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13 Great Giraffe Perler Beads

Giraffes are a sight to behold in person, especially for little children who have never seen such behemoths. Now, they can recreate these savannah wanderers by following one of these giraffe Perler beads below!

While not the biggest mammal in the world—not even on land—a fully grown giraffe boasts a height of 14-18 feet, making it the tallest mammal on land.

If that’s not an impressive number, simply scroll down to see more wild facts about the giraffe.

But first, let’s gather the materials needed to make our Perler bead giraffes.

Materials You’ll Need

6 Easy Giraffe Patterns

Giraffes are quite easy to make. It’s just like making the Perler bead pattern of any regular quadruped, except the neck is longer. The spots are easy to add since it’s unique to each giraffe.

1. Giraffe for Toddlers

Photo credit: ShesSpiddy on Bracelet Book

What best way to start our Perler bead giraffes than making this simple pattern by ShesSpiddy?

They make it as uncomplicated as a giraffe pattern can be.

Giraffe fact #1: Don’t worry too much about the spots of a giraffe, since each spot is unique—much like how a human fingerprint is unique for each individual.

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2. Baby Giraffe

Photo credit: BeeDaBomb on Kandi Pattern

Erase any of your preconceptions of smallness about baby animals because giraffe calves (which is the term for baby giraffes) are anything but tiny.

Giraffe fact #2: Newborn giraffes are as big as an adult human (50-70kg in weight and 1.8m in height) when they’re born.

Despite being relatively big compared to a human, the baby giraffe still possesses the cuteness to charm any human.

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3. Minimalistic Giraffe Pattern

Photo credit: kennalu on Bracelet Book

It’s easy to distinguish a minimalistic pattern of a giraffe: it has a long neck. Check out kennalu‘s pattern, for example.

Despite not having any distinguishable facial features, it would still be pretty hard to mistake this giraffe for, say, a jellyfish.

Giraffe fact #3: The patches of a giraffe can vary from orange to chestnut and even black.

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4. Painless Giraffe Face

Photo credit: wannabewitch08 on Kandi Patterns

If your little ones find it too difficult to make the body of a giraffe, wannabewitch08 is here with their painless giraffe face pattern. Don’t fret too much about the shading of the pattern—we won’t scold you for it.

A part of this pattern that may catch your eye is the antenna on the giraffe.

Giraffe fact #4: The protuberance on their head is not actually an antenna like that of an insect, but more like horns. These horns are also mistaken to be bones, but they’re actually made of bone-like cartilage.

5. Dinosaur x Giraffe

Photo credit: BiancaB on Bracelet Book

In terms of height, the giraffe would be able to compete with a dinosaur, like the t-rex, although they’re not as vicious.

BiancaB shows us what would happen if a giraffe and a dinosaur met. Perhaps they had, during the Giraffic era.

Giraffe fact #5: Like many dinosaurs, giraffes are herbivores that feed on tall acacia leaves and flowers, which no other animal can’t reach.

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6. Basic Giraffe

Photo credit: SusanGuinto on Brik

All you need is three colors—orange, yellow, and brown—for this basic giraffe pattern created by SusanGuinto.

Giraffe fact #6: Because of their size, giraffe gestation usually lasts over 400 days, after which a big baby giraffe is born.

4 Cartoon Giraffe

Giraffes have no lack of representation in kids’ shows and cartoons. After all, no mammal is as recognizable and fascinating as the giraffe.

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7. Simple Giraffe from Cartoons

Photo credit: fredgirl1804 on Friendship Bracelets

Create a straightforward giraffe pattern like this one made by fredgirl1804. What I love most about this pattern is the symmetry involved—as well as the asymmetry displayed in the giraffe’s patches.

Giraffe fact #7: Although preyed upon by some large felines, do not underestimate the size and power of a giraffe’s kick—it has a force of 2,000 psi, equivalent to the strongest recorded kick of a horse.

This is enough to be fatal if hit in the head.

8. Big Head Giraffe Cartoon

Photo credit: bugredstone on Brik

Giraffes aren’t known to have large heads, but males use their necks to duel competitors in a battle termed “necking”.

Here’s bugredstone‘s pattern of a giraffe with a gentle disposition, glad to be excluded from any necking competition.

Giraffe fact #8: Most giraffes come out unscathed from these necking bouts; there are times, however, when this battle for dominance ends up in deadly situations.

9. Shocked Giraffe

Photo credit: Flickr

It’s rare for giraffes to get shocked, but when they do, they look like this pattern shared on Flickr.

Don’t forget to add the unique spots that this giraffe has.

10. Chonky Giraffe

Photo credit: knots_of_art on Friendship Bracelets

Being such massive mammals, giraffes must eat a lot during the day. Too many leaves, though, can turn them into a chonky giraffe like this pattern by knots_of_art.

Giraffe fact #9: Their favorite food is leaves from the acacia tree, of which they could eat up to 75 pounds per day to fuel their big bodies.

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3 Great Giraffe Patterns

As shown in the previous patterns, size won’t deter Perler bead enthusiasts (by which I mean kids) from making their favorite animal.

If those patterns were too easy, then look up to these great giraffe patterns up next.

11. Girafarig from Pokémon

Photo credit: Sparrows on Bracelet Book

Here’s another great Pokémon pattern shared by Sparrows. The most eye-catching part of Girafarig is its tail, which is weirdly also a head.

Girafarig fun fact: the head on Girafarig’s tail occasionally uses psychic powers to fend off other Pokémons.

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12. Perler Bead 3D Giraffe

The best way to represent the giraffe in Perler bead form is to make a 3D version of it. Wolleplanet’s video tutorial doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creating a great 3D Perler bead.

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13. Complex Giraffe Face Pattern

Photo credit: ProHama

I’ve got a challenge for any Perler bead experts: make this head shared by ProHama, and try to imagine its body and create it on your own.

That’s the ultimate Perler bead challenge for the more experienced artists.

A Little Goes a Long Way!

Building up creative habits, such as making these Perler bead activities, are a great way to develop the skills of your little ones.

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