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21 Fast and Awesome Car Crafts

Vroom vroom! Are you ready for the best car crafts ever? Hop on and join us as we hit the road doing exciting projects together.

Growing up, the kids have been fascinated with cars. They look forward to road trips because they know they’ll see their favorite cars and some new models, too.

That’s why I made this list for all the little car enthusiasts out there. Read on and let’s get this show on the road!

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Art Materials to Build the Best Car Crafts

Achieve the very best car crafts by using these top-notch materials:

7 Level One: Car Crafts for Toddlers

1. Car Paper Craft

Car Paper Craft
Photo Credit: Crafting Jeannie

Your kid will feel like a racer driving through the tracks while playing with this craft from Crafting Jeannie.

Customize it and use their favorite color as the body of the car. You can also add their age as the car number.

Head on to the website to get the full tutorial.

2. Sponge Painting Car Craft

Sponge Painting Car Craft
Photo Credit: Buggy and Buddy

Teach your toddler all about colors through this sponge painting car craft from Buggy and Buddy.

This project will be suitable for toddlers because sponge painting enhances color recognition and develops their motor skills. It will be a fun learning activity for them.

3. Magnet Track Craft

Magnet Track Craft
Photo Credit: Meaningful Mama

Does your kid have the tendency to misplace their toys? That won’t be a problem with this cool car craft from Meaningful Mama.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a race track and cars that are fully magnetic.

The best part is that they have the freedom to do any landscape that they want—whether that may be a fairy wonderland, long highways, or an enchanting forest.

4. Paper Plate Car

Paper Plate Car
Photo Credit: Real Life at Home

The party never stops if you have a vibrant imagination.

Collect some paper plates from the kitchen because we’ll be needing them for our next car craft courtesy of Real Life at Home.

The other materials that are needed for the craft can also be easily found at home such as paint, construction paper, and glue.

5. Footprint Cars Craft

Footprint Cars Craft
Photo Credit: Munchkin Time

Here’s a fun car craft from Munchkin Time that requires some paint, markers, and their feet.

Put some paint on their foot and stomp it on paper to create their dream car. It will be nice to also add their photo to make it look like they’re driving the car.

Plus, it will be a great keepsake and reminder of their tiny feet.

6. Car Park Box Craft

Car Park Box Craft
Photo Credit: Mummymummymum

You’ll need a place where they can safely park all their car collection.

Thankfully, Mummymummymum had a brilliant idea and created this car park craft.

Recreate this useful craft by following the steps provided on their website.

7. Upcycled Cardboard Box Car Craft

Upcycled Cardboard Box Car Craft
Photo Credit: Artsy Momma

This will be the very first car of your toddler. Isn’t it exciting?

If you have an empty box lying around, then this project is perfect for you.

Head on to Artsy Momma to know how to upgrade a box into your toddler’s dream car.

6 Level Two: Car Crafts for Preschoolers

8. Egg Carton Cars

Egg Carton Cars
Photo Credit: The Pinterested Parent

Household items are oftentimes the best materials for kids’ projects.

Not only will it push them to think outside the box but will also teach them the importance of recycling.

A good example of this is this car craft from The Pinterested Parent.

9. Cardboard Car Craft

Cardboard Car Craft
Photo Credit: Teachers Mag

Interchanging the colors of the wheels and cars is made possible by this craft from Teachers Mag.

You can choose to partner different colors of wheels to the car and create different combinations.

That will give the kids variety so they’ll have different car options to play with.

10. Plastic Bottle Car Craft

Plastic Bottle Car Craft
Photo Credit: Styles at Life

Don’t throw away plastic bottles because we’re about to do some magic.

Turn plastic bottles into a race car with the guidance of Styles at Life,

You can use any type of plastic bottle for this project from laundry detergent bottles to soda bottles.

11. Letter C Car Craft

Letter C Car Craft
Photo Credit: Our Kid Things

Both cool and cars start with the letter C. Coincidence? I think not.

This car craft from Our Kid Things shows a really cool car driving through a C-shaped highway.

Find more interesting letter C crafts in this post. 

12. Paper Tube Racing Cars

Paper Tube Racing Cars
Photo Credit: Arty Crafty Kids

Create something unique and build this circular race car from Arty Crafty Kids.

The free template for the racing stripes can be found here.

Interested in more art projects like this? Head on to this post dedicated to the most awesome toilet paper roll crafts for kids.

13. Clothespin Car Craft

Clothespin Car Craft
Photo Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Clothespins aren’t just useful for doing laundry, they’re also essential in building these awesome car crafts.

Crafts by Amanda will show you how you can create a car by using some clothespins and buttons.

Get additional clothespin crafts right here. 

6 Level Three: Car Crafts for Kids

14. Vehicle Puppets

Vehicle Puppets
Photo Credit: First Palette

Your kids will enjoy this craft from First Palette because they’ll never run out of things to do with it.

After creating these puppets, they can create stories and characters featuring their favorite cars.

15. Origami Car

Love doing origami? Then you’ll like these 3D paper toy cars.
Watch KIDS crafts‘ video to get ideas on how to make these epic cars.
Get the coolest origami kits here.

16. Juice Box Car Craft

Juice Box Car Craft
Photo Credit: Raising Whasians

This juice box car craft from Raising Whasians combines art and physics.

Even at a young age, kids will understand basic Physics laws and concepts by doing this creative project.

17. Car Ornaments

Car Ornaments
Photo Credit: Factory Direct Craft

Holidays will be happier and more festive by using DIY projects as decorations.

Include these cute car ornaments from Factory Direct Craft in your celebration.

The kids will feel special and appreciated every time they see their hard work displayed for everyone to see.

18. School Bus Craft

School Bus Craft
Photo Credit: Meaningful Mama

Beep beep! It’s time to go to school!

Commemorate and celebrate the first day of school with this craft from Meaningful Mama.

Make it a tradition and do this craft every year during the first day of school.

19. DIY Race Car

DIY Race Car
Photo Credit: Today’s Parent

This cool craft from Today’s Parent allows kids to be a car.

Wear this and feel the breeze as they rush through the outdoors in their newest car.

Bonus: Famous Car Crafts

20. DIY Batmobile

DIY Batmobile
Photo Credit: Makezine

You don’t have to be Batman to own a Batmobile.

Follow the instructions from Makezine to create your very own superhero car.

More mysterious and thrilling projects await you in these Batman perler beads patterns.

21. Lightning McQueen Craft

Lightning McQueen Craft
Photo Credit: Life Family Fun


Let’s end this list with a bang by doing this Lightning McQueen craft from Life Family Fun made of popsicle sticks.

Cool Car Crafts

Enjoy a day filled with amazing and educational car crafts with your kids.

Doing these crafts will not only allow them to make their favorite thing but will also give them the chance to bond with their favorite people.

We’ve got more exciting projects for you below: