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23 Big and Brilliant Letter “B” Crafts for Kids

The letter “B” is the second letter of the alphabet. To make it fun and easy for a child to learn, try giving them some letter “B” arts and crafts projects.

I’ve put together a list of 23 letter “B” crafts for preschoolers. These craft projects will teach kids about the letter’s shape and also about the different words associated with it.

With such a fun variety of crafts, kids will surely enjoy learning about the letter “B”!

Note: As most of these letter “B” crafts require scissors and paint, I recommend the use of safety scissors and washable paint. If you don’t have safety scissors at home, a grown up should handle cutting out templates.

12 Uppercase Letter “B” Crafts

Below are 12 crafts that use the shape of the uppercase “B” in the art project.

1. “B is for Button” Craft

“B is for Button” Craft

Photo credit: Paper and Glue

Kids will love to make this “B is for button” craft from Paper and Glue. All they’ll need is cardstock, a pencil, glue, a black marker, scissors, and various colored buttons.

2. “B is for Bubbles” Craft

 “B is for Bubbles” Craft

Photo credit: The Kindergarten Connection

Here’s a fun and slightly messy craft kids can do courtesy of The Kindergarten Connection. Their “B is for bubbles” craft only requires a bowl, dish soap, food coloring, and a straw so let your kids have a go at it!

3. “B is for Balloon” Craft

“B is for Balloon” Craft

Photo credit: Planning Playtime

Planning Playtime will take kids up, up, and away with this “B is for balloons” craft. To get started you’ll just need some craft foam, glue, scissors, a black marker, and cardstock. They also provide a free letter “B” template! How cool is that?

4. “B is for Banjo” Craft

“B is for Banjo” Craft

Photo credit: Powerful Mothering

Here’s a really easy-to-do “B is for banjo” craft for your toddler or preschooler from Powerful Mothering.

All you’ll need is cardstock, string, glue, crayons, and scissors. Easy right? They even have a downloadable letter “B” template at the bottom of the page to get you started.

5. “B is for Bus” Craft

“B is for Bus” Craft

Photo credit: Hunny I’m Home

All aboard! Hunny I’m Home shows kids how to make their own ride to school with this “B is for bus” craft. The materials needed are various colored construction paper, scissors, glue, and yellow buttons.

6. “B is for Banana” Craft

Eat your fruits, kids!

Bananas are yummy and good for your health. Punk Rock Preschool’s video shows kids how to make a “B is for banana” craft with scissors, glue, construction paper, a pencil, and a brown marker.

7. “B is for Butterfly” Craft

“B is for Butterfly” Craft

Photo credit: Crystal and Comp

Butterflies are beautiful insects. Crystal and Comp shows kids how to make them even prettier with this “B is for butterfly” craft with a cool stained glass effect.

You’ll just need scissors, contact paper, colored tissue paper, and masking tape.

8. “B is for Bee” Craft

Bees will be buzzing with this “B is for bee” craft from All Kids Network. Kids can make these fun letter B crafts with construction paper, pom poms, glue, scissors, and a black marker.

They also provide templates for the letter “B” and the bee parts. You’ll just need to type in your email to get them.

9. “B is for Bear” Craft

B is for Bear” Craft

Photo credit: Kidz Activities

Bears are quite dangerous in real life, but this one from Kidz Activities isn’t. Kids can make this “B is for bear” craft with yarn, scissors, glue, and their free printable template. That’s it!

10. “B is for Beaver” Craft

“B is for Beaver” Craft

Photo credit: Steamsational

These dam building animals can be made by kids thanks to Steamsational. With construction paper, glue, scissors, googly eyes, and their free letter “B” template (you’ll have to enter your email), your kids can easily make their own “B is for beaver” craft.

11. “B is for Bunny” Craft

“B is for Bunny” Craft

Photo credit: The Simple Parent

Kids can make this fluffy “B is for bunny” craft from The Simple Parent by using cotton or white pom poms, scissors, googly eyes, construction paper, markers, and glue.

