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19 Ice Cream Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Has it been a hot day out there today? Ice cream is a great way to beat the heat, especially during the summer!

Cold and sweet, ice cream is a great treat that kids of all ages enjoy. Let your kids cool off with these 19 ice cream crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids!

Some of the crafts below will require the use of scissors, so I highly recommend using safety scissors, especially for young kids.

Easy Ice Cream Crafts for Toddlers

These first 6 ice cream crafts are so easy, a toddler could do them! The best part about these crafts is that they only require (mostly) paper and some help from a grown-up.

1. Torn Paper Ice Cream Craft

Torn Paper Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: ARTASTIC! Miss Oetken’s Artists

To start, this is a really easy ice cream craft by Miss Katie Oetken, a K-5 art teacher in De Moines, IA.

Miss Oetkan’s shows us how a toddler can paint sheets of paper and then tear those pieces to make a torn paper collage in the shape of an ice cream cone.

Other materials needed are colored paper, safety scissors, a brown crayon, and glue.

2. Four Scoop Ice Cream Craft

Not feeling a double or even a triple scoop ice cream cone? Then how about a quadruple scoop? Well, your wish is my command with this ice cream craft!

This video by Awesomely Crafty uses colored construction paper, safety scissors, glue, and pom poms to show toddlers how to make their very own four-scooped ice cream cone with sprinkles on top – Yum!

3. Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft

Paper Plate Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts

Paper plates are the ever reliable material for crafts!

Using a paper plate, safety scissors, glue, colored tissue paper, cardstock, a paper heart punch, a stapler, and glitter or a black marker (both optional), Glued to My Crafts shows toddlers how to make this simple ice cream craft.

4. Origami Smiling Swirl Ice Cream Cones

This video from Jenny W. Chan shows kids how to make these sweet origami swirl ice cream cones. All they need is a piece of paper and markers.

A grown-up might be needed to help with the folding as toddlers might not have the fine motor skills to precisely do the required folds just yet.

5. Smiling Popsicle Craft

Fun Activities For Kids shows kids how to make these cute smiling popsicles by using white and colored cardstock, a black marker, safety scissors, glue, and their free template (that can be accessed after submitting your email).

The template can be found at the bottom of the webpage linked above, right before the comments section.

6. Smiling Ice Cream Sandwich Craft

 Smiling Ice Cream Sandwich Craft

Photo credit: Cindy deRosier

This adorable smiling ice cream sandwich craft is perfect for the ice cream sandwich lovers out there.

All your toddler will need is construction paper, safety scissors, glue, and googly eyes.

Moderate-Level Ice Cream Crafts for Preschoolers

These next 8 ice cream crafts might be too difficult for toddlers, but easy enough for preschoolers to tackle (again, with a little help from a grown up).

7. Cotton Ball Ice Cream Craft

Using one of the most common household materials that closely resembles ice cream, Pallavi Drawing Academy shows kids that all they need is cotton, glue, colored paper, safety scissors, and a marker to make this yummy looking ice cream craft.

Pallavi Drawing Academy also cuts some bits of colored paper to add sprinkles at the end!

For more interesting cotton ball crafts, check out this article!

8. Balloon Ice Cream Craft

Balloon Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: The Craft in Me

If you have some leftover balloons from a previous party or event, then The Craft in Me has a tutorial for kids that teaches preschoolers how to make this balloon ice cream craft with scrapbook paper, a ribbon, tape, and safety scissors.

These also make for nifty ice cream party decorations!

9. Felt Ice Cream Craft

Felt is a safe and craft-friendly material that’s commonly used for kids’ crafts, and Crafts by Ria puts it to good use in this easy ice cream craft for preschoolers.

Using felt and styrofoam balls as the main materials, alongside cardstock, glue, safety scissors, and tape, Crafts By Ria shares an easy-to-do ice cream craft for young kids.

10. CD Ice Cream Craft

CD Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: Make and Takes

Put those old and unwanted CDs at home to good use by letting your preschooler turn them into ice cream cones with this guide from Make and Takes.

