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20 Small but Impressive Squirrel Crafts

Ahh, squirrels! Our favorite tree-hopping and nut-eating animal. They may be tiny in build but they’re a force to be reckoned with. Join me and the kids as we make these cool squirrel crafts. I’m sure you’ll have fun making them as much as we did!

Along with these squirrel crafts, I will also be sharing some fun facts about this tiny creature. Sounds good? Let’s get going with our first craft.

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Equip Yourself with These Essential Materials

First things first. You’ll be needing some materials to make these crafts. I listed down five things that will be valuable in your projects.

14 Tactile Squirrel Crafts

1. Cute Paper Squirrel Craft

Cute Paper Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Let’s start this list with an adorable paper squirrel. It’s a pretty straightforward project because of the downloadable form provided by Simple Everyday Mom.

All you have to do is cut and paste some shapes and voila! You’ll have this irresistible standing squirrel ready to win your heart.

2. Movable Squirrel Greeting Card

Movable Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: Kids Craft Room

Go nuts with these movable squirrel crafts. What’s cool about this project is that the tails and heads are movable. Plus, your kids can write some notes on the acorn.

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3. Magnetic Squirrel Paper Plate Craft

Magnetic Squirrel Paper Plate Craft
Photo Credit: The Joy of Sharing

Like many woodland creatures, squirrels love acorns. You can see them munching these nuts happily.

This project will be fun because your kids will be able to feed their squirrel their favorite treat by making it fall from the tree.

4. Leaf Tail Squirrel Craft

Leaf Tail Squirrel Paper Craft
Photo Credit: DLTK Kids

Gather some leaves in your backyard and make this squirrel craft. A squirrel’s tail plays an important role in jumping and navigating around. Adding life and color to it will not only make it useful but pretty as well.

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5. Toilet Roll Squirrel

Toilet Roll Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: Familie

Get creative and use the things around the house in making crafts. This project by Familie is a great example of how you can be innovative using toilet paper rolls.

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6. Paper Bag Squirrel Craft

Paper Bag Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: Our Kid Things

Fun fact: Did you know that there are about 285 species of squirrels in the world? Squirrels can be found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia.

Prepare your extra materials to make these paper bag puppets.

7. Another Toilet Paper Roll Squirrel Craft

This craft by Two Little Handz will require the use of scissors and glue so it’s more advisable for older kids. However, you can also pre-cut the pieces so even younger kids can do the craft, too.

8. Egg Carton Squirrel Craft and Game

Egg Carton Squirrel Craft and Game
Photo Credit: Pest World for Kids

Love squirrels and eggs? You’ll like them even more because you’ll be able to use the carton in making cool crafts such as this one.

These squirrels are also used as game pieces. Head on to Pest World for Kids to know the mechanics.

9. Standing Squirrel Craft

Add something sparkly and pretty to your squirrel. Craft Sweet Craft will show you how it’s done through this video tutorial.

Fun fact: Did you know that squirrels’ eyes are positioned strategically to allow them to see things behind them?

10. Squirrel Wreath Craft

Squirrel Wreath Craft
Photo Credit: Easy Crafts for Kids

Christmas may be months away but we can still celebrate today. This squirrel wreath will be a unique and fun craft that you can do with your kids whether there’s a special occasion or just an ordinary day.

11. Easy Cut and Paste Squirrel Craft

Cut and Paste Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: Simple Mom Project

Doing this project will make your kids like squirrels even more. Their chubby cheeks, pink nose, and beautiful tail will make them more irresistible.

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12. Fun Squirrel Hats

Fun Squirrel Hats
Photo Credit: Kids Craft Room

Complete the hat by joining the parts together and see the stunning result at the end. Wear this hat like a crown because you’ve earned it.

Fun fact: Did you know that squirrels are clever creatures? They can find food quickly and locate shortcuts easily.

13. Squirrel Paper Plate Craft

Squirrel Paper Plate Craft
Photo Credit: Danielle’s Place

Nope, the plates won’t be used for eating this time kiddos. It will be used in making this awesome craft.

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14. Play Dough Squirrel Activity

Playdough Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: Krokotak

Mold the squirrel of your dreams with clay. Adding some pine cones and googly eyes will make them look more realistic.

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15. Squirrel in a Tree Craft

Squirrel in a Tree Craft
Photo Credit: Biggy and Buddy 

You’ll see squirrels jumping from one tree to another effortlessly. Don’t be fooled by their tiny feet because it allows them to leap at a distance of nine feet.

Give your squirrel a home by including its habitat in this project.

16. Resist Art Squirrel Craft

Resist Art Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: Crafts on Sea

A splash of color will do wonders for your craft. Crafts on Sea will let you in the secret on how to perfect resist art with a squirrel as your main subject.

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17. DIY Squirrel Puppet

DIY Squirrel Puppet
Photo Credit: Ruffles and Rain Boots

Challenge your kids to make a storyline that will go with these squirrel puppets. This will let their creative juices flow before, during, and even after completing this project.

18. Popsicle Stick Squirrel Head Craft

Popsicle Stick Squirrel Head Craft
Photo Credit: Glued to My Crafts Blog

Fun fact: Did you know that squirrels can run up to 15 miles per hour? They’re no superhero but their skills sure are impressive.

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19. Gray Squirrel Cotton Craft

Gray Squirrel Cotton Craft
Photo Credit: Preschool Playbook

Fun fact: Did you know that squirrels can jump at a distance of 10x their body length? That’s why they sometimes look like they’re flying in the air.

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20. Dixie Cup Squirrel Craft

Dixie Cup Squirrel Craft
Photo Credit: The Pinterested Parent

Do more with the things you have at home like paper cups. With a little creativity and hard work, you can turn a plain cup into a magnificent squirrel.

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The Nuttiest Squirrel Crafts Ever

Squirrels are nature’s gardeners. They help make the planet greener by planting trees, which is another reason to love this adorable animal.

Their role in the environment is very important and it will be nice to teach kids about their significance at a young age.

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