17 Cute and Cuddly Koala Drawings for Kids

It may be difficult to meet these animals, but it would be impossible not to make these koala drawings.

Most kids would rank koalas as one of the cutest animals in the world. Their daily activities consist of clinging onto trees, munching on leaves, or sleeping.

Help your kids get to know these adorable creatures better by practicing one of these easy koala drawings.

6 Cute Koala Drawings

If you’ve ever seen a real-life koala, then you likely already know how cute they are. The first drawings on the list will melt you and your kids’ hearts.

1. A Cute and Easy Koala Clinging to a Tree

A Cute and Easy Koala Clinging to a Tree
Photo credit: How 2 Draw Animals

Kids can relate to cute, cartoon-like drawings like this design from How 2 Draw Animals.

This one is pretty simple, containing plenty of straight lines and curves that preschoolers are more than capable of doing.

How 2 Draw Animals suggests that you initially draw with a pencil, then finalize everything with a permanent marker when you’re satisfied with the design.

Fun Fact #1: They’re sometimes referred to as koala ‘bears’, but they aren’t related to actual bears at all. Koalas belong to the marsupial family.

2. The 5-Step Koala Drawing Tutorial

The 5-Step Koala Drawing Tutorial
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Draw a jolly koala by following these 5 simple steps from We Draw Animals.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated from the drawing above, and the step-by-step directions will be easy for children to follow.

Help your kids create this tiny companion to join them on their imaginary adventures! Just make sure they pack a bunch of eucalyptus leaves for their journey.

Fun Fact #2: The koala’s diet consists mostly of leaves. They can eat as much as 1kg of eucalyptus leaves per day!

3. An Easy-to-Draw Koala Cartoon

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

If your kids enjoy playful characters, they’ll love this koala design from How To Draw Funny Cartoons.

This koala features exaggerated facial features for a bit more playful vibe.

Fun Fact #3: Just like kangaroos, baby koalas are called ‘joeys’, and they instinctively crawl into their mother’s pouch at the moment of their birth.

4. A More Realistic (but Equally Adorable) Full-Color Koala Drawing

A More Realistic (but Equally Adorable) Full-Color Koala Drawing
Photo credit: HT Draw

It’s easy to mistake these creatures for bears, like this drawing from HT Draw. Follow their step-by-step guide on how to draw this one using the links above.

After you’ve finished the bear’s outline, grab some coloring materials and help your little one complete their work of art.

Don’t worry if you’re having a hard time following the written tutorial, because HT Draw has made a video tutorial for the same design.

Fun Fact #4: The name ‘koala’ is derived from an Aboriginal term meaning ‘no drink’. Koalas get most of their water through eucalyptus leaves, but it’s a myth that koalas don’t drink, especially during extremely hot weather.

5. A Japanese-Themed Koala Drawing (Chibi)

If you’re familiar with the term chibi and would like to introduce it to your children, this koala from Draw So Cute is the perfect video tutorial.

For the uninitiated, chibi is a style of drawing from Japan. It involves drawing exaggerated proportions of a character’s head and eyes with the intent of making it cuter.

Fun Fact #5: Koalas are native to Australia, where you’ll mostly find them in the eucalyptus forests along the eastern coast.

6. Drawing a Tiny Koala Family

Drawing a Tiny Koala Family
Photo credit: wikiHow

Drawing can be a great bonding experience for you and your children, especially for parents and developing toddlers.

Present them with this drawing and guide your little ones by following the step-by-step instructions on wikiHow.

Fun Fact #6: Joeys spend the first 6 months of their life staying inside their mom’s pouch, creating a strong bond between the mommy koala and her babies.

6 Simple Koala Drawings

Are you interested in koalas that don’t require a lot of time and effort? You’re in luck. These next designs are easy-to-follow koala drawings that involve simple shapes and lines.

7. Koala from Number 15

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

It’s not common to see drawings transformed from numbers to animals.

But with Drawing How To Draw‘s help, you’ll able to do one with a koala.

8. An Easy Step-by-Step Koala Drawing

An Easy Step-by-Step Koala Drawing
Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

Are you looking to teach your children to be more independent? Hand them this template by Drawing Howtos and see how resourceful they can be.

This is also a helpful exercise if they don’t know how to count yet. Simply instruct them to follow the koala figures from left to right, or from 1 to 10.

Fun Fact #7: Did you know there are 600 types of eucalyptus leaves, and koalas favor just 30 of them? That’s an impressive ability to distinguish between leaves! And you thought your child was a picky eater 😉

9. An Even Simpler Step-by-Step Koala Drawing

An Even Simpler Step-by-Step Koala Drawing
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Have your child practice making simple circles and ovals by following this design from We Draw Animals.

Even the koala’s arms and legs are round, which is a good thing for parents looking to improve their children’s dexterity.

Fun Fact #8: Did you know koalas sleep up to 20 hours per day? Leaves have little caloric value, so they preserve most of their energy by sleeping the day away.

Do you know what else sleeps as much as a koala? Cats! Feline lovers may want to check out our pawsome cat crafts.

10. A Slightly More Realistic Koala Drawing Tutorial

A Slightly More Realistic Koala Drawing Tutorial
Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Art Projects For Kids returns to the basics with this koala drawing by making it as bare as possible. There are no complicated details to overwhelm your children — just simple lines and curves.

Fun Fact #9: Koalas have a reputation for being picky eaters. I mean, what else are you supposed to do when eating occupies a huge portion of your daily activity?!

11. A Plain and Simple Koala Drawing

A Plain and Simple Koala Drawing
Photo credit: How To Draw Animals

Your toddler’s drawing doesn’t need to be complicated, as demonstrated by this plain koala drawing from How To Draw Animals.

Learn how to make this simple drawing by following their easy 8-step tutorial.

Fun Fact #10: You may have noticed by now that most of these drawings contain koalas hanging on trees. Koalas have 2 opposable thumbs that allow them to easily climb trees for foraging and resting.

For other easy animal designs, check out our collection of easy animals to draw for kids.

12. Silly Koala Drawing

Photo credit: Drawing For All

Drawing For All shares a koala that looks like it keeps a secret that only you and it knows.

5 Elaborate Koala Sketches

The last drawings are especially for older artists who want to challenge their artistic abilities.

13. A Realistic Koala Head Portrait

A Realistic Koala Head Portrait
Photo credit: How 2 Draw Animals

Are you overwhelmed thinking about drawing an entire koala? Fret not, because How 2 Draw Animals provides us with a detailed guide on how to draw a realistic koala head.

The steps mostly consist of using a framework and drawing an outline based on that. How 2 Draw leaves the details of the koala’s fur up to you, and this is where your children’s artistic techniques will have a chance to shine.

Fun Fact #12: The koala’s fur is similar to the wool of a sheep, and for that reason, their fur was prized by hunters during the 20th century.

14. A More Sophisticated Koala Cartoon

The most distinctive feature of a koala is its large round nose, which is highlighted in this cute drawing from Shoo Rayner Drawing.

Where other designs paid little attention to the habitat of koalas, this design provides a refreshing take by focusing on the eucalyptus tree.

Fun Fact #13: Eucalyptus is surprisingly tough and poisonous, but the koala’s digestive system has evolved to easily break these leaves down.

15. An Impressive (Yet Simple) Koala Drawing

This drawing from Harriet Muller’s channel yields surprisingly realistic results for how easy it is to follow.

The only thing you have to worry about is the detail of the koala’s fur, which is only present in its ears and arms. Other than that, this design is pretty straightforward.

Fun Fact #14: Male koalas can produce a scent through their chest, which is secreted when marking their territory.

16. One Final Realistic Koala Sketch

One Final Realistic Koala Sketch
Photo credit: How 2 Draw Animals

Draw this gentle-looking koala from How 2 Draw Animals with your kids.

They include an awesome guide that goes into great detail by starting from the framework and ending with the finishing touches of the koala.

They suggest picking the direction of the light source hitting the koala, which is an advanced technique that older kids will appreciate.

Fun Fact #15: Koalas that live in Southern Australia tend to have thicker furs to protect them from the cold winter.

17. Furry Koala Drawing

Practice shading enough and you’ll achieve the detail presented here in Cartooning Club XL‘s video tutorial.

This drawing might seem complicated but it’s mostly just time and patience.

Bonding with Your Little Artists Using Koala Drawings

Family activities are enjoyed the most when they’re entertaining. Hopefully, you found these koala drawings fun as they are educational.

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