Learn How to Draw a Goat with These 21 Goat Drawings

I’ve compiled different goat drawings below for your kids to recreate and improve their drawing skills.

For your convenience, the list includes different drawing styles (drawing from letters, drawing from numbers, and drawing from shapes), plus two additional categories for younger and older kids.

Materials for Goat Drawings

5 Goat Drawings From Letters

One of the best ways to help kids memorize the letters of the alphabet is by doing entertaining activities that leave a lasting impression, like these goats drawn from letters.

1. Goat Drawing From Lowercase Letter “g”

It takes some high-level creativity to create art from letters, and that’s why these kinds of drawings are so impressive.

The Dessiner’s channel provides an awesome video tutorial in which they take the lowercase letter “g” and turn it into a simple goat drawing.

2. Simple Goat Drawing From Uppercase Letter “G”

Simple Goat Drawing From Uppercase Letter “G”
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

Who said bright red goats can’t exist? Children can make their goats as colorful as their imaginations allow.

This goat design from Drawing Tutorials 101 teaches you how to draw a goat from an uppercase letter “G” with step-by-step instructions on their website.

If your children are learning all about the letter G, there are several letter G crafts that you can check out on this site, too!

3. Goat Face Drawing From the Word “Goat”

Drawings that start from entire words are either the easiest or the hardest to draw because you can remember the pattern just as easily as you can forget it.

Fortunately for us, Facedrawer’s channel provides us with an accessible and original guide.

They take the word “goat” and creatively transform it into an awesome goat face drawing.

4. V M into Goat Drawing

If you think about it, letters are just lines and curves.

That’s why V and M work so well as starting points, as M P Drawing Tutorial shows in this goat drawing tutorial.

3 Goat Drawings From Numbers

Teach your children how to count and also improve their drawing skills with these goat drawings drawn from numbers.

5. Cartoon Goat Drawing From the Number “3”

The goat’s horns are conveniently similar to the curves of the number 3, so this drawing is very easy for beginners to do.

Doodle Art Time colored this simple goat yellow, but you can make it any color you want. Allow your kids to add details to the drawing to make it more beautiful.

6. Goat Face With Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Goat Face With Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial
Photo credit: How To Draw Step By Step Drawing Tutorials

At first glance this goat face drawing might worry you because it looks difficult and like something only more experienced artists could draw.

But don’t fret because How To Draw Step By Step Drawing Tutorials shares clear instructions that incorporate different letters and numbers to make this tutorial easier to follow.

7. Cartoon Goat Drawing From the Number “4”

Here’s another simple drawing that will keep your kids busy. It’s simple enough that even a beginner could try it.

Follow Doodle Art Time’s video tutorial to make this goat drawing that’s both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional.

2 Goat Drawings From Shapes

Drawing from shapes allows children to improve visual skills and hand-eye coordination, which are both important for every kid’s development.

8. How to Draw a Cute Goat With Circles

How to Draw a Cute Goat With Circles
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

Draw a plump and cuddly goat using this guide from We Draw Animals. Even its horns look harmless!

Simply give your kids their favorite coloring materials and let their inner creativity run free.

9. How to Draw a Wild Goat

 How to Draw a Wild Goat
Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

There are countless different species of goats around the world, so explore the varied look of this interesting animal with this drawing from Drawing Tutorials 101.

You can tell this is a wild goat because it’s characterized by long black horns and unshorn fur.

5 Cute Goat Drawings

The next 4 designs feature cartoon goat drawings that kids will love trying (or, at the very least, watching you draw).

10. A Kid Goat

Photo credit: How To Draw For Kids

A goat can grow up to a fairly big size, but a kid is comparable to a large puppy.

How To Draw For Kids shows us how to draw an infant goat before it grows up into the cursed creature that many uninformed believe it to be.

11. Plump Goat Drawing

Which kid will be able to resist this cute goat face? Make it blush and it’s too adorable not to make!

From its small mouth to its large head, this very cute goat is reminiscent of chibi-style art, which is perfect for kids because they’re easy to draw.

How2DrawAnimals has a step-by-step guide for your children to follow.

12. Cartoon Goat Drawing

Sometimes, after a long school day, children look forward to watching their favorite cartoon TV show.

If that’s the case for your kids, then try recreating this cute cartoon goat drawing from Art For Kids Hub that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

My kids in particular love watching Bluey. Check out these Bluey crafts that we had a lot of fun with!

13. Cute Goat Drawing

Cute Goat Drawing
Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

This drawing activity will keep your kids busy for a while.

Drawing Howtos provides a free printable template that can be used as a guideline.

14. Baby Goat Drawing

This baby goat drawing is really simple to draw, as ArtHH demonstrates in their video tutorial.

Get your toddlers involved in more activities by trying some of these toddler painting ideas.

5 “How to Draw a Goat” Tutorials for Beginners

The next 3 drawings are more suitable for older kids who are starting to show an interest in art because the designs involve somewhat precise lines and curves.

Check out our other post if you’re interested in easy animals to draw for your toddlers and preschoolers.

15. Simple Goat Head

Photo credit: Drawing Tutorials 101

An entire goat body can be challenging for those little hands; start with Drawing Tutorials 101‘s guide on a goat head.

16. Mountain Goat

Photo credit: Easy Drawing Guides

Easy Drawing Guides shares a drawing of a goat with characteristics typical of a mountain goat: a thick coat with big horns.

17. Goat Drawing Guide

Goat Drawing Guide
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

This goat drawing from We Draw Animals is great for someone who has moved past the beginner stage.

Their website contains the individual steps for drawing this goat.

18. Goat Drawing Tutorial

Goat Drawing Tutorial
Photo credit: Drawing For All

This goat design from Drawing For All depicts a goat with a cowbell, a bell farmers put around the necks of free-roaming livestock to keep track of where they’re grazing.

This design looks almost realistic, yet it doesn’t involve too many jagged lines or curves that would complicate the goat drawing.

19. Goat Head Drawing

Goat Head Drawing
Photo credit: We Draw Animals

If your kids are working on small details in their art, then they should practice with this goat head drawing from We Draw Animals.

While drawing an animal’s body takes time, drawing the head is more complicated because you need to pay attention to the details.

This is a great exercise to work on refining small hand movements.

Do you know what else takes a lot of hand-eye coordination? Origami. Try your “hand” at origami with one of these origami kits for beginners.

2 Bonus Realistic Goat Drawings

These bonus goat drawings are for those who want to take their skill to the next level.

There’s no harm in trying, so have fun with these bonus goat drawings!

20. Goat Sketch: Step-by-Step Guide

Goat Sketch: Step-by-Step Guide
Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

Did you know that the correct term to refer to a mother goat with her baby goat is a “nanny goat and her kid?”

Envato Tuts+ will guide you through the entire process of drawing this realistic depiction of a nanny with her kid.

21. How to Draw a Goat: Traditional Drawing Style

How to Draw a Goat: Traditional Drawing Style
Photo credit: Super Coloring

I’m impressed with how artists start with simple shapes that act as guidelines and finish with something like what we see in the picture above.

Super Coloring started with oval guidelines and worked with those to create the detailed head and body of this magnificent goat.

I’m sure your kids will also be able to create this wonderful goat sketch by following the instructions on Super Coloring’s site.

G.O.A.T. Goat Designs

There’s a variety of goat drawings for you and your children to choose from, ranging from goats drawn from simple shapes to more realistic drawings.

Check out these other animal drawing posts for more ideas: