (with or without magic).

Plus, just her loyalty and love for her family make her a notable Madrigal.

This video by Doc’s Playhouse will teach you how to create the black-haired Madrigal beauty.

7. Mirabel the Role Model

Photo credit: heyy555 on Bracelet Book

It’s said that with great power comes great responsibility.

Mirabel wasn’t gifted with powers like other members of her family, but she takes care of a huge responsibility, which makes us admire her even more.

8. Antonio Perler Pattern

Antonio Perler Pattern

Antonio is arguably the cutest character out of the bunch so the list won’t be complete without him.

Plus, his unique pets like the capybaras, toucans, coatis, and tapir (just to name a few) makes him a fun character to watch on screen.

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9. Bruno Perler Bead Pattern

Bruno Perler Bead Pattern

Like it or not, we will talk about Bruno in this list. The character of Bruno shows that saying the truth may not gain you a lot of friends— and that’s perfectly fine.

As long as you have their best interest at heart and do not use the power of words to hurt other people.

This fun pattern features Bruno and his hazel green eyes that see the future.

10. A Bruno Frame

Photo credit: JCat2018 on Bracelet Book

Bruno may be shunned by his community, but only because he had a power few possess: the courage to tell the truth, however painful that truth may be.

Here’s a scene of Tío Bruno seeing a dark future that he doesn’t want to befall on anybody.

11. Isabela Perler Bead Pattern

Isabela Perler Bead Pattern

The epitome of beauty, elegance, and grace. Need I say more? We all know which Madrigal I’m talking about—Isabela.

Her charm and magical skill make the Casa Madrigal a joy to live in.

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12. Camilo Madrigal, the Middle Child

Photo credit: b3li_02 on Bracelet Book

Camilo Madrigal is the life of the party. He’s on the other end from his older sister and younger brother, beloved by the townsfolk for his antics and all-too-real impersonations (because he’s a shapeshifter, remember?).

13. Luisa Perler Pattern

Luisa Perler Pattern

Encanto breaks gender stereotypes and through Luisa, teaches kids that girls can be tough and strong as well.

Her superhuman capabilities amaze all especially when she carried a church, donkeys, and people with little effort.

Seeing this strong and capable woman on the screen will inspire and tell kids that there’s no limit to what a woman can do.

14. The Madrigal Family Perler Bead Pattern

The Madrigal Family Perler Bead Pattern

Say, Casa Madrigal!

This nice family portrait of the Madrigals will be a nice project to do with your kids.

It includes a Madrigal from each generation like Abuela, Pepa, and Luisa.

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15. Felix Perler Bead Pattern

Felix Perler Bead Pattern

Watching the carefree and fun-loving character of Felix makes us all wish to have an uncle like him.

Brownie points for his amazing dance moves, too!

Despite not having a magical gift, he proves to be a valuable and important member of the family.

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16. Isabela with Flower Perler Beads

Did someone say flowers?

Isabela was never without her flowers.

Growing different kinds of flowers and plants is not only her special skill but is also a huge part of what makes Isabela, well Isabela.

This tutorial video by Fun Fam Films shows Isabela in her element.

17. Julieta Madrigal Perler Bead Pattern

Julieta Madrigal Perler Bead Pattern

Not only does Julieta’s food taste amazing, but her cooking can also help heal others. How cool is that?!

Aside from being an exceptional cook, raising her three beautiful daughters is another admirable thing that she did.

This perler bead pattern will remind them of a mother’s dedication and love for her family.

18. Agustin Perler Bead Pattern

Agustin Perler Bead Pattern

Being clumsy and accident-prone makes Agustin and Julieta perfect for each other.

Despite these, he takes his father duties seriously and is not afraid to stand up for his daughters especially his youngest, Mirabel.

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19. Bruno Perler Bead Pattern

Bruno Perler Bead Pattern

Living within the walls of Casa Madrigal doesn’t always seem easy or comfortable but Bruno did that for his family.

This Bruno perler pattern is dedicated to the selfless people who would put their family’s needs before their own.

20. Pepa Perler Beads

Pepa Perler Beads

Pepa has a huge personality that brings a different kind of energy to the film.

Her unique magical gift also brought out a lot of laughs from the people making her a memorable character.

Changing the weather based on one’s emotions sounds like a dream. You can also make DIY dream catcher crafts for kids with the help of this post.

Magical Encanto Perler Beads

Welcome to Casa Madrigal!

Each member of this magical family had something to contribute to the family and the neighborhood. They chose to use and share their magical gifts for the good. Not only is the film a joy to watch but kids and adults alike gain valuable lessons after watching Encanto.

Here are more fun patterns for both the kids and kids at heart: