25 Easy and Enduring Minecraft Drawings

Many sandbox games have come and gone, but none has withstood the test of time as resiliently as Minecraft. Make these easy Minecraft drawings now!

Just like fine wine, the game seems to get better and better with each update. Old generations of players never run out of fresh content and newcomers are allured by the limitless possibilities of the game.

If the game has inspired you to do something meaningful outside that virtual world, then these easy Minecraft drawings are perfect!

Don’t be afraid to take a step back from the virtual world, because it will be there when you return.

Materials for Easy Minecraft Drawings

The People of Minecraft

Many of us are familiar with these virtual characters already. Let’s look at a way to translate them into paper.

1. How to Draw Steve

Easy Mineraft Drawing: Steve
Photo credit: Easy Drawing Tutorials

Players in sandbox games get to customize their characters. But most have a protagonist, too. In Minecraft, that’s Steve.

Steve embodies the adventurous spirit and creative mind of the average Minecraft player.

Here’s Easy Drawing Tutorials showing us how to draw him.

2. Steve Exploring a Mine

Photo credit: Drawing How To Draw

The moment they obtain the coveted diamonds, inexperienced miners immediately go spelunking to test their newly crafted pickaxe.

That’s a bad idea.

Don’t run in a cave naked—like Drawing How To Draw‘s Steve—and wear iron armor at the very least to reduce the chance of losing that precious tool.

3. How To Draw Minecraft Villager

The ‘hrrr’ of the Minecraft villager cannot be unheard. The voice is so iconic, in fact, that the Internet has decided it should be part of the meme culture.

Let’s meet one in this video tutorial by Creative Kids TV.

4. How to Draw Minecraft Pillager

A more aggressive non-playable character (NPC), the ‘pillager’ title is apt for this character.

These bandits will raid your house when they spot it, and just like Hydra from Marvel, cut one down and two more shall take its place.

Familiarize yourself with the pillager’s appearance with Cool Kids Art’s facial composite.

5. How to the Wandering Trader

Be on the lookout for wandering traders, who carry exotic goods from a faraway land and sell them for a price.

Try to bargain, but don’t be aggressive—these travelers are armed to the teeth. The wandering trader typically travels with two llamas, but for simplicity Lets draw a minecraft has omitted them.

The Friendly Mobs

6. Who’s a Good Boy?

Minecraft can be enjoyed with friends or other players.

But many have fared well (and even thrived) in single-player, making their journeys less lonely with such companions as wolves.

Taming one proved to be simple for EasyDrawingTutorials.

7. Wildcats, Everywhere, Wave Your Hands Up in the Air

“Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat,” is what Troy Bolton once said. But this is Minecraft, not High School Musical; those high school principles don’t apply.

Once you tame a wild cat in the game, it transforms into the domestic cat we’re all familiar with.

All you need is fish and patience, and soon enough this ocelot drawing by Art for Kids Hub will be a beautiful ginger cat.

8. Only the Cutest Character in Minecraft

The axolotl is the cutest pet you can own in Minecraft. Dog and cat tamers, feel free to change my mind.

In the meantime, let’s make this axolotl in a bucket made by Draw Magic! Cute Drawings and Drawing Tutorials.

9. How to Draw a Fox

The fox is, of course, the second cutest after the axolotl. AK Arts does justice to the cunning animal in their simple fox drawing.

The Farm Animals

Unless you decide to roleplay as a vegetarian, these farm animals will be vital in your Minecraft world.

Try these easy animals to draw!

10. Your Source of Porkchops

There are many things to learn from these farm animals. One is drawing perspective.

Sure, the pig might be made of squares and blocks, but art principles aren’t forgotten to make the drawings sensible.

DrawKidsDraw follows those standards to recreate this Minecraft pig.

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11. Farm Animal: Minecraft Chicken

The egg is the most versatile product in the kitchen. Whether you’re making scrambled eggs or involved in pastry, eggs are an essential ingredient.

Too bad Minecraft doesn’t translate its versatility in-game—cake and pumpkin pie are the only products that can be made with it.

Learn more ways to draw a chicken!

12. Farm Animal: Cow

Milk is your best friend when you’ve been bitten by a cave spider. It works like magic, counteracting the venom instantly.

These cows deserve more respect. Commemorate this farm animal with Junior Art Lab‘s step-by-step drawing.

For more, check out our easy drawings of cows.

13. The First Animal You Look For

You’ve just created a new world and you’re cutting down wood, saving apples to eat for later, when you realize the sun is setting.

That’s when you panic. The first thing you search for is—drumroll—sheep!

Unless you find shelter, the sheep’s wool is your best bet for surviving the first night. Thankfully, the beacon of light is shone by HappyART‘s sheep.

14. Troy’s Worst Nightmare

Because of Minecraft’s art style, the rigid shapes of this horse make it look unnatural—and make the Trojans shiver.

But Cool Kids Art has no plans to infiltrate a city; they just present a straightforward Minecraft horse drawing.

The Bad Mobs: Overworld

15. Minecraft Zombie Drawing

When I think of zombies, I imagine them to be slow and absent-minded. Why is it, then, that the Minecraft gods have decreed these to be so alert?

I mean, a zombie’s probably deficient in most nutrients, but this undead can spot you from a mile away like a bird of prey does its next meal.

Because of its simplicity and endearing features, I won’t question this zombie by Draw So Cute too much.

16. Skeleton Archer

Without any muscles, skeletons are the worst candidates to hold a bow and arrow.

Whatever dark magic is involved, the game makes it work, as does Learn step by step in their skeleton drawing.

17. Minecraft Spider

As we’ve mentioned in our spider drawings, these creepy crawlies only bite when threatened. Otherwise, they’d go on about their day, looking for a fly to eat.

There aren’t any vampires in the game, but that description is the closest to one, next to the neutral bats in caves.

This drawing by HalloweenDrawings is not as tricky as the spider’s erratic behavior.

18. Mr. Lonely

Creepers get a bad rap for obliterating the time and effort spent on construction.

But I suspect Creepers are mute and just want to have a friend. What other way to do it than to approach and explode in excitement?

But that’s just a theory. Try figuring out their behavior while drawing EasyDrawingTutorials‘ creeper.

19. No Looking, Please

Endermen are self-conscious, so try your best not to look at them directly. Even from the back, they’ll know.

What happens if you look at them, you ask. Try it for yourself, I say.

Observing them in this drawing by Pablo ART is an exception that they’re willing to make.

20. Minecraft Witch

Probably the ugliest sight in Minecraft, the witch is someone you’d want to encounter less than the Endeman.

These potion-brewing demons are recognized by their purple robe and witch hat, as seen in Cartooning Club How to Draw‘s illustration.

They will jumpscare when you least expect it, and their cackle will become a core memory for you.

Don’t forget these Halloween Perler beads for the spooky season.

The Bad Mobs: The Nether

21. Zombie Pigman Drawing

A mix of a zombie, pig, and man, the Zombie Pigman is one of the most unique figures in Minecraft—a design that became an instant favorite for me.

Cartooning Club Junior guides us with the details of its anatomy.

22. A Ghastly Sight

Reminiscent of Boos in Mario, Ghasts are floating giants that spit bombs at the player.

Considering their size and savagery, these are probably the ghosts of giant squids lurking in the deep ocean, eternally condemned for killing the crewmen of ships.

Don’t feel bad about freeing these trapped souls. Mr. Onno Studios draws the less horrifying look of a Ghast.

23. Minecraft Blaze Drawing

There’s no shortage of mobs trying to murder the player in the Nether. And since it’s like Minecraft’s version of hell, it’s appropriate to have plenty of enemies wielding fire.

The Blaze is one such pyrotechnician, trying its best to set you aflame from a distance.

Ehlke Art‘s Blaze drawing is exemplary in its color shading.

The Endgame

Being a sandbox game, Minecraft really raises the question of whether it has an endgame.

If you decide to fulfill your potential, then facing these bosses is inevitable.

24. The Ender Dragon

How to train your dragon? You can’t.

The Ender Dragon is not a beast one can tame.

But you do get bragging rights for defeating it—and drawing Art Land‘s portrayal of it.

25. How to Draw the Wither

The Wither is the missing link to create the latest piece of technology: the beacon.

Unless you defeat it, you’ll be staying in the Stone Age for a long time.

Ucan Draw helps you achieve endgame wit their Wither drawing tutorial.

These Easy Minecraft Drawings Will Last a Long Time!

Minecraft is a game that won’t leave anytime soon; these easy Minecraft drawings will stay relevant for many years to come!

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