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29 Fluffy Marshmallow Crafts And Activities

Kids love eating sweets, sometimes too much that it becomes an unhealthy habit for them. Couple that fact with the attractive softness of the marshmallow, and you have a recipe for a dangerous addiction!

Fortunately, you can redirect those sugar cravings towards crafts and activities, although they may be tempted to take a bite while doing so!

Anyways, marshmallows as a crafting ingredient rank top among those materials that are very versatile and easy to work with, so get ready to enter a sweet and fluffy wonderland with these 29 marshmallow crafts and activities for kids!

7 Marshmallow Activities

Have fun with the fluffiness of marshmallows with these 7 marshmallow activities, which lets your toddlers experience some tactile sensory play.

1. Playdough Marshmallow Activity for Preschool

Photo credit: Teaching Mama

Here’s an enjoyable marshmallow activity for a day. I say a day because after that the dough will harden, unlike this homemade playdough.

Teaching Mama wrote a wonderful recipe for this activity. They suggest adding some cornstarch to the mixture to make the marshmallow less sticky.

2. Catapult Marshmallow Craft Idea

Photo credit: Chicago Tribune

Are your kids currently waging war against some imaginary civilization? Well then, it’s time to add a catapult to their arsenal.

This craft doesn’t make use of dangerous rocks or boulders, rather it’s a catapult that uses marshmallows for ammunition.

The opponent’s empire is guaranteed to crumble after making this catapult from Chicago Tribune.

3. Wooden Spoon Marshmallow Catapult

Photo credit: Hello Wonderful

Hello Wonderful has an alternative marshmallow catapult if you’ve got plenty of craft sticks and wooden utensils lying around.

These activities allow your children to learn the underlying physics of catapults and ask different analytical questions. Or they can just have fun slinging marshmallows around!

4. Marshmallow Slingshot

Photo credit: I Can Teach My Child

I Can Teach My Child provides us with a stationary slingshot that is made by attaching some elastic bands on the legs of a chair.

This craft is amazing because with very accessible resources they’re able to demonstrate Newton’s Third Law, which is one of the fundamental laws in physics. It states that for each action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

5. Toilet Paper Marshmallow Slingshot

Photo credit: PBS Kids

If your kids prefer their marshmallow shooter to be handheld and portable, this slingshot craft from PBS Kids might be more suitable for them.

After making this, you can inspire your children by reading them the story of David and Goliath.

6. Marshmallow STEM Activity

Photo credit: The STEM Laboratory

Create bright and aspiring little scientists, engineers, and architects by doing this activity brought to you by The STEM Laboratory.

Teach them about the structure of atoms, or let their ambition flourish by letting them explore and create different types of geometric shapes.

Older kids might see what kinds of buildings or sky scrapers they can build.

Simply use marshmallows and pretzel sticks.

7. Marshmallow Teeth Activity For Kindergarten

Photo credit: Teaching Mama

Here’s a fun preschool teeth activity from Teaching Mama.

Now might be a good time to talk to your kids about the health of their teeth and avoiding too many sweets. But don’t be surprised if the message doesn’t quite sink in while they are crafting with a bag of marshmallows.

6 Marshmallow Crafts For Kids

The next marshmallow crafts are great for spending some quality time with kids and developing many of their foundational skills, like hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and creativity.

8. Rainbow Marshmallow Craft

Photo credit: Campfire Marshmallows

Rainy weather often brings gloomy days. But when the rain stops, rainbows remind us that those dark days will pass.

Create this rainbow irradiating from a fluffy cloud of marshmallows, courtesy of Campfire Marshmallows.

9. Rainbow Marshmallow Craft For Preschooler

Photo credit: No Time For Flashcards

Rainbows are perfect crafts for toddlers and preschoolers since it enhances their ability to recognize shapes and most importantly colors.

Try making other rainbow crafts that children will love!

10. Marshmallow Arctic Cake

Photo credit: Super Make It

If you know someone whose birthday is in the winter season (or if you and your kids just want to celebrate the fact that it’s Wednesday) then try baking an arctic cake with different arctic animals!

Super Make It has a detailed recipe guide on their site, so don’t be intimidated by making a cake.

11. Igloo Marshmallow Craft

Photo credit: Woo Jr.

Build with your kids a warm reprieve for their freezing toys.

This marshmallow igloo from Woo Jr. is a perfect craft during the winter, especially when you’re mostly staying indoors and have nothing better to do.

12. Marshmallow Wreath

Photo credit: My Baking Addiction

Here’s a cute decoration for the winter. I say winter because this will completely melt with the scorching heat of the summer.

My Baking Addiction has a wonderful video tutorial showcasing how to make this wreathe that you can place on your front door.

Here are other winter sensory bins for you and your children to enjoy during the cold season! 

13. Marshmallow Ghost For Halloween

Photo credit: No Time For Flashcards

Time to bring in the spooks with this ghost marshmallow craft from No Time For Flashcards.

Get acquainted with more Halloween characters with these skeleton crafts.

5 Marshmallow Snowman Crafts

Marshmallows and snowmen are almost a match made in heaven because of the marshmallow’s shape. Have fun making these 5 marshmallow snowman crafts!

