19 Unforgettable Fortnite Drawings

Shift your children’s attention from the video game console to these instructive video tutorials of Fortnite drawings.

Fortnite, after years of staggering success, continues to attract gamers from all over the globe.

Whether young or adult, both newbies and veterans alike are captivated by the continuous crossover events that feature skins from popular media—ranging from music artists like Marshmello to beloved characters from the Marvel Universe.

So, what are you waiting for, parachute below to find the most thrilling Fortnite drawings out there.

Basic Drawing Materials

4 Fortnite Logo

Let’s begin with drawing the characters from Fortnite. Scratch that, let’s start from the very beginning, the literal letters that form the word Fortnite.

1. Classic Fortnite Logo

Where else could we start but with the logo of Fortnite itself? This is a must for everyone, even those who did so much as simply testing the game.

These eight letters represent an entire universe of cherished and despised characters, of victories and defeats, of thrill and heartbreak.

Excluding this from your list of Fortnite drawings would nothing short of tragic.

2. Fortnite Logo: Victory Royale

Few moments are as exhilarating as earning your first ever victory in a Battle Royale between fifty to a hundred people.

FKM’s channel demonstrates how to draw the prompt that loads your brain with lots of dopamine: #1 Victory Royale!

Winner winner chicken dinner, am I right? Wait a minute…

3. Fortnite Logo: Classic Logo

Why stick to the basics when you can become a master of your craft?

After completing the simple Fortnite logo above, move on to DK Drawings’s more sophisticated intro title.

This revamped logo features trees, buildings, resorts—in other words, the battlefield of the players.

4. Fortnite Logo: Battle Royale

Fortnite presents the gamer with three game modes, Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World. Battle Royale is the most popular among the three, but also the most competitive.

Players who have tried all three modes will swear to the exciting gameplay of Battle Royale, which is the logo starred in AAARTWORKS’s video tutorial

A seasoned Fortnite player won’t back down from a challenge, and this drawing will certainly test their skills.

3 Fortnite Essentials

5. The Fortnite Bus

A flying bus powered by hot air is one of the most unrealistic things I’ve seen in a game.

But then again, conjuring entire walls out of nothing or consuming a drink that makes bullet wounds disappear is closer to, say, Harry Potter than it is to our world.

Art For Kids Hub fuels up their imagination and produces this steampunk-inspired Fortnite bus.

6. Fortnite Emote: Floss

Not only does Fortnite incorporate real-life celebrities and popular characters into its virtual world, but it also imports trendy dance moves that dominate social media.

The floss, featured in Jolly Art NEGI, is just but one example. It’s an emote that players can use to celebrate victories, anger opponents, or just have a good time with other players.

7. Fortnite Emote: The L Dance (feat. Lil Whip)

Emote is a feature in Fortnite that makes the players’ avatars perform a dance. In the case of the L Dance—presented by Draw For Fun—its emote is much less of a dance than it is a provocation.

That’s right, by performing this emote the player is basically telling the other player that he’s a loser. But in a world where your goal is to shoot people, seeing stuff like this is just a regular day.

8 Fortnite Icons

Numerous skins and characters have come and gone, but few obtain stardom like these next eight Fortnite icons.

8. Peely (Kawaii Style)

Can you think of iconic banana characters? Apart from B1 and B2 from Banana in Pyjamas and Bert from Sesame Street (although he’s not really a banana, he just looks like one), there’s really none that readily comes to mind.

Draw So Cute is back at it again with adorable drawings, this time it’s Peely, the most iconic banana right now.

9. Cuddle Team Leader

Cuddle Team Leader is that one rejected teddy bear that didn’t make it into the cast of Care Bears.

Multiple heartbreaks didn’t stop Cuddle Team Leader from persevering. Now, she’s one of the most celebrated characters in one of the most far-reaching games in the world.

Cartooning Club How To Draw shows a step-by-step tutorial of this battle-tested bear.

10. Llama Piñata

If Fortnite players and children have one thing in common, it’s their love for piñatas.

Real-life piñatas give children sweet things: chocolate, candies, toys. Llama piñatas reward players with sweet loot: guns, ammo, medkits.

11. The Beef Boss

The Beef Boss is a fan favorite, and I understand why.

Cool Kids Art whips up an amazing Beef Boss drawing.

Feeling hungry all of a sudden? Here’s a recipe to nourish your little ones’ fine motor skills: Food Perler bead.

12. Vibing Marshmello

The name Marshmello is as resounding in the EDM world as it is in Fortnite Island.

Fans, especially those who had a chance to attend the virtual concert in Fortnite, will have a special place for the Marshmello skin in their hearts.

Commemorate this award-winning artist with yet another drawing, brought to you by ucu ucuna‘s channel.

13. The Powerful Ice King

Hailing from the Ice Kingdom, the Ice King brings to the battlefield his frigid powers along with his ghastly knights.

Fortnite TamashaBera’s channel delivers a stunning drawing, featuring Ice King with an almighty pose.

14. Beefy Meowscles

Next on the list is the anthropomorphic cat with the physique of Hercules, Meowscles.

If there’s anyone who can contribute to your Fortnite drawings, it’s this guy. Simply follow Ignite Art’s video tutorial.

For actual cats, refer to our cat crafts and cat Perler beads!

15. Sleek Fishstick Drawing

As far as fish people look, Fishstick has one of the least striking designs.

But don’t let this fish man’s mundane appearance trick you, for Fishstick has one of the more interesting lores out there, crossing paths with Batman from the DC Universe.

Draw it cute manages to keep our attention while drawing this seemingly plain sketch.

4 Fortnite Baddies

16. Dapper Midas Drawing

Don’t let those good looks deceive you: Midas is more than meets the eye.

Not unlike in Greek mythology, Fortnite Midas has the power to turn things into gold with a mere touch—which is an ability that’s problematic to economists more than it is to his opponents.

How To Draw Easy’s channel has shared a video tutorial of the usual Midas look: a dashing debonair.

17. Dr. Slone Drawing

Mixing cunning and intelligence with ruthlessness and allegiance to the wrong group results in a whole world of trouble. That’s exactly what Dr. Slone brings.

A master tactician and a brilliant inventor, Slone shows no mercy to any of her opponents.

If you admire this type of villain, then follow drawpedia tutorials’s sketch of the doctor.

18. Galactus (from Marvel Comics)

Making an appearance in the world of Fortnite is one of the most voracious villains from the Marvel Universe: Galactus.

Galactus travels between realities, and his hunger isn’t bound by a single universe, seeking more worlds to sate his planetary appetite.

Switch to Galactus’s original universe and create some characters to defeat him: Awesome Marvel Perler beads.

19. Cube Queen (Cute)

The Cube Queen is exactly what you’d expect from that title: she’s a ruler of cubes.

But these can manipulate the surrounding gravity, send lightning bolts, open Rifts—features that outclass the typical Rubik’s.

Art Famiya – How To Draw‘s channel delivers a less threatening and more kawaii Cube Queen for anyone to draw.

Storm’s Coming!

I’m sure finishing these Fortnite drawings feels like having a Victory Royale. They’re rewarding, and most of all, they give your little ones a pause from gaming.

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