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28 Cool Snoopy Perler Beads, Charlie Brown

Snoopy has been around since the 1950s, and I believe it’s time to revive him (and the Peanuts gang) with these Perler beads!

Sharing your fond memories of Snoopy and the Peanut gang from your childhood with your kids will be awesome through these crafts. Your kids will be introduced to a classic treasure in comics while making fond memories with you, too.

Not sure where to start? Head on to this post for some easy Perler bead patterns.

You’ll Be Needing

Make sure that you’ve got all the best materials for these projects. I’ve listed some things that I found useful in making them below:

21 Snoopy Perler Beads

1. Charlie Brown and Snoopy Perler Bead Pattern

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: Fun Family Crafts

Charlie Brown and Snoopy…the iconic best friend duo. These two characters taught us what it means to be a great and loyal friend. If you’re missing all their adventures (like we all do), then this pattern will be perfect for you.

2. 3D Snoopy Perler Project

Snoopy is out and Flying Ace is in! Snoopy’s alter ego is an accomplished pilot ready to save the day from the Red Baron. Flying Ace proves that we can do anything we’d like with a little imagination.

Plus, KandiPerlerFairy‘s pattern is in 3D. Super cool, right?

3. Snoopy Playing Soccer

Photo credit: vagarytripwire on Brik

Dogs love chasing balls and Snoopy is no exception. Complete this pattern to reveal an athletic Snoopy crushing it on the football field.

Here are some basketball perler beads patterns for those who prefer this sport.

4. Pumpkin Snoopy Perler Bead Pattern

Pumpkin Snoopy Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: coknots on Bracelet Book

Are you ready for some spooky fun? You will love this Snoopy in a pumpkin costume project. Halloween or not, this pattern will be enjoyable to do.

Be creative and make these Halloween painted rocks, too.

5. Cool Snoopy

Cool Snoopy Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: babymilk on Bracelet Book

We cool, folks?

This Snoopy belongs to the popular crowd. With his cool shades and smiley sweater, it’s no wonder why he’s seen as a fashionista.

6. Sunbathing Snoopy

Photo credit: xpjoshy on Kandi Pad

Getting a tan isn’t the only benefit the body gets from sunbathing; it also stimulates the production of vitamin D, a fact that Snoopy takes advantage of in this pattern by xpjoshy.

7. Snoopy Eating Ice Cream

Photo credit: gaily_gal on Bracelet Book

Cooling down with an ice cream is a good idea in the summer, Snoopy thought in this pattern by gaily_gal, which depicts him enjoying solo four different flavors.

8. Snoopy Being Snoopy

Photo credit: Sashy on Kandi Patterns

Like other dogs showered with TLC, Snoopy simply wants to reciprocate the love given to him, by Charlie and the Peanut gang and all his fans around the world.

The behavior is as instinctual as barking when someone’s on the doorstep.

9. Snoopy Light Switch Frame Pattern

Snoopy Light Switch Frame Pattern
Photo Credit: Cheekiekikii on Facebook

Add this adorable light switch frame to a Snoopy fan’s bedroom. They’ll love how this pattern is showing Snoopy giving them his love and affection.

Pro tip: Use these glow-in-the-dark perler beads to make the frame visible even at night.

10. A Lonely Day for Snoopy

Photo credit: Moogle on Bracelet Book

It still baffles me to think there are people who don’t believe animals feel emotions. Moogle drives the point home with this gloomy Snoopy pattern.

11. Hugging Charlie Brown and Snoopy

The bond between an owner and a dog is wonderful. They see each other as family and would help each other out in times of crisis. Seeing Charlie Brown and Snoopy hugging in this pattern will melt hearts.

FiloPixie’s video will show you how you could honor your furry best friend through this pattern.

12. Snoopy Perler Beads Doorknob Decor

Snoopy Perler Beads Doorknob Decor
Photo Credit: Fluffy Rosey on Deviant Art

Tired of people coming over to your room when you’re busy or sleeping? Snoopy gets it. Hang this on your doorknob and these occurrences will be a thing of the past.

13. Snoopy Profile Perler Beads

Snoopy Profile Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Perler Beads on Facebook

Snoopy’s profile is recognizable all over the world. Peanuts has reached more than 355 million people in 75 countries. Turn this pattern into a keychain to make it an effective conversation piece worldwide.

14. Skateboarding Snoopy

Skateboarding Snoopy Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Slimer530 on Deviant Art

Snoopy is having a blast riding his skateboard in this pattern. Enjoy the cool breeze outdoors with your kids while making this project.

Learning how to make and play these homemade instruments is one sure way to have a blast as well.

15. Snoopy the Pilot

Photo credit: xpjoshy on Kandi Pad

Laika may have been the first dog to go to space, but Snoopy was the first dog to ever pilot a plane.

That’s an impressive feat, second only to the skill of a mouse captaining a steamboat.

16. Christmas Snoopy Perler Bead Pattern

Christmas Snoopy Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: Aracne on Bracelet Book

Snoopy is ready to spread some cheers this holiday season (and Woodstock, too). This pattern is ideal for kids who play the piano or to get them into the spirit of the season.

17. Holiday-themed Snoopy Perler Pattern

Holiday-themed Snoopy Perler Pattern
Photo Credit: Pixel Bead Art on Facebook

Fight the cold and cuddle up with Snoopy. Even before Elsa, the cold didn’t bother Snoopy because he knows that his friends will keep him warm and happy during the winter.

Enter the Kingdom of Arendelle with these Frozen perler beads.

18. Snoopy with a Balloon Pattern

Snoopy with a Balloon Pattern
Photo Credit: Cesar Rodriguez B on Twitter

Is your kid feeling down lately? There’s nothing like a good craft project to help cheer them up. Here’s Snoopy holding a balloon that will turn their frown upside down.

19. Little Bird Woodstock

Photo credit: m4ddd1e on Bracelet Book

The reason why Woodstock is so influential to children is because he was made with the artistic skills of one.

He’s relatable because kids can easily draw him!

20. Snoopy and Woodstock Perler Tutorial

Woodstock means a lot to Snoopy. Aside from Charlie Brown, Woodstock is his best friend as well. He’s also his tennis partner, secretary, playmate, and more. Celebrate their adorable friendship with this pattern by Perler Bead Planet.

21. Snoopy Puppy with Hearts Perler Beads

Snoopy Puppy with Hearts Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Tracey Lipman on Flickr

Our eyes turn into heart-eye emojis whenever Snoopy is involved. His cute button nose and long ears are too cute to resist. So adding some hearts to the project will only make it even cuter.

7 Patterns of The Peanuts Gang

22. Charlie Brown Perler Beads

Charlie Brown Perler Beads
Photo Credit: Pixel Bead Art on Facebook

Charlie Brown may be clumsy and unlucky but he sure did find his way to the hearts of countless people.

The Madrigal family cares for their community which is why they are loved by all. Find magical Encanto perler beads here.

23. Lucy Van Pelt

Photo credit: Free Beads Patterns

If I had need of advice, out of all the Peanuts gang I’d seek Lucy’s. I’ll gladly pay the fee for her wisdom (for which she charges five cents).

24. Sally Perler Bead Pattern

Sally Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: Maninthebook on Kandi Patterns

Younger sisters are the best. Even if Charlie and Sally have disagreements and fight sometimes, they deeply care for each other and will always save each other from trouble.

25. Pig-Pen Pattern

Pig-Pen Pattern
Photo Credit: Maninthebook on Kandi Patterns

Pig-pen’s character has been puzzling for me since the beginning because he’s always dirty even while walking in a rainstorm. Do you have a theory of why this happens?

Nonetheless, he’s an irreplaceable and valuable member of the Peanut gang.

26. Sleepy Linus Perler Beads

Linus loves his blanket. He feels secure with it and brings it everywhere with him. Let Hama Beads Corazón show you how to create a pattern dedicated to this philosophical and clear-headed character.

27. Marcie Perler Bead Pattern

Marcie Perler Bead Pattern
Photo Credit: Maninthebook on Kandi Patterns

Marcie has a gentle and caring soul. She loves going to school and cheering for her friends. Marcie will be a good role model for young kids.

Hermione is another strong girl character. Make these Harry Potter crafts with the brave and sweet girl in your life.

28. Frieda Perler Pattern

Frieda Perler Pattern
Photo Credit: Maninthebook on Kandi Patterns

Teach your kids to love their features fully like Frieda. Frieda likes and is proud of her beautiful locks. This pattern captures her personality and gorgeous hair.

Oh, Good Grief!

We’ve come to the end of this post. That was fast but fun.

Snoopy is one iconic dog and character so he deserves all the love and admiration he’s getting from different generations. These Snoopy Perler beads will be great to relive and create more precious memories involving this amazing dog.

Had so much fun making these projects? Don’t worry because we’ve got other Perler bead projects in line for you: