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26 of the Mightiest Wolf Perler Bead Patterns

Let me hear you say owooooo because we’ve got the fiercest, coolest, and best wolf perler beads ever. Wolves are fascinating animals that are cloaked with mystery and beauty. A lot of legends revolve around them because of their dominance and role in nature.

We’ll get to know more about this canine in this post. Whether you’re a cat or dog person, I’m sure that you’ll find something cool and interesting here.

Still on the lookout for more crafts for your kids? These easy perler bead patterns will be a hit.

Are You Ready?

Make sure that your kid is prepared with all the materials they’ll be needing before diving into these crafts. I’ve listed all the art materials that I’ve used to make the projects much easier and enjoyable to do.

14 Wolf Perler Beads

1. Two Wolves in the Night Pattern

Two Wolves in the Night Pattern
Photo Credit: FIFvdHelm on Bracelet Book

Wolves are highly sociable animals. They roam around in packs with their alpha male and female leading them. This pattern includes two wolves and a preview of their habitat.

2. 3D Minecraft Tamed Wolf Perler Beads

Doing Lightning Rocket Creates‘ epic creation of a 3D wolf will be a challenging but rewarding achievement for your kid. It will test their patience and creativity but seeing the standing wolf in all its glory will be worth it in the end.

Include these Minecraft perler bead patterns in your next project list.

3. Gorgeous Blue Wolf Perler Beads

Gorgeous Blue Wolf Perler Beads
Photo Credit: LowlySquid on Fur Affinity

Teach your kid that anything is possible with a creative mind—even a blue, pink, or rainbow-colored wolf if they put their mind to it. This majestic blue wolf will be a great example.

These rock painting ideas for kids will also help in developing your child’s artistic skills.

4. Majestic Wolf Perler Beads

Majestic Wolf Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Katie Crafts on Amino

Wolves are seen as mighty and intimidating creatures because of their huge size and piercing eyes. However, they have a soft side too especially when it comes to their packs.

This black-and-white pattern shows an amicable wolf.

5. Rainbow-Colored Wolf Pattern

Rainbow-Colored Wolf Pattern
Photo Credit: Werbenjagermanjensen on Deviant Art

Did you know that each wolf’s howl is unique? It’s like our fingerprints. No howl is like another.

Your kids can unleash their creative side while making this howling wolf pattern. The multicolor pattern makes the wolf more appealing as well.

6. Arctic Wolf Perler Beads

Got a bunch of white perler beads and don’t know what craft will be perfect for it? This wolf pattern will be a terrific choice.
This pattern only needs two colors of perler beads: black and white. See how Destination Creativity effortlessly did it through this video.

7. Magnificent Wolf Head Pattern

Magnifiscent Wolf Head Pattern
Photo Credit: kandicreations4u on Kandi Patterns

This wolf perler pattern looks like an alpha male who demands authority and respect. Its piercing blue eyes will make all the other wolves follow his command.

These enormous elephant crafts will introduce your kids to the other incredible force of nature.

8. Wolf in the Desert Perler Bead Pattern

Wolf in the Desert Perler Bead Pattern

Wolves live in woodlands, forests, and deserts. Their bodies are made to keep them warm, hydrated, and alert in these varying locations.

D is for desert. You’ll have a fun bonding experience making these letter D crafts with your kids.

9. Wolf and Moon Perler Bead Pattern

Wolf and Moon Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: _aesthetically_basic_ on Kandi Patterns

Do you ever wonder what a wolf’s howl means? Wolves howl for multiple reasons: to communicate, mark their territory, and hunt.

These DIY dream catcher crafts for kids will be perfect for slumber parties.

10. Super Wolf Perler Beads

Photo credit: ceaseless on Bracelet Book

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some roam in the wilderness with their packs while doing their duty to the planet.

Wolves are predators that keep the population of other animals in check. Without them, the ecosystem will cause an imbalance that will result in chaos.

11. Galaxy Wolf Perler Bead Pattern

Galaxy Wolf Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: Akustic_Otter on Kandi Patterns

Wolves are the subject of a lot of legends. Almost every region in the world has made stories about this creature. There are some in Greece, Turkey, and Japan to name a few. Wolves have captured the attention of humans even from the early days.