Aside from CDs, all they’ll need is glue, a paint brush, colored tissue paper, cardstock, safety scissors, and glitter or sequins (optional).

11. Tissue Paper Ice Cream Craft

Tissue Paper Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: How About Orange

Need decorations for a party or special occasion? Then let How About Orange teach your kids how to make this ice cream craft from colored tissue paper, string, a paper grocery bag, glue, safety scissors, and a needle.

This craft definitely needs a grown-up’s help with handling the needle!

12. Foam Ice Cream Craft

Foam Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas has three different types of ice cream cones for kids to make: sparkly, colorful, and beaded/sequined. Despite saying this craft is for 12 and older, preschoolers can still make them with proper supervision from a grown-up.

Now, all kids need to make these three ice cream crafts is:
Craft foam
Dimensional paint
– Glitter
– Markers
– Beads
– Needle and thread (for a grown up to handle)
– Safety scissors
– Glue

While this craft requires a lot more materials than the other crafts, the results are three different foam ice cream cones!

13. 3D Swirl Ice Cream Cones Origami Craft

With a few sheets of paper, World Of Art And Craft shows kids how to make these cool (pun intended) 3D origami swirl ice cream cones.

Toddlers and preschoolers would definitely need to be guided by a grown-up as the folds here are more complex.

14. Origami Popsicle Box

An ice cream craft that’s challenging, cute, and functional? Hobby Vibes has got kids covered! The video guide shows kids how to make a popsicle box to hold school supplies, such as crayons, using construction paper or cardstock, a black marker, glue, and a popsicle stick.

Challenging Ice Cream Crafts for Older Kids

These last 5 ice cream crafts are on the harder side, so they’re most suitable for older kids to make.

15. Plaster Ice Cream Craft

Plaster Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: Hello, Wonderful

Grab some Plaster of Paris, styrofoam balls, paper mache cones, foam brushes, craft paint, pom poms, and glue, and let your kids create this realistic looking ice cream craft brought to you by Hello, Wonderful.

16. Shaving Cream Ice Cream Craft

Shaving Cream Ice Cream Craft

Photo credit: The Classroom Creative

Here’s a crafting material you don’t see used often. The Classroom Creative uses a mixture of shaving cream and Elmer’s glue to show kids how to make this unique ice cream craft.

Other materials needed include a mixing bowl, construction paper, sprinkles, and a brown marker.

17. Paper Mache Ice Cream Sundae Craft

Paper Mache Ice Cream Sundae Craft

Photo credit: Art Bar

For this paper mache ice cream sundae craft from Art Bar, kids will need the following:
– Newspaper strips
– Colored paper
– Cereal boxes
– Tin foil
Pom poms
– Masking tape
– Glue
Paper mache paste (a mixture of flour and water)
Washable paint

The result, aside from the mess, is an adorable paper mache ice cream sundae!

18. Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Popsicle Craft

You’ve probably seen kinetic sand in your local toy store. This fun kids play material is made up of sand and coated with silicone oil to help it stick together and make for easy clean up. Best of all, it’s non toxic!

Rainbow Jelly Kids TV uses kinetic sand, along with popsicle sticks, a plastic knife, and ice pop molds, to show kids how to make these convincing popsicles!

Because kinetic sand is considered a choking hazard, make sure to superives younger children during the making of this craft.

19. Clay Ice Cream Popsicle Craft

And lastly, we have a mouth watering clay ice cream craft from Lena Crafts. This tutorial shows kids how to make three different “flavors” of ice cream popsicles: chocolate coated rainbow swirls, fruity, and regular rainbow swirls.

Using various colors of clay, a paper cutout of a popsicle (Be a Fun Mum provides a printable template), a popsicle stick, and a plastic knife (for cutting the clay with), kids can make ice cream popsicles out of clay, too!

Yummy Looking Ice Cream Art!

These 19 ice cream crafts will keep your kids cool and comfy at home during the summer months when everyone’s home and trying to beat the heat. What a treat!

Which of these ice cream crafts did your kids enjoy making? Did your toddler or preschooler try any of the challenging crafts? Let me know in the comments below!