12. Origami Letter “B”

Younger kids might need help with this one due to the precision needed for each fold. With just a piece of paper, Origami Humpy shows how different folds will turn it into an uppercase letter “B.”

6 Lowercase Letter “b” Crafts

Below are 6 crafts using the lowercase letter “b” in them.

13. “b is for Boat” Craft

“b is for Boat” Craft

Photo credit: No Time for Flash Cards

Let kids sail away with this “b is for boat” craft from No Time for Flash Cards by using colored construction paper, glue, scissors, and markers.

14. “b is for Bird” Craft

“b is for Bird” Craft

Photo credit: Rainy Day Mum

Kids will soar to the skies with this “b” is for bird” craft!

Rainy Day Mum shows kids how to make this letter “b” craft from feathers, colored construction paper, scissors, a googly eye, and glue.

15. “b is for Bat” Craft

“b is for Bat” Craft

Photo credit: All About Learning Press

Your kiddos can make these nocturnal animals any time of the day with All About Learning Press’ “b is for bat” craft. All they’ll need is paper, googly eyes, glue, a pencil, scissors, and their “b is for bat” templates.

16. “b is for Butterfly” Craft

“b is for Butterfly” Craft

Photo credit: Parenting Chaos

Here’s a lowercase letter “b” preschool craft from Parenting Chaos. All you’ll need is construction paper, scissors, a Sharpie marker, and glue to make this fun, yet simple, butterfly craft.

17. “b is for Bunny” Craft

“b is for Bunny” Craft

Photo credit: The Kindergarten Connection

The Kindergarten Connection shows kids how to make these cute and fluffy “b” is for bunnies craft by using construction paper or cardstock, googly eyes, cotton balls, glue, and scissors.

As a parent, I especially appreciate how accurately the picture shows what to expect from your toddler or preschooler’s art project.

Wondering what to do with the rest of the bag of cotton balls? Check out my article on cotton ball crafts for kids.

18. Origami Lowercase “b”

Origami is always great in enhancing motor skills and Jo Nakashima shows kids how to make this simple lowercase “b” by folding a piece of paper.

5 More Letter “B” Crafts

Here are 5 more letter “B” craft ideas. These crafts all start with the letter “B”.

19. Egg Carton Boat

Egg Carton Boat

Photo credit: Woo! Jr.

Get ready to sail once more with this upcycled egg carton boat craft. With an egg carton, paint, paintbrushes, straws, scissors, a pencil, plain or patterned paper, and a glue gun (optional), Woo! Jr. shows kids how to make a simple boat.

I recommend letting your kids use a low temperature glue gun if you do decide to let them use one.

20. Paper Rosette Bat Craft

Is Halloween coming up? Then let your kids make these cute little paper rosette bats that can be used as decorations. Easy Peasy and Fun’s video shows that all they need is construction paper or cardstock, string, glue, scissors, and a pen or marker.

21. Butterfly Handprint

Butterfly Handprint

Photo credit: It Happens in a Blink

From It Happens in a Blink, this is an easy-to-do letter “b” craft for toddlers and preschoolers! What will they need? Paper, a paintbrush, paint, colored markers or pencils, and your toddlers’ hands.

22. Twirling Duct Tape Bees

Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda

Hang them and twirl them, these adorable bee crafts from Crafts by Amanda are really easy to make. You’ll just need some electric tape, yellow duct tape, scissors and a craft knife, and googly eyes. That’s all!

23. Pom Pom Bunnies

Pom Pom Bunnies

These. Are. ADORABLE! Orange Craft uses white yarn, felt, scissors, cardboard, and a glue gun (a low temp one for kids to use) to show kids how to make these cute little pom pom bunnies.

A grown-up might need to supervise and help with making this craft.

The Best Letter “B” Crafts for Kids

Enhance your kids’ alphabet learning experience with these 23 letter “B” crafts. Learning is always easier when you’re having fun, and I’m positive that your toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy making these letter “B” crafts.

Have your kids tried any of these letter “B” crafts? Which one did they enjoy making the most? Tell me in the comments below!

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