12. Colorful Wolf Pattern

One can never have too many colorful wolves. Wolves mostly come in white, gray, brown, or black so it’s nice to see what they would look like if other colors were involved in the equation. (Spoiler alert: They still look majestic. )

Destination Creativity’s video will entice you to do this colorful wolf pattern.

13. Mighty Wolf Perler Bead Pattern

Mighty Wolf Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: Blake_Xristo on Kandi Patterns

Wolves are courageous and are not afraid to fight when it comes to defending their territory. They band and fight together to protect their home from the threat.

This pattern features a fierce wolf ready to go to battle.

14. Wolf Outline and Nature Perler Beads

Wolf Outline and Nature Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Alltagsperle on Twitter

Wolves are an integral part of nature. And this pattern clearly shows it.

This challenging wolf pattern will look gorgeous in a wolf lover’s home.

7 Easy Wolf Perler Beads

15. Wolf Cub Perler Bead Tutorial

You won’t be able to resist the cuteness of this wolf cub pattern so make sure to create this one with your kid. Laceys Crafts’ video will be a helpful guide in making your own gray wolf.

16. Small Wolf Perler Bead Pattern

Small Wolf Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: Captivity on Kandi Patterns

We’ve seen a bunch of adult wolf patterns so it’s time to make a small one. This cute pup will be a great pattern for your little ones. It’s simple and easy to follow which is a win-win.

17. Paw Print Perler Bead Pattern

Paw Print Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: PNG Key

Wolves leave their mark through their paw prints like any other canine. Although their paw prints are much larger than that of domesticated dogs, they’re still fascinating to look at.

18. Lone Wolf Pattern

Even though wolves are highly sociable animals, they can sometimes choose to be alone as well. Jeremy Tyrrell‘s video shows a lovely lone wolf pattern tutorial.

19. Simple Wolf Perler Bead Pattern

Simple Wolf Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: grungemilk on Bracelet Book

Wolves are highly intelligent animals. They assess their surroundings and know when they’re in danger. This wolf pattern stands alert and is ready for action.

20. Wolf Outline Pattern

Wolf Outline Pattern
Photo Credit: PNG Item

I highly recommend doing this wolf outline pattern if you’re just starting out in making perler bead crafts. It’s simple and you’ll easily get the hang of it.

21. Cute Wolf Face Perler Beads

Cute Wolf Face Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Karla-Jade-2015 on Deviant Art

A cartoon-faced wolf pattern will be the way to go if you’re doing these crafts with little kids. It looks cute and charming so they’ll enjoy the process of making it.

Wolves in Popular Media

22. Banner of House Stark

Photo credit: catfun on Bracelet Book

If there’s one saying that has caught the popular consciousness over the years, it’s “Winter is coming.”

With that motto comes the banner of House Stark, a grey direwolf over green pasture.

23. Roxanne Animatronic (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

Photo credit: CherryLeavess on Kandi Patterns

One horror game that has exploded in popularity is no doubt Five Night’s at Freddy’s.

As it caused us many non-fatal heart attacks over the years, it expanded into a veritable franchise that spawned many characters we’d rather not encounter, such as Roxanne the Wolf animatronic.

24. Poochyena (Pokemon)

Photo credit: Sparrows on Bracelet Book

Moving on to less sinister games, we find another wolf that’s yet to grow into a fearful adult.

Sparrows brings us the pattern of Poochyena, a little pup that will challenge the meaning of “all bark, no bite.”

25. Lucario (Pokemon)

Photo credit: Blue Kitsune on Amino Apps

Still found within the realm of monsters you can put in your pocket, Lucario is another fearsome wolf that will not accept failure.

This Pokemon probably achieved its black belt when it was still an embryo in the shell; that’s how hardcore this Pokemon is.

Got to catch them all in these Pokemon Perler beads.

26. Gwynbleidd Symbol (The Witcher)

Photo credit: wolf3 on Bracelet Book

Fans of The Witcher will instantly recognize this wolf logo and appreciate it for its simple colors.

The Wolf: Our Spirit Animal

These wolf perler beads will make you feel closer to these animals. They’re beautiful and majestic even if they may come across as threatening at times. Nonetheless, their role in our planet makes them crucial and indispensable.

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