27 Unique and Easy Snowflake Drawings

Here are some easy snowflake drawings to appreciate this wondrous work of nature.

Snowflakes are fascinating. In the US alone, one septillion (that’s one followed by 24 zeroes) snowflakes are created every winter.

Each snowflake that you see that has fallen from the sky is unique. No two snowflakes are made the same, just like you and me!

Read on to learn some fun facts about snowflakes while drawing with your kids.

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18 Easy Snowflake Drawings

1. Simple Snowflake Drawing Tutorial

Simple Snowflake Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: Crafts on Fire

Anyone can draw the perfect snowflake.

All you need are a piece of paper, a marker, and a this guide by Crafts on Fire. This snowflake drawing will teach you how simple lines when added together makes the most beautiful snowflake.

2. Snowflake Marker Drawing

Drawing snowflakes with different art materials achieves different results. Try it out with pencils, crayons, or even using a tablet.

EasyPicturesToDraw will show you how’s it done with a marker.

3. Snowflake with Clean Lines

Drawing snowflakes becomes easier when there’s help from your handy ruler.

Perfection isn’t what we’re aiming for when drawing How To For You‘s drawing; just straight lines for a clean snowflake drawing.

4. Beautiful Snowflake Illustration

Beautiful Snowflake Illustration
Photo Credit: Art Projects for Kids

We know that no two snowflakes are the same.

But one thing they do have in common is that all snowflakes have six points—a feature shown by Art Projects for Kids.

It’s due to the composition of the water molecules.

5. Realistic Snowflake Drawing

Realistic Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing How to Draw

Snowflakes come in different shapes and sizes. Drawing How to Draw shows but one variation of them.

The smallest snowflakes are called diamond dust crystals which are the same size as human hair. While the biggest snowflake ever recorded was found in Montana which was 15 inches wide.

6. Snowflake with Circles Drawing

Snowflake with Circles Drawing
Photo Credit: Alfa Sengupta

Snowflakes come with additional shapes that make them unique and more fun.

Others have diamonds, triangles, and rectangles.

This one by Alfa Sengupta features a snowflake surrounded by circles, perfect for bullet journal enthusiasts.

7. 3D Snowflake Drawing

3D Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: Let’s Draw That

Now that you’ve mastered drawing snowflakes, it’s time to level up your game with Let’s Draw That‘s snowflake drawing.

Make your drawings cooler and more realistic by making them 3D like this drawing.

8. Colorful Snowflake Drawing

Colorful Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Snowflakes aren’t white, yellow, or blue. They’re translucent which makes them colorless.

However, splashing some colors on your snowflake drawings won’t hurt anyone and will be so much fun to do. Follow the steps of Drawing Tutorials 101 to draw a fantastic pink snowflake.

9. Multi-Pronged Snowflakes

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

We’ve learned that snowflakes have a hexagonal shape, or six-sides.

Yet, nothing is holding us back but our creativity; with Hello Artsy‘s tutorial, we’ll form a snowflake with an octagonal shape.

10. Christmas Tree and Snowflakes Drawing

Christmas Tree and Snowflakes Drawing
Photo Credit: Scribble Fun

You’ll know that the holidays are just a few days away once you see snowflakes falling from the sky.

Prepare for the holidays by gathering fun projects for your kids like one by Scribble Fun this Christmas tree and snowflakes drawing.

11. Snowflakes with Santa Hats Drawing

Snowflakes with Santa Hats Drawing
Photo Credit: Coloring Pages Only

Draw these cute snowflakes friends with your friends—brought to you by Coloring Pages Only. They even got matching hats to prove their closeness.

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12. Adorable Snowflake Drawing

Adorable Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: Drago Art

One septillion snowflakes (every winter in the US) out there and no two are alike! It’s incredible; if you’re following Drago Art, it’s also adorable!

Celebrate the wonders of nature by drawing this one-of-a-kind snowflake.

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13. Snowflakes with Arrows Sketch

Snowflakes with Arrows Sketch
Photo Credit: Crafts on Fire

This snowflake drawing by Crafts on Fire starts with a simple cross. Add some spikes and arrows and you’ve got yourself a magnificent snowflake.

