19 Cute and Easy Kangaroo Drawings

Kangaroos are easily the most interesting marsupials out there, so I decided to compile these easy kangaroo drawings!

If you don’t think so, you might belong more to the koala fan club (a list of koala drawing ideas can be found here!). But if these unique and more dynamic animals have fascinated you and your little ones, then this is the list for you.

Below you’ll find different kangaroo designs, ranging from easy ones that even preschoolers can follow to more complicated ones that will challenge the skills of an experienced artist.

“Hop” right in, mate!

Materials for Easy Kangaroo Drawings

10 Simple Kangaroo Drawings

We’ll start with simple kangaroo designs for preschool and grade schoolers.

1. Square Kangaroo

Photo credit: How to Draw Funny Cartoons

Straight lines are so much simpler for children to recognize. That’s why I’ve put How to Draw Funny Cartoons‘s square kangaroo drawing first on the list.

Don’t worry too much if the kangaroo outline of your little ones is jagged; in time they’ll gain mastery over their fine motor skills. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Kangaroo fact #1: Kangaroos are endemic to Australia, meaning they aren’t found anywhere else!

2. Small Baby Joey

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

Here’s a baby kangaroo drawing from How To Draw For Kids that’s suitable for developing fingers.

Kangaroo fact #2: If you’ve noticed, the hind legs of a kangaroo are much bigger than the front ones, perfect for hopping around even fairly long distances.

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3. Kangaroo Drawing in Nine Steps

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

How does a kangaroo drawing in nine steps sound? A pretty good deal, in my opinion!

If you’re running low on time, but want to insert an activity for your little one quickly, then look no further than Art Projects For Kids‘s nine-step kangaroo drawing.

The bare minimum details are required for this kangaroo. The background scenery is optional—to be completed after you’ve returned from your chores.

Kangaroo fact #3: While kangaroos can have light or dark brown fur, there are no species designated as “brown kangaroos.”

4. How to Draw an Easy Kangaroo

HAPPY ART’s channel shares this video tutorial of a female kangaroo. “How do you know it’s a female?”, you might ask.

Well, here’s kangaroo fact #4: The term marsupials is derived from marsupium, the pouch that female marsupials possess.

5. Joey Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Many marsupials somewhat resemble rodents. Like this kangaroo design by Drawing Tutorials 101, who creates a joey that looks like a cartoon rodent.

Kangaroo fact #5: Baby kangaroos (known as joeys) are born as small as the size of a jellybean. Fortunately, they’re sheltered for another six months in their mommy kangaroo’s pouch.

6. Sweet Kangaroo Drawing

Draw a pretty kangaroo with Smile Draw TV’s drawing tutorial.

Encourage your little ones to be more creative by imagining a background for their main character.

7. Happy Kangaroo and Joey

Here’s a kangaroo drawing by 미술관옆 도서관, showing a parent kangaroo and her joey as they meet a jolly marigold on their adventures.

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8. Jumpy Kangaroo

Art for Kids Hub never fails to deliver a satisfying drawing tutorial that children can easily follow.

In this video, they illustrate how to draw a leaping kangaroo.

9. How to Draw Kawaii Kangaroo

Kawaii is a Japanese word that translates as “cute”. That’s the defining drawing style of Draw So Cute’s channel, which shares an adorable kangaroo design for everyone to enjoy.

If that kangaroo drawing hasn’t melted your heart, then these kawaii Perler bead patterns will.

10. Kangaroo for the Experienced Artist

Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

Don’t be afraid to step up your drawing skills and make mistakes, because it’s through those errors that we improve!

Here’s a basic kangaroo design with a realistic touch. Shared by How2DrawAnimals, the kangaroo drawing is perfect for those who want to level up their game.

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6 Cartoon Kangaroo Drawings

11. Simple Cartoon Kangaroo

Fans of Winnie the Pooh might find this drawing by Drawing for kids’s channel familiar. Though not exactly the character herself, this drawing has plenty of similarities with Roo in the series.

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12. Small Kangaroo

Photo credit: How2DrawAnimals

When kangaroos are born they don’t automatically have a pouch, as this unique feature develops as they mature. Note that only female kangaroos have pouches!

Though it looks like a young joey, this kangaroo drawn by How2DrawAnimals is just a small cartoon version of a female kangaroo.

13. How To Draw a Cartoon Kangaroo

I find that children need less coaxing when drawing figures that they’re quite familiar with—by which I mean cartoons!

It’s also easier and more engaging for children to draw figures that start with a letter or symbol, such as this illustration by drawinghowtodraw’s channel, who creates a kangaroo design from a question mark.

14. Momma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo

Here’s another kangaroo and her joey that share very similar features with Kanga and Roo from the Winnie the Pooh series.

Shared by AmazInk, this drawing evokes the maternal love and care that mothers have for their offspring.

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15. Step-By-Step Jumping Kangaroo Drawing

Those big kangaroo legs are not just for show—these powerful limbs are capable of sending the kangaroo up to 10 feet into the air!

Here’s my-how-to-draw.com’s version of a jumping kangaroo.

Kangaroo fun fact #6: Kangaroos can hop at 12-15 miles per hour. If they’re not in a hurry, that is. Otherwise, with its powerful legs, the kangaroo can “sprint” for a whopping speed of 43 miles per hour, faster than your average cyclist.

16. How to Draw a Cute Kangaroo with Its Joey

Children who enjoy cute things can’t miss out on this super adorable kangaroo and joey drawing, courtesy of Art for Kids’ Hub.

As you can see, some species of kangaroo may look like a rabbit—in fact, some of them are the same size as bunnies.

3 Detailed Kangaroo Drawings

Here are three detailed kangaroo drawings that will take you to that next level. If you find them too difficult, don’t worry, you can always return to the easier ones.

17. Simple Yet Detailed Kangaroo

While not full of tiny details, this drawing by QWE Art requires the artist to be more firm and confident with their strokes.

Practice with this kangaroo illustration so that your hands become less jittery.

18. How to Draw a Kangaroo

A static kangaroo is an easy design to replicate. A dynamic, jumping one is less straightforward to copy, even for experienced artists.

Don’t be intimidated, though, because How2DrawAnimals’s channel has got your back every step of the way, from the outline of the kangaroo to the shading.

19. Super Realistic Kangaroo

Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

Now, for the ultimate kangaroo test: a super realistic kangaroo drawing delivered to us by Envato Tuts+. The drawing doesn’t merely involve one kangaroo, but two—a parent kangaroo with its joey.

But you’ll mostly have to concentrate on the mother, as the joey is just a small part of the overall design.

The guide won’t leave you hanging with such a complicated design, however, as they lay out the design’s proportions as well as the furry details.

Kangaroo Drawings for Everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these kangaroo drawings. When you’re feeling nervous about a blank page, just remember to think like a kangaroo, and don’t be afraid to make that leap!

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