14. Marshmallow Snowmen

Photo credit: Marty’s Musings

Recreate the entire family by making these cute snowmen from Marty’s Musings.

I love that they’ve used different types of chocolate and sweets to give the snowmen their unique characteristics and personality.

And, yes, these snowmen are completely edible, so if you want to learn how to make them, simply head to their website!

15.  Snowman Marshmallow Craft

Photo credit: Crafty Morning

If you want an simple craft that you can complete within 30 minutes, Crafty Morning has a quick and easy snowman marshmallow guide.

It involves gluing marshmallows on paper and adding the details with some colored markers.

16. Marshmallow Snowman on a Graham Cracker

Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog

Want to do something crafty with your kids while also making a tasty treat in the process?

This snowman craft from Kids Activities Blog is perfect for an afternoon snack-slash-activity.

17. Robot Marshmallow Toy

Photo credit: Revel And Glitter

While robots and snowmen are from totally different worlds, their physical appearance can both be made with marshmallows!

Revel And Glitter prove the versatility of marshmallow as a crafting ingredient with this robot project.

To make it completely edible, they suggest using frosting to glue the marshmallows and other edible ingredients together.

18. Baymax Marshmallow

Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things

I think every kid just about lost their mind when they saw this inflatable chubby robot from Disney’s Big Hero 6.

I mean, what’s not to love with this lovely and cuddly companion?

I Heart Crafty Things can finally provide your kids with the marshmallow robot they’ve always wanted.

11 Marshmallow Craft Animals

It’s amazing how many types of animals you can create with marshmallows. It’s not even limited to white and cuddly animals, like polar bears. I present to you the last 11 marshmallow crafts on our list.

19. Marshmallow Safari Animals

Photo credit: Campfire Marshmallows

Bring the safari home with these marshmallow animal crafts. Who needs to spend money on animal toys? You could just make these adorable animals from Campfire Marshmallows.

20. Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallow Animals

Photo credit: Cook Pad

Check out these edible marshmallow farm animals that you can make at home.

Cook Pad brought you a great marshmallow craft that will get your kids familiar with different farm animals.

If you’d like to get acquainted with more farm animals, check out our farm animals crafts!

21. Marshmallow Birds

Photo credit: Super Make It

Get to know a family of birds through Super Make It marshmallow birds. If you have some pink food coloring, you can transform these into beautiful flamingoes!

We’ve hatched other chicken crafts just for you!

22. Polar Bear Marshmallows

Photo credit: Darcy And Brian

Playing pretend is most kids’ favorite hobby. Whether it’s through these paper bag puppets or this polar bear marshmallow by Darcy And Brian, kids will always find a way to get those imaginative gears turning.

Ursus maritimus is the scientific name for polar bears. For more crafts of these animals, check out our post on polar bears.

23. Shark Marshmallow Crafts

Photo credit: Dollar Store Crafts

Save the damsel in distress from these nasty and scary but also fluffy sharks lurking in shallow waters.

These sharks from Dollar Store Crafts can add a fun new twist to your kids favorite make believe pirate ship toys.

This craft is just the tip of the iceberg among the plenty and vast ocean crafts.

24. Cute Penguin Marshmallows

Photo credit: Eats Amazing

These penguins from Eats Amazing remind me a little bit of the minions from Disney’s Minions.

Speaking of Disney, you should check out some of these Bluey crafts.

25. Easter Bunny Marshmallows

Photo credit: Campfire Marshmallows

Looking to make some seasonal crafts with your kids?

Add these Easter Bunny marshmallows from Campfire Marshmallows to your collection of spring crafts.

Looking for other spring crafts? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

26. Marshmallow Lambs

Photo credit: Doodlekins & Friends

These marshmallow lambs are my favorite on the list, and if you check out the Doodlekins & Friends website, you’ll know why.

Anyways, marshmallows are perfect for making lamb crafts because it gives the animal the appropriate texture.

27. Turkey Marshmallow Autumn Craft

Photo credit: Campfire Marshmallows

There are plenty of activities you can do during the fall season. Among them is this turkey marshmallow craft from Campfire Marshmallows that are made with candy corn.

This is both aesthetic and the selection of ingredients is very creative!

For other seasonal fall crafts that you can make, you should check out these Thanksgiving sensory bin ideas!

28. Panda Marshmallow Craft

Photo credit: The Decorated Cookie

Is there any other ingredient to best recreate the panda than a marshmallow? If you think about it, they kind of have similar characteristics.

They’re both cute and fluffy! Try to make some with an edible marker so your kids can safely eat it after you’re done crafting.

29. Sheep Marshmallow Craft

Photo credit: Crafty Morning

Small marshmallows are great for giving texture, similar to what Crafty Morning has achieved with this sheep craft.

They simply glued some marshmallows on a plastic ball ornament and attached some googly eyes on a piece of black cardstock.

Your kids can show off their sheep craft by attaching it to the Christmas tree.

Marshmallow Crafts That Will Take You To Candy Wonderland!

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through these soft and yummy marshmallow crafts! While some are purely for decoration and aesthetic purposes, other crafts are edible and very delicious!

If you need to redirect your children’s attention to things other than sweets here are some other crafts you might enjoy: