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24 Cute and Creative Letter “C” Crafts for Kids

Ready your kids to learn all about the letter “C” in a fun way with these cute letter “C” crafts.

These crafts will help your little ones easily retain the letter’s appearance, sound, and the words associated with it!

16 Comfortable Letter “C” Crafts

Not every site provides their letter “C” template, but I’ve got you covered with some upper and lowercase letter “C” templates. Also, use a pair of safety scissors to help your kids practice cutting all by themselves.

1. “C is for Cat” Craft

Get kids started with learning all about the letter “C” with a really easy-to-make cat craft. Crafty Kida uses colored paper and basic materials found at home to show kids how easy it is to make this inexpensive cat craft.

For even more “purrfect” fun, check out these other cat crafts for kids.

2. “C is for Caterpillar” Craft

Before becoming beautiful butterflies, they start as cute and colorful caterpillars.

With just pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a few tools and materials you probably already have at home, Kids Activities shows kids how to make a caterpillar.

Many of these insects are slithering in these caterpillar crafts!

3. “C is for Car” Craft

Car Craft
Photo credit: Crystal & Co.

Teach kids all about the most common vehicle out there with this car craft by Crystal & Co.

Other than hole reinforcement stickers and colored paper, the other materials for this letter “C” craft can easily be found at home.

4. “C is for Cookie” Craft

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite dessert, and I’m sure they’re your kids, too!

Punk Rock School shares this letter “C” cookie craft that only requires colored construction paper and some other things you probably have handy.

Use this activity as a fun introduction to baking cookies together!

5. “C is for Crab” Craft

Crab Craft
Photo credit: From ABCs to ACTs

Crabs are funny sea animals, but be careful not to get pinched by their claws!

Made with basic supplies found at home, this crab craft by From ABCs to ACTs is a great way to be familiar with letters and animals without the danger of actually getting near them.

Now that we’ve established that these shellfish don’t pinch, we can safely move on to more of these crab crafts!

6. “C is for Carrot” Craft

Carrot Craft
Photo credit: No Time For Flash Cards

Teach kids all about the benefits of carrots with this healthy letter “C” craft from No Time For Flash Cards. The best part is that you might already have most of the materials, like pipe cleaners, readily available.

7. “C is for Cow” Craft

Cow Craft
Photo credit: ABC’s of Literacy

ABC’s of Literacy shares a tutorial for a cute cow craft kids make from the letter C. The supplies needed are easy to get, so all you need to do is print the template available at the bottom of their webpage.

Give this cute cow some friends by trying these other farm animal crafts with your toddlers and preschoolers.

8. “C is for Corn” Craft

Corn Craft
Photo credit: The Kindergarten Connection

Don’t pop those corn kernels into popcorn just yet! Use them to make a simple corn craft courtesy of The Kindergarten Connection with paper plates, glue, and scissors.

This is a great sensory activity to do with toddlers who are still learning how to refine their fine motor skills.

Sensory activities are great for young children, so try these Thanksgiving sensory bins with your little ones for even more sensory experiences.

9. “C is for Candy Cane” Craft

Candy Cane Craft
Photo credit: Crafty Morning

Here’s a letter c craft for preschoolers that’s a lot of fun! Crafty Morning lets kids crush candy in this tutorial.

All you need is a Ziploc bag, candy canes, something to smash the candy canes with, and other basic craft materials.

10. “C is for Compass” Craft

Compass Craft
Photo credit: All About Learning Press

The compass is a handy tool that helps with directions. Teach your kids all about the importance of a compass with this letter “C” craft from All About Learning Press.

Make sure to download and print their letter “C” is for compass template.

11. “C is for Cloud” Craft

Cotton Craft
Photo credit: Learning 4 Kids

This is one of the easiest letter “C” crafts you can do with toddlers. Learning 4 Kids uses Cotton balls and their “C is for cotton cloud” printable do make this easy-to-do letter “C” cloud.

Make more crafts with cotton balls from this selection of cotton ball crafts that are toddler and preschooler friendly.

12. “C is for Construction” Craft

Construction Craft
Photo credit: A Mom’s Quest to Teach

Word association activities don’t always have to focus on a single object. They can also focus on verbs, such as this construction craft by A Mom’s Quest to Teach.

The great thing about this tutorial is that you’ll definitely have all the needed materials to make this letter “C” craft right at home.

13. “C is for Cupcake” Craft

Foam Cupcake
Photo credit: Homeschool Preschool

Cupcakes are delicious, and Homeschool Preschool shares a tutorial kids can craft easily.

Grab some craft foam and print out their downloadable template (found at the bottom of their webpage) to make this delicious letter “C” craft.

14. Origami Letter “C”

Here’s a letter “C” craft for older kids or for kids who want a challenge. Crafts Guru shares a letter “C” origami activity that can be made with just one piece of paper.

Origami can be too difficult for toddlers, so check out this compilation of tissue paper crafts that are perfect for growing littles.

15. C is for Cheetah

Photo credit: Artsy Craftsy Mom

There are a few cat species that start with the letter C—the cheetah is one of them.

I’ve scouted the digital savannah and spotted Artsy Craftsy Mom‘s cheetah craft, which is perfect for learning the letter C—especially its “ch” sound!

16. Letter C is for Corn!

Photo credit: Moms and Crafters

Seeing a shucked corn is not unusual. What’s unusual about this corn craft Moms and Crafters is seeing a pair of goofy googly eyes.

Although I have to admit, it does add a lot of personality.

8 Challenging Letter C Crafts

17. Pipe Cleaner Cactus Craft

Pipe Cleaner Cactus
Photo credit: Handmade Charlotte

Handmade Charlotte shares a cactus craft made from mostly pipe cleaners. Additional materials include pom poms, scissors, and a glue gun.

This craft is most suitable for older kids, but can be fun for a toddler or preschooler to help with.

18. 3D Paper Clouds

Bunza Creative has a large cloud craft kids can make that can also double as decorations to hang in their rooms once they’re all finished.

With butcher paper, glue, and string, you’ll have an army of clouds floating in your home in no time.

19. Bubble Wrap Crocodile

Bubble Wrap Crocodile
Photo credit: Positively Splendid

Bubble wrap isn’t only great for protecting fragile things, it’s also a cool textured crafting material.

Make this crocodile craft from Positively Splendid to teach your preschoolers about word association and this misunderstood animal.

This craft uses some uncommon craft materials like floral wire, cardboard, foam dots, and styrofoam or wooden balls.

20. Cucumber Race Car

Cucumber Car
Photo credit: Kid Spot

While you shouldn’t play with your food, crafting something out of them is a different story.

Head over to your kitchen to see if you’ve got some baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese, black writing icing, and toothpicks (to attach the wheels) to make this easy cucumber race car by Kid Spot.

21. Paper Plate Cheese With Mouse Craft

Paper Plate Cheese
Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts

Here’s a paper plate letter “C” arts and craft activity for kids shared by Glued to My Crafts that features a mouse nibbling on a piece of cheese.

They also provide a free printable template for the mouse parts to make this activity even easier for kids.

22. Toilet Paper Roll Clown Craft

Empty toilet paper rolls are some of the most common crafting materials out there, and Ria shares a tutorial for a simple finger puppet clown craft made with an empty toilet paper roll.

Check out our post on toilet paper roll crafts to make more neat crafts with this handy material we all have at home!

23. C is for Crow

Photo credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Crows are unwelcome in corn fields. In kids’ crafts like this one by Simple Everyday Mom, however, they’re received with open arms!

24. C is for Chameleon

Though it may not have the ability to camouflage with its background, this chameleon by World Of Art And Craft deserves to be crafted, or at the very least, be considered in your afternoon activities.

Folding and cutting can be instrumental in the development of your little ones’ fine motor skills.

The Letter “C” is for Crafts

These are just a few of our favorite letter “C” crafts for preschoolers and toddlers.

When you’re done with these, try these other letter crafts to teach your kids about the alphabet: