19 Easy But Not Creepy Drawings of Spiders

An effective way to remove a phobia is by confronting it: for arachnophobes, that might mean starting with these easy drawings of spiders.

Being afraid of spiders isn’t new or something to be ashamed of. It’s normal for kids to react in fear when seeing a hairy tarantula under the couch—I’d probably let out a shriek too.

However, after making these easy spider drawings, even the most spider-averse person will begin to tolerate these invertebrates and realize their importance in an ecosystem.

Materials for Spider Drawings

8 Animated Spiders

For beginners and those who dread spiders, start with these eight drawings—some of which are animated. As you start to feel more comfortable around these critters, expose yourself to intermediate (and more hairy) spiders.

1. Happy Spider

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

I realize it can be unnerving to start with a realistic spider drawing, so let’s start with Hello Artsy‘s cartoon spider.

As seen from its smile, this spider is quite happy to be on your canvas.

To lessen the angst of the drawer, the artist has made the spider in an unrealistic color.

2. Dotted Spider

Photo credit: How To Draw Easy

Spiders come in many different forms; some are elongated with legs thinner than a hair strand, while others are robust.

This drawing by How To Draw Easy belongs to the weightier class of spiders. It also has dotted patterns on its back—which can be modified to any preferred style.

3. Black Spider

Photo credit: Paper Flo Designs

How to make a spider less menacing? Paper Flo Designs has the answer: put a smile on it and give it a couple of amiable eyes.

4. Hairy Spider Drawing

Of course, not everyone has a fear of spiders. The opposite of it in fact: some are fascinated by these creatures—an arachnophile, if you will.

People who keep tarantulas as pets will be delighted to create this drawing by Cutest Drawings.

5. Imitate A Spider

Just like how exposure therapy in vivo—or in real life—is a powerful way to reduce fear of something, drawing a live spider is effective in improving artistic skills.

But I understand that it’s unrealistic for many—even undesirable for many others.

Thankfully, video tutorials like this one by Articco Drawing guide us in drawing spiders within the comforts of our homes.

6. Red Spider with Cross Pattern

A hairy, red spider with a yellow cross on its back (like this drawing on Mister Brush’s channel) might prompt you to “kill it with fire.”

But did you know these creatures are vital in keeping the insect population in balance?

So before you take out your flamethrower, remember these arachnids may play a crucial part in your house’s ecosystem.

7. Minecraft Spider

Spiders are prized for their ability to create silk. Not in the real world, of course, but in Minecraft.

Discovering a cave full of spiders would be like hitting a gold mine. (Or a diamond mine, in terms of Minecraft economy).

Some even create dedicated breeding grounds for spiders.

How to Draw and Paint‘s channel understands the value of spiders, so to celebrate it, they made a 3D drawing of it.

8. Intermediate Spider Drawing

Photo credit: Envato Tuts+

Fear or hate of spiders is sometimes undeserved. They don’t want to be in contact with humans as much as we don’t want to be involved with them.

Envato Tuts+ reassures us that most spiders are harmless, including this impressive drawing they’ve created.

2 Not-So-Intricate Spider Webs

9. Black Widow on a Cobweb

Photo credit: Art Projects For Kids

Nature works in mysterious ways. One look at a spider’s web can leave us wondering how such a mesmerizing pattern is created by an invertebrate.

For an enthralling spider and cobweb drawing, look no further than Art Projects For Kids‘s design, which lures our attention the way it does its prey.

10. Easy Spider Web

Photo credit: Drawing Howtos

Spiders get a bad rap for being venomous predators.

That’s not entirely false, but I think other aspects deserve more appreciation—like web spinning.

A group of spiders called orb weavers create structures so stunning that put some human architects to shame.

Let’s appreciate even simple webs, like this one by Drawing Howtos.

3 Hairy Tarantulas

The sight of hairy arachnids is enough to make my skin crawl. But that won’t stop us from completing these next three tarantula drawings.

11. A Pair of Legs Too Many

Photo credit: We Draw Animals

The couple of extra legs that We Draw Animals has put in their design isn’t a mistake.

Actually, those pairs of “legs” near the tarantula’s fangs are called pedipalps.

These appendages help the spiders feel vibrations and other stimuli, not unlike a cat’s whiskers.

12. Thick Tarantula

Tarantulas are one of the biggest types of spiders out there. Not convinced?

There’s a tarantula species called Goliath Birdeater, which sounds like it came from a fantasy game—but it doesn’t. This fiend lives in the real world.

HalloweenDrawings’ video tutorial draws a tarantula with a menacing size, but is totally harmless.

13. Easy Tarantula

Photo credit: Hello Artsy

Add a realistic touch to your tarantula drawings by following Hello Artsy‘s tutorial, which excellently depicts a brown tarantula in six simple steps.

2 Deadly Black Widow

Let’s explore even more dangerous territories where black widows await their prey.

14. Hanging Black Widow

Black widows are notorious for being lethal: their venom is strong enough to liquefy the insides of their insect prey.

But fret not, since their venom is rarely serious to humans.

Nevertheless, proceed with caution when handling a black widow problem.

Fortunately for us, analyzing this black widow drawing created by Mirage4You — drawing‘s channel poses no threat whatsoever.

15. Creepy Widow Spider

There’s a reason spiders always make it into our Halloween decorations. They’re creepy, venomous, and slippery.

This drawing by Azz Easy Drawing might even become part of your Halloween motif, since its design ticks all those boxes.

Try something new this October by making these Halloween Perler beads.

2 Brown Recluse

16. The Long-Legged Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is another type of venomous spider.

But as the name suggests, these spiders will avoid any human contact as much as possible.

They would probably want to spin web in a corner just as you or I would want to retreat to read a book.

17. Creepy Brown Recluse

Art For Kids Hub delivers yet another simple addition to your animal drawings.

Any spider enthusiast will complete this drawing in no time.

2 Cute Spiders

Spiders are often called creepy, disgusting, and dangerous. The two spider drawings below will convince you otherwise.

18. Kawaii Spider

Photo credit: Drago Art

We all have little annoying ants, pesky flies, and irritating mosquitoes in our houses.

Let’s all be grateful for chubby spiders—like this one by Drago Art—that feast upon those.

Even pests can contribute to your skills: Fly Drawings.

19. Lucas the Jumping Spider

This is one drawing you never saw coming, did ya? Draw So Cute simply makes magical things happen.

Here’s Lucas, a sweet tarantula with adorable eyes, waiting for you to flesh him out on a piece of paper.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you suddenly lost your fear of spiders.

Conquer Your Fear with These Easy Drawings of Spiders!

Besides picking up new artistic skills, you’ve conquered your fear of spiders, too (I hope!).

So keep practicing your skills, and head on to our other lists: