23 Cool Food Truck Drawings for Your Artistic Cravings

Are you looking for crafts to satisfy your kid’s artistic cravings? Look no further because we’ve compiled the best food truck drawings on this list.

Food trucks make life more convenient. With their colorful banners and tasty food, no wonder they can be found in every corner of town.

These drawings will be as great as food trucks because they’ll be a sweet treat for the kids. Not only will they enjoy drawing each of the trucks but will also learn new sketching techniques that they can apply in their future artworks.

Let’s get this show on the road and start drawing these food trucks!

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The Best Art Materials for Kids

5 Easy Food Truck Drawings

1. Ice Cream Truck Drawing

Ice cream trucks are good but Draw So Cute managed to make them even better with this tutorial.

Take a look at the cute ice cream on top and the hardworking owners of the truck.

This will be perfect for dog and cat lovers, too.

2. Tiny Food Truck Drawing

Create a funky and colorful food truck with the help of this video from Catrack KTV.

The blank banner at the top will also be a great opportunity for the kids to customize it.

3. Donut Food Truck Drawing

Who’s ready to create this iconic donut food truck from Active Kids TV?

Join us as we recreate the food truck that features a mouthwatering pink donut at the top.

You can also change the color of the donut to your kid’s favorite color.

4. Personalized Food Truck Drawing

Does your kid dream of having their own food truck one day?

BrightDayDesigns brings them one step closer to that dream with this video tutorial.

It will teach them how to draw a functional food truck that can serve as an inspiration for the actual thing in the future.

5. Hotdog Food Truck Drawing

You can’t miss out on this cool hotdog food truck from Active Kids TV.

Aside from the vehicle, your kid will also learn how to draw the food displayed as well as the dedicated employee in one go.

5 How to Draw a Food Truck

6. Cool Food Truck Drawing

Here comes another epic food truck and this time it’s from Art For All.

Watch the full video tutorial to learn how to draw this type of vehicle more effortlessly.

7. Cute Ice Cream Truck Drawing

Cute Ice Cream Truck Drawing
Photo Credit: Learn to Draw Today

Learn to Draw Today gives us another way how to draw an ice cream truck.

It’s a simple guide that kids won’t have a hard time following and doing.

Hoot! Look up because these owl perler beads patterns are coming our way.

8. Taco Food Truck Drawing

Tuesday or not, this taco food truck drawing from Art for Kids Hub will be in demand.

It’s got everything a great food truck has: a huge speaker, an accessible menu board, and a gigantic taco sign.

9. Colorful Food Truck Drawing

The kids will love this colorful food truck from Prince Toy Art.

It will encourage them to use their crayons, colored markers, and even paintbrushes.

Check out these unique and pretty snowflake perler bead patterns.

10. Pizza Truck Drawing

Your child’s day will be filled with laughter and amazement while doing this food truck sketch from Active Kids TV.

Brownie points for the cute pizza topping design of the truck.

Learn how to draw a train from this post.

13 Cute Food Drawings

11. Simple Lollipop Drawing

Simple Lollipop Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

Here’s a sweet treat for the kids courtesy of How to Draw for Kids.

This pink lollipop will be a fast and enjoyable activity for kids who have a sweet tooth.

Feel like a true superhero while creating these Iron Man perler beads patterns.

12. Cookie and Milk Sketch

Cookie and Milk Sketch
Photo Credit: Learn to Draw Today

One of the best food combos is cookie and milk.

Learn how to draw them with this easy-to-follow sketch guide from Learn to Draw Today.

13. Smiling Cupcake Drawing

Smiling Cupcake Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

Your kids will be all smiles while creating this super adorable cupcake from Freepik.

Doing this will be the icing on top after drawing all the cool food trucks above.

14. Kawaii Watermelon Slice Drawing

Quench the children’s thirst for creative activities with this watermelon drawing from Learn step by step.

They’ll love drawings its bright eyes, tiny seeds, and cute mouth.

You’ll also love these watermelon perler beads so make sure to check them out.

15. Cute Burger Drawing

Cute Burger Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

This burger sketch from How to Draw for Kids looks delicious.

Complete with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, this burger has got everything to make it an incredible food.

16. Piece of Cake Drawing

Piece of Cake Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing How to Draw

Drawing this piece of cake will be a piece of cake thanks to this tutorial from Drawing How to Draw.

Head on to their website to get the full step-by-step guide.

17. Three Mochi Drawing

This video will not give us one or two but three squishy mochis sketches.

Let Draw So Cute show you how to draw one of the cutest food ever created.

18. Adorable Taco Drawing

Adorable Taco Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik

Have a go at this adorable taco drawing from Freepik.

In just four simple steps, the kids will be able to recreate the amazing taco drawing in their sketchpads.

Don’t keep your pencils just yet because we’ve got more easy taco drawings to do.

19. Yummy Chocolate Bar Drawing

Yummy Chocolate Bar Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

This sketch from How to Draw for Kids will be a hit for kids who love chocolates.

Make sure to include this tutorial in their to-draw list.

20. Happy Strawberry Drawing

Happy Strawberry Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw Pics

Be as happy as this strawberry from How to Draw Pics.

Draw this fruit to add a pop of color and cuteness to the kids’ sketches.

More strawberry drawings await you on this list.

21. Awesome Lemon Drawing

Awesome Lemon Drawing
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

We’re going to make a lemon the subject of our next project.

They’re nutritious, refreshing, and delicious which is why a lot of kids like them.

Art Projects for Kids will guide you in the process of drawing this citrus fruit.

22. Shiny Banana Drawing

Shiny Banana Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Reserve a space in the kid’s sketchpad for this healthy banana drawing from I Heart Crafty Things.

The good thing about this tutorial is that it will also show the kids how to shade items to make them look more 3D.

23. Bottle of Soda Drawing

Bottle of Soda Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

You deserve this refreshing soda after all your hard work in creating these amazing pieces.

Check out this cool drawing from How to Draw for Kids.

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Food Trucks for Your Every Mood

I hope you enjoyed the epic ride in creating these food truck drawings as much as we did.

Although it’s sad to see this list come to an end, we’ll still explore and create something wonderful with the kids so don’t leave just yet.

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