You’ll have a great time making these pompom crafts with your little ones.

14. Heart Snowflake Drawing

Heart Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: Kind PNG

How about a snowflake with a heart in the middle? I’m sure that this rare snowflake shared by Kind PNG will be a lot of fun to create.

We loved making these heart perler beads projects and I’m sure that you will, too. 

15. Santa with a Snowflake Illustration

Santa with a Snowflake Illustration
Photo Credit: Scribble Fun

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Here’s Scribble Fun and Santa presenting a beautiful snowflake to you because you’ve been good this year.

Make the season of giving more special by spending time with your kid drawing this and by making these Nightmare before Christmas Perler beads patterns with them.

16. Spiky Snowflake Drawing

Spiky Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: Super Coloring

Try something different with this drawing of a spiky snowflake, a creative approach delivered by Super Coloring.

It will be a fun variation from the soft and delicate snowflakes that we’re used to.

Create more spiky projects with your kids. This Sonic perler beads list will be a great place to start.

17. Butterfly Snowflake Drawing

Butterfly Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: Coloring Pages Printable

Snowflakes don’t have wings like butterflies but they’re as magical as them. Here’s a pattern from Coloring Pages Printable combining the two that will create a splendid drawing.

Fly like a butterfly with these butterfly perler bead patterns.

18. Belle with Snowflakes Illustration

Belle with Snowflakes Illustration
Photo Credit: Scribble Fun

Even princesses are amazed by the beauty of snowflakes. Here’s an illustration of Belle—from Scribble Fun—admiring a snowflake.

These Dr. Seuss preschool crafts will hone the creativity and imagination of children.

How to Draw a Snowflake: A Step-by-Step Guide

19. Winter Snowflake Doodles

Photo credit: Silk And Sonder

Snowflakes are quintessential in doodle knowledge.

With Silk And Sonder‘s snowflake variety, you’ll be equipped for the winter months like a bear prepared for hibernation.

20. Cool Snowflake Drawing

Cool Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Snowflakes are cool in two different ways. They’re cool because of their structure and also because of their temperature. They’re formed in clouds with freezing temperatures (below 32ºF).

21. Cute Snowflake Drawing

Drawing these snowflakes will be a fun bonding activity for the whole family. Watch this video by Art for Kids Hub together while spending the afternoon with them.

22. Unique Snowflake Drawing

Unique Snowflake Drawing
Photo Credit: How to Draw for Kids

For this snowflake drawing from How to Draw for Kids, we’ll start off with a circle. It will be a nice way to practice different techniques in drawing to hone your young artist’s skills.

23. Glowing Snowflake Drawing Tutorial

Glowing Snowflake Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: Crafty Morning

Your kids will master the craft of drawing snowflakes once they’re able to do this difficult pattern shared by Crafty Morning. It’s more complicated than the others but finishing it will be a great reward.

24. Pretty Snowflake Drawing Tutorial

Make your snowflake more charming and alive by adding a face to it. This video tutorial of a kawaii snowflake will be a great inspiration for your next drawing.

This lovely pattern is brought to you by LAVORETTI CON LA CARTE // DIY Best paper crafts.

25. Easy Snowflake Drawing Tutorial

Easy Snowflake Drawing Tutorial
Photo Credit: Easy Drawings

There are seven main patterns of snowflakes: plates, stellar crystals, columns, needles, spatial dendrites, capped columns, and irregular. Can you guess which Easy Drawings has drawn?

26. Snowflake in Frozen Drawing Tutorial

Do you wanna build a snowflake? 

Join in the Frozen fever by drawing the snowflake featured in the film. Let this video by Drawinghowtodraw guide you in drawing the pattern.

Enter the world of Arendelle with these cool Frozen Perler beads.

27. Snowflake Under a Microscope

Photo credit: Gathered.

As the temperature dips to below zero, raindrops begin to crystallize into microscopic branches of unparalleled beauty.

With the detail shared by Gathered., drawing this pattern will feel like actually looking at a snowflake under a microscope.

Snowflake Drawings for You and Me

You’ve seen them in the sky, on the ground, and now on your paper. These easy snowflake drawings will make your kids feel like an artist in no time.

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