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23 Letter “D” Crafts Kids Will Be Delighted to Make

Learning the alphabet or teaching words that begin with a specific letter doesn’t have to be a drag. Kids have a tendency to learn better when doing fun activities.

To help them have fun while learning about the letter “D,” here’s a list of 23 letter “D” crafts arranged by uppercase “D” and lowercase “d” crafts, and that also includes a bonus section of things that start with the letter “D.”

Uppercase “D” Crafts

Let’s begin with these 12 capital letter “D” crafts.

1. Origami “D” Craft

To start, let kids make an origami letter “D” to help enhance motor skills. This video from BD Craft shows kids how to make this simple craft with just a piece of paper. A grown-up might need to help with some of the folds.

2. “D is for Dog” Craft

“D is for Dog” Craft

Photo credit: My Teaching Station

Here’s an easy-to-do letter “D” craft from My Teaching Station that lets kids make this cute dalmatian out of paper, scissors, glue, and markers.

3. “D is for Duck” Craft

“D is for Duck” Craft

Photo credit: From ABCs to ACTs

From ABCs to ACTs shows kids how to make a duck from the letter “D” with cardstock, construction paper, scissors, and googly eyes.

4. “D is for Dolphin” Craft

“D is for Dolphin” Craft

Photo credit: Teach Beside Me

Up next is this simple “D is for dolphin” craft from Teach Beside Me. All kids need is construction paper, watercolor, and scissors. A printable template is available, but it’s not free. I suggest kids draw the necessary components instead.

5. “D is for Dragon” Craft

“D is for Dragon” Craft

Photo credit: No Time For Flash Cards

For this “D is for dragon” craft from No Time For Flash Cards, all kids need is construction paper, red tissue paper, a googly eye, glue, scissors, and a marker.

6. “D is for Dinosaur” Craft

“D is for Dinosaur” Craft

Photo credit: Fun With Mama

With cardstock, a glue stick, scissors, and googly eyes, kids can make a stegosaurus with the letter “D.” While Fun With Mama provides a template, it requires subscribing to their newsletter. For those who don’t want to sign up, I suggest having kids draw their own dino parts.

7. “D Is For Dinosaur” Paper Plate Craft

“D Is For Dinosaur” Paper Plate Craft

Photo credit: The Craft Train

If your kid wants to make more than just a stegosaurus, The Craft Train shows kids how to make more dinosaurs with paper plates (cut in half to look like a “D”), glitter, glue, googly eyes, a paintbrush, a stapler, and colored construction paper.

The printable templates on this site aren’t free, so I recommend kids draw their own.

8. “D is for Doghouse” Craft

“D is for Doghouse” Craft

Photo credit: Crystal And Comp

Crystal And Comp uses paper, construction paper, a Do A Dot marker, glue stick, tape, a black marker, and some dog paw stickers to show kids how to make a doghouse from the letter “D.”

I suggest kids draw their own letter “D” if you don’t want to pay for the site’s template.

9. “D is for Door” Craft

In this guide, Pink & Blue shows that by using construction paper, scissors, a pencil, a ruler, glue, and markers, kids can transform the letter “D” into a door.

10. “D is for Donut” Craft

“D is for Donut” Craft

Photo credit: The Simple Parent

With cardstock, construction paper, scissors, glue, and a pencil, The Simple Parent shows kids how to make a donut from the letter “D,” and they also include a free printable template (yay!).

11. “D is for Dandelion” Craft

“D is for Dandelion” Craft

Photo credit: Powerful Mothering

In this guide, Powerful Mothering uses scissors, paint, a plastic fork, markers, and glue to show kids how to make this “D for dandelion” craft.

The letter “D” template they offer requires entering your email, so if you don’t want to do that, I suggest kids draw their own.

12. “D is for Desert” Craft

“D is for Desert” Craft

Photo credit: Must Have Mom

Must Have Mom shows kids how to make this colorful desert from the letter “D” with craft foam, glue, scissors, a black marker, and either paper or cardstock. This site also requires you to subscribe to their newsletter to access the free printable template.

Lowercase “d” Crafts

Now, let’s move on to 5 lowercase “d” crafts kids can easily do with minimal help from a grown up.

13. “d is for Dinosaur” Craft

“d is for Dinosaur” Craft

Photo credit: Rainy Day Mum

To make this easy-to-do “d is for dinosaur” craft, Rainy Day Mum shows kids that all they need is a googly eye, scissors, glue, cardstock, green paper, and a black marker.

14. “d is for Dragon” Craft

“d is for Dragon” Craft

Photo credit: From ABCs to ACTs

Here’s another letter “D” craft by From ABCs to ACTs. The materials kids will need are construction paper, cardstock, scissors, googly eyes, glue, and tissue paper.

15. “d is for Daisy” craft

“d is for Daisy” craft

Photo credit: Totally Tots

Totally Tots shows kids how to make a daisy from the letter “d” with craft foam or construction paper, scissors, and glue or tape – and that’s it!

16. “d is for Donut” Craft

“d is for Donut” Craft

Photo credit: All About Learning Press

With paper, cardstock, a glue stick, scissors, and markers, All About Learning Press shows kids how to make a donut with a lowercase “d”, and they also include a free template.

17. “d is for Dots” Craft

In this video, Punk Rock Preschool uses paper, paint, sponge brushes, scissors, Q-tips, construction paper, a black marker, and a glue stick to show kids how to make a simple “d is for dots” craft.

Bonus: Crafts of Things That Begin With the Letter “D”

Below are 6 crafts of things that begin with the letter “D” that don’t involve the letter itself. They are arranged from easy crafts to more challenging ones.

18. Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft

Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft

Photo credit: Crafty Morning

Let’s start with this easy-to-do dinosaur craft from Crafty Morning. Kids will need a paper bag, cardstock, scissors, glue, googly eyes, and the free printable template.

If your kids really enjoyed this paper bag craft, then check out my other post that shares even more paper bag crafts!

19. Donut Bookmark Craft

If your kids love reading and story time, Red Ted Art’s video shows how to make these nifty donut bookmarks using paper, a pencil, a glass, a coin, colored markers, glue, and scissors.

20. Fire Breathing Dragon Craft

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft

Photo credit: One Little Project

With just scissors, glue, googly eyes, colored tissue paper, construction paper, and an empty toilet paper roll, One Little Project shows kids how to make this fantastic fire breathing dragon craft!

21. Perler Bead Dolphin Craft

If you or your kids are unfamiliar with perler beads, there are two things you need to know:

  1.  Here’s a quick tutorial by Faris to show you what they are.
  2. Perler beads are addicting (consider yourself warned).

With that out of the way, Perler Bead Planet shows kids how to make this cute dolphin craft using perler beads and this dolphin pegboard.

22. Dog Marionette Craft

Dog Marionette Craft

Photo credit: Easy Peasy And Fun

Easy Peasy And Fun shows kids how to make this awesome marionette dog using the following:

Toilet paper rolls
Wooden sticks
Bottle Cork
Craft Knife
Googly eyes

Some optional materials include markers, colored paper, pipe cleaners, and a foam adhesive sheet. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of things needed as the resulting craft is worth it!

23. Desert Diorama Craft

Desert Diorama Craft

Photo credit: The Spruce Crafts

For this desert diorama from The Spruce Crafts, kids will need:

Desert miniatures
Construction paper
Magazine clippings

Not as many materials as the previous craft, but it still results in a wonderful desert diorama! And even though it probably goes without saying, this is a craft for older kids.

“D” – You’re A Darling!

From making an origami uppercase letter “D” to making a lowercase “d” dragon, kids will learn everything about the letter “D” while also enhancing their fine motor skills.

Have you tried teaching your kids words and letters through crafts? Which of these letter “D” crafts does your kid want to try? Let me know in the